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Philips Lighting Marketing Summer Training - PDF by cxu14214


Philips Lighting Marketing Summer Training document sample

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									                                  Nu-Lite News
                                                                                                                           Fall 2010

LED Lighting                                      In the Spotlight                                  Did you know we carry...
                     Nu-Lite Shines the light                        A showcase of some of                           Discover new product
                     on LED Lighting                                 the best and brightest                          lines we stock to better
                                                                     products available                              serve you.
                                                                     at Nu-Lite.
                      Pages 2                                            Pages 3 - 4                                 Page 5

  WHO DAT! wearing PINK
                                                                                                         "Who Dat! Wearing Pink"
                                                                                                         donation cans will be
                                                                                                         placed at all of our
                                                                      expenses of those women            branch locations.
 As part of our ongoing                                               whose reconstructive             We are delighted that the
 commitment to supporting our                                         surgeries are not fully       following suppliers will be
 local community, Nu-Lite is                                          covered by health insurance. donating a percentage of
 proud to announce a special                                            How can you participate?    each sale to "Who Dat!
 program - "Who Dat! Wearing                                          • Participating               Wearing Pink”:
 Pink" to raise funds to                                                  manufacturers will be
 support two organizations                                                                          • Encore Wire
                                                                          contributing a percentage • Square D
 doing a terrific job to eradicate                                        of their sales through
 breast cancer and improve                                                                          • Philips Lighting
                                                                          Nu-lite during our
 the quality of life for women                                                                      • Cooper Lighting
                                                                          fundraising period.
 affected by breast cancer.                                                                         • Lithonia Lighting
                                                                          Therefore, the more you
 The fundraising period lasts                                             purchase from us during • Western Tube
 from October 4th to October              The second organization,        October, the larger the   • Thomas & Betts
 29th.                                 the Cancer Association of          contribution will be to   • Leviton
   The first organization, the         Greater New Orleans                these two worthy          • Cooper Crouse Hinds
 Susan G. Komen Foundation,            (CAGNO), is lesser known           organizations.            • Philips Advance
 is well known. Each year, this        but equally committed in its   • During the fundraising      • Cooper B-line
 national organization raises          fight against breast cancer.       period, the first 1000    • Ferraz Shawmut
 millions of dollars and               At the request of local cancer     purchasers of a minimum • Bridgeport
 conducts hundreds of events           survivors and local                of $300 in "stock"        • Burndy
 across the country for breast         physicians, CAGNO                  material, on a single     • Ideal Industries
 cancer research. Nu-lite will         established the Breastoration      invoice, from our            We thank you for your
 donate half of the funds              Fund, to assist women who          participating             business and helping in the
 raised to this foundation to          are facing or have had             manufacturers will        fight against breast cancer.
 assist in helping local women         mastectomies as a result of        receive a "Who Dat!
 with the costs of being treated       breast cancer. Nu-lite will        Wearing Pink"
 for breast cancer and in              donate the remaining half of       T-shirt and bracelet.
 providing dollars to hospitals        funds raised to help           • You can also purchase
 and oncology groups                   Breastoration educate              shirts for $10 and
 providing the cancer                  women about reconstruction         bracelets for $2 with all
 treatments.                           options and fund the               net proceeds going to the

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  850 Edwards Ave.        1116 Mac Arthur Ave.      518 S. Broad St.         780 Asbury Drive.       34601 Grantham       2406 W. Church St.
 Harahan, LA 70123          Harvey, LA 70058     New Orleans, LA 70119      Mandeville, LA 70471       College Rd.       Hammond, LA 70401
 Phone: 504.733.3300      Phone: 504.348-2232     Phone: 504.822.0751       Phone: 985.626.3408     Slidell, LA 70460    Phone: 985.340-0381
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Toll Free: 800.256.1603                                                                             Fax: 985.641.9934

