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 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting

Born:                   1945
Nationality:            Danish

Company:                LR Consulting ApS
                        Lange-Müllers Alle 2
                        2960 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark
                        Tel: +45 45 86 94 88
                        Web :

Position :              Partner, LR Consulting ApS, Denmark
Years with firm:        21
Languages:              Danish (mother tongue)
                        English (excellent)
                        French (very good)

Education:              M.Sc. in economics and political science (1970) at University of
Professional            Member of the Danish Association of economist (DJOEF)

Key Qualifications and Experiences:

University graduated economist with more than 30 years experience as an internationally
working consultant, the last 20 years in developing countries.

Extensive work experience as team leader in a broad range of policy related fields. Sec-
tors covered comprise institutional strengthening of the public sector, water and sanitation,
transportation, electricity, small scale industrial development, development of small
/medium scale agro-industries and agricultural development, development of fisheries and
fish processing sector.

Assignments have covered appraisals, evaluations, feasibility studies and master plans,
economic and financial modeling, financing, institutional reforms and legislation, and
preparation of training programs.

Teaching/research experience:

Part time teacher (1970 to 1983) in the subject statistics and baseline data interpretation
of society development in aspects of demographic and social development, occupation,
housing, trades and industries, public finances and taxes. Business University of Copen-
hagen and University of Copenhagen


 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting

Employment record and major assignments:
Present employer:  LR Consulting ApS

Period:             From 10.1986 -

Selected major assignments:

2009 -              Energy planning for the community of Gentofte. Feasibility study to
                    establish viability of conversion of natural gas heated areas into
                    district heating schemes. The study comprised comprehensive fi-
                    nancial budgeting reflecting simulation of key parameters

2005 - 07           Feasibility study for urban clean water project in Pekanbaru, the
                    Provincial capital of Riau province, Indonesia, financed by
                    DANIDA. The study has included identification of suitable raw wa-
                    ter intake, assessment of adequate transmission and distribution
                    systems, tariff policies, assessment of willingness and ability to
                    pay and management set-up.

2002 - 04           Project coordinator for electrical stability study being a part of an
                    electrical interconnection study comprising 6 countries in Central
                    America, SIEPAC Client IDB

1999 – 2002         Project coordinator and economist on feasibility study on electrical
                    interconnection between Columbia and Venezuela including re-
                    sponsibility to review regulatory and financial aspects as a conse-
                    quence of the proposed interconnections. Client IDB

2002                Responsible for preparation of feasibility study for upgrading works
                    of Zia International Airport, Dhaka on behalf of Civil Aviation Au-
                    thority of Bangladesh

1999                Team leader on appraisal mission for two proposed energy pro-
                    jects in Malaysia, DSM management and Palm Oil Residue Grid
                    connected co-generation. The assignment included preparation of
                    a proposal for a Government policy for the area. Client DANCED
                    (Danish Government Programme)

1998 - 2001         Project responsible and team leader for Urban planning and water
                    supply study for the city of Ouanaminthe in Haiti including prepara-
                    tion of baseline data collection for assessing impact of water sup-
                    ply on city development. Client IDB

 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting

1996 - 2000      Identification of partners, besides market and feasibility studies in
                 connection with establishment of Danish-Vietnamese private sec-
                 tor industrial cooperation projects. Projects have comprised de-
                 velopment of the Vietnamese fisheries sector such as develop-
                 ment of off-shore fishing, establishment of hatcheries for marine fry
                 and shrimps, upgrading of seafood processing factories, and pro-
                 duction of marine equipment. Client Danish private enterprises
                 with support from the Danish Private Sector Programme

1994 - 95        Chief technical advisor in a 22 month TA project for the fisheries
                 sector in VietNam located at the Ministry of Fisheries in Hanoi .The
                 project comprised assistance to the Ministry of Fisheries to im-
                 prove sector performance. The project identified