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									Barclaycard is offering the longest 0% interest rate for balance
transfers on its Platinum card. It offers 0% on balance transfers for 20
months with a 3.2% balance transfer fee. That's a good deal, but the fee
is quite high.If you think you can repay your debt in 18 months, then you
are better off going for either NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland's
Platinum card, both of which offer a deal of 0% on balance transfers for
18 months with a 2.8% transfer fee.

With both cards, make sure you either clear your debt within the 0%
period, or switch cards when the interest-free period is set to end - as
the interest rates rise to 17.5%APR and 16.6%APR respectively.

The best 0% purchase deals
If you are looking for a credit card offering 0% interest on purchases,
try Marks & Spencer. The Marks & Spencer credit card offers 0% interest
on purchases for 15 months, then the rate rises to 15.9%.

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