Nu-Lite Shines the Light
                                                                                                 According to the
                                                                                              Department of Energy, in the
                                                                                              next 20 years, rapid adoption

on LED Lighting
                                                                                              of LED lighting in the United
                                                                                              States will reduce
                                                                                              electricity generation for
Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs,                                                                  lighting by one-third. This
first used as indicator lights                                                                would eliminate 258 million
on appliances and then in                                                                     metric tons of carbon
accent lighting, are now                                                                      emissions and negate the
being utilized for general and                                                                need for 40 new, yet un-built
outdoor lighting. This is now                                                                 power plants. And the most
possible due to significant                                                                   attractive benefit is that the
improvements in their                                                                         trend will create financial
performance, flexibility and                                                                  savings that exceed $200
aesthetics, and a better                                                                      billion.
understanding of how to                                                                          What does this mean to
specify, sell and buy them.                                                                   those who work in and with
More importantly, the energy                                                                  the lighting industry? Market
efficiency and maintenance       yet, the performance versus 24 to 36 months, as the          Tracker Strategies Unlimited
savings achieved through the     cost issue of LED products is volume of LEDs used for        says global sales of general
use of LED fixtures and LED      constantly improving for gen- general illumination           purpose LEDs will triple to
lamp replacement frequently      eral illumination,” said Sonny continues to increase, costs $14.9 billion in 2013 from
generate a quick payback for     Smith, Specification Sales,    will decline rapidly and make $4.9 billion this year. The
the customer in spite of the     Lighting & Electrical          general purpose LEDs very first hurdle for LED
slightly higher initial cost.    Associates (LEA). “It is       affordable compared to other manufacturers was
   “While not completely there   expected that within the next light sources.”                persuading suppliers to work

Training                                                                                                         (LED, Page 5)

at Nu-Lite
With customer needs and      invest in you, your people
technology advancing at      and your business. This
its fastest pace ever,       value-added service
Nu-Lite recognizes the       helps prepare you today
importance of helping        for tomorrow’s
you remain on the            challenges, and helps
leading edge of the          you be a trusted resource
electrical industry by       for your customers.
being knowledgeable            Our summer sessions
about the latest products    sold out quickly: in June
and applications that can    we offered seminars on
provide benefits to, and     Ideal’s Thermal Imaging
are most in demand by,       and Lutron’s Radio RA           Potential topics include:        Your Strategic
you and your customers.      products, and in August        • Electrical Safety               Marketing Plan to
   Nu-Lite has partnered     we offered one on Arc                                            Drive 2011 Sales
with leading                 Flash.
                                                            • Tomorrow’s Lamp              Is there a topic you
manufacturers to offer         The September                  Sources: LEDs,             want to learn more
specialized training         seminars on Arc Flash             Induction, and More       about? Share your ideas
programs that can            (September 28 and 29)          • Selling Energy             (or request advanced
quickly bring you up to      have also sold out, and           Efficiency                notification of upcoming
speed. These seminars        we are in the process of       • Lighting Controls to       training seminars) with
are exclusive, available     planning new programs             Manage Energy             your salesperson or email
only to our customers,       for October and                   Demand          
because we want to           November.                      • Developing

Product Spotlight

                                                                Integrated Power and Control Solutions
                                                                         (IPaCS) by SQUARE D

                                                              It’s important to quickly and   SPQTB Tap Box
                                                            safely make a portable            • Incorporates power
                                                            generator connection to               distribution blocks for
                                                            electrical distribution systems       the generator breaker
                                                            during power outages.                 cable connections using
                                                            Nu-Lite now carries Square            mechanical lugs in place
                                                            D’s Integrated Power and              of cam-lock connectors
HeatSeekerTM Thermal Imager by IDEAL                        Control Solutions (IPaCS)
                                                            family of standby power
                                                                                              • NEMA Type 3R
                                                                                                  Enclosure (can be used
                                                            connection solutions that are         for NEMA Type 1
  We know how important        the-job accuracy.            designed, tested,                     installations)
uptime is to you and your                                   manufactured and listed to UL               -30 in. wide X 36 in.
customers--the best            Features include:            standards.                                  tall X 13 in. deep
problem is the one that        • Blended thermal/digital      SPQCL Tap Box                             -Lockable door for
never happens. To identify         image                    • Incorporates cam-lock                     safety and controlled
problems before they           • Hottest/coldest                 receptacles for generator              access
become unmanageable               temperatures                   connection                   • Mechanical lugs to
and expensive, Nu-Lite            displayed instantly       • NEMA Type 3R                        standby power disconnect
now carries Ideal’s            • 1,849 temperature               Enclosure (can be used
HeatSeeker™ Thermal               measurements live on           for NEMA Type 1              • Generator connection
Imager.                           camera screen                  installations)                    lugs rated for Type W
  HeatSeeker saves you                                                                             cable
                               • Class II Laser                       -30 in. wide X 36 in.
time in electrical, building   • Built-in LED illuminator             tall X 16 in. deep      • Lugs are labeled for
and industrial                 • High and low                         -Lockable door for          connection sequence
maintenance, as well as           temperature alarms                  safety and controlled   • 400 A and 800 A
home inspections, by                                                  access
                               • Mark images with text                                            available
quickly and accurately
                                  and voice annotation      • Mechanical lugs to              • 600 V maximum
measuring temperatures.
                               • Measurement range of            standby power                • Three-phase + neutral +
Dual cursors provide real-
                                  14° F to 660° F                disconnect                       ground
time temperature readings
and have the ability to        • Adjustable emissivity      • Generator connection              Combining one of Square
overlay a thermal image on        for maximum accuracy           with cam-lock                D’s standby power quick
top of a digital one,          • Accuracy of +/- 2% or           connectors                   connect tap box solutions
allowing for better clarity       +/- 4° F                  • Hinged bottom access            with a standby power transfer
and precision.                 • 6-hour battery life             door for cam-lock            panel provides the ability to
  HeatSeeker comes with        • Tripod mountable                connection (easily           manually transfer power
IDEAL's ThermalVision™         • Carrying case included          secured when not in use)     between normal and standby
PC software and the            • ThermalVision PC           • 400 A and 600 A
                                                                                              power sources safely and
cables and accessories            software included                                           quickly.
required to make detailed      • 2-year warranty
reports for pin-point, on-                                  • 240 V and 480 V
                                                                 versions available
                                                            • Three-phase + neutral +

Product Spotlight

    Reality LED Module               Lithonia Lighting’s               lumen output at 35,000      provides a 600-lumen
                                   Reality LED module is a             hours;                      output at 120V using
                                   6-inch recessed downlight       • and a primary power           3000K/85 CRI LEDs, and
                                   module suitable for                  disconnect for simple      is capable of dimming up
                                   installation into an existing        connection to a            to 25%. This makes it an
                                   rough-in section or                  standard Edison            energy efficent solution
                                   available with a dedicated           socket.                    that is ideal for ambient
                                   rough-in section for new          The Reality LED module        lighting in residential
                                   construction. The module        provides a precise 38° full     settings.
                                   utilizes:                       width half max (FWHM)
                                   • high-brightness LEDs;         beam angle with an
                                   • a high-efficiency             engineered specular upper
                                        driver to maintain 70%     reflector and a patented
                                                                   micro-prismed lens. It

                                      Thomas & Betts’ 665-AV2        standard device plates for          Extron® MAAP plates
    665-AV2 floor box by              floor box, one of EC&M’s       power, voice, data and AV           to accommodate any
     THOMAS & BETTS                   2010 Products of the           connections, as well as             A/V requirements
                                      Year, features the             standard 665 Series                 • Metallic covers
                                      industry’s only two-inch       covers and device plates            provide a durable,
                                      knockouts that enable          to mount a variety of AV            aesthetic installation,
                                      pre-terminated A/V cables      components. All                     including solid brass
                                      and connectors to be           connectors are recessed             covers; aluminum is
                                      pulled through the two-        for flush mounting in floor         also available
                                      inch conduit. The boxes        box applications.
                                      also feature recessed          Features include:
                                      service with four                   • Device plates are
                                      compartments to accept              available that accept

    BONDIT™ Intersystem
     Bonding Connector
        By BURNDY

     Designed to meet the
     bonding requirements of
     NEC2008 250.94 in the
     2008 National Electrical
     Code. BURNDY's BONDIT
     Connector allows all
     ground wires from separate
     systems such as telephone
     systems, CATV and radio
     systems to be tied together
     at one location to the GEC
     (ground electrode
     conductor from the main
     electrical service).

Did you know we Carry...

Milbank Generators..                                                                                     Monitor for in-home
In New Orleans, during                                                                             •     More power, less fuel,
hurricane season, our                                                                                    less costs
weather can be
unpredictable and power                                                                              12kW - 20kW Series
outages happen. Give your                                                                            offers:
family peace of mind with a                                                                        • Horizontal, air-cooled
Milbank Home Standby                                                                                   design
Generator System powered
by Briggs and Stratton. We                                                                         • 12kW, 15kW, 18kW,
carry in stock many                                                                                     and 20kW models
affordable combinations, from                                                                      • Briggs & Stratton
7kW to 20kW, with both                                                                                  V-Twin engine
natural gas and liquid                                                                             • Remote Performance
propane options for years of                                                                           Monitor for in-home
uninterrupted operation.                                                                               diagnostics
  The electronic “Control                                                                          • Sound Shield™
Center” of the system is          These full-featured          The 7kW - 10kW Series                   technology
Milbank’s Transfer Switch,      switches also include          offers:                               Milbank generators
which goes well beyond the      patented power management • Vertical, compact                      provide permanent, reliable
management of the transition    technologies that manage         design                            solutions to the high cost of
from utility service to your    the power demands of up to    • Air cooled 7kW and                 power failure. Let us help
home generator system when      two 5-ton central air            10kW models                       you market this solution to
the power goes out.             conditioners while protecting                                      homeowners in your area.
                                against power overload.       • Remote Performance

LED                               Secondly, this reduced         can take the place of a               tones, in brightness levels
                               energy consumption, coupled       90-watt PAR incandescent              that are appropriate for both
Continued from Page 2          with the long life of an LED,     lamp. The LED has a life of           residential and commercial,
                               is the main reason for the        50,000 hours, while the life of       indoor and outdoor lighting,
with architects, builders and  rapid return on investment        the incandescent PAR is only          and fixtures are being
contractors to create the      seen by the end-user. There       2,500 hours. Even though              manufactured that allow for
fixtures that would work in    is an immediate reduction in      the LED is more expensive             dimming functions.
new construction and           power bills, especially in        there is a reasonable                    “LED products are still
retrofits. Now that lighting   areas with high utility rates,    payback for the end user.             more expensive initially but in
designers and fixture makers and additionally, LED lighting      Maintenance is always a               some applications they are a
have created these finished    is low maintenance.               consideration for retail              great choice,” summarized
packages, the next step is to     Not only does the end-user     applications and the LED is a         Smith. “I believe LED
show end users how LED         save on replacement bulbs         perfect fit.”                         technology and production
lighting benefits them with    (a consideration in                  Only in the past five years        improvements will eventually
superior performance and       incandescent and fluorescent      or so, according to Smith,            reduce costs and that is
payback.                       lighting, which may need to       has increased performance             when the LED product will
   First, LED lighting is the  be replaced a few times a         enabled the consideration of          really make sense. We are
most environmentally friendly year depending on usage)           using LEDs for applications           getting close with all the
lighting available. LEDs are   but it saves on maintenance       other than indicators. “LEDs          products now being intro-
markedly smaller in size       costs especially for locations    are excellent solutions for           duced—from site lighting and
compared to fluorescent        that may require a                hard-to-reach places or               landscape
lighting. Due to their small   maintenance team or in            continuous-operation                  lighting, to recessed
size and very long life, LEDs areas that are hard to reach       installations where shutting          downlights, wallpacks,
create less landfill waste and (cathedral-ceiling entryways,     down the lights is costly.”           emergency lighting and the
have zero toxic mercury to     gardens, parking lots or             Finally, the old complaints        like.”
threaten the environment       driveway lighting, for            about LEDs—harsh bright                  To learn more about LEDs
when properly disposed.        example).                         light, no dimming capabilities,       and how they can help you
LEDs also reduce carbon           “In my opinion,” said Smith,   inability to retrofit to old          reduce energy costs, contact
emissions and consume 85% “the best application now for          installations—are no longer           your Nu-Lite salesperson.
less energy than standard      LED products is retail            an issue. LEDs are now
incandescent light.            lighting. The 14-16 watt LED      available in warm and white

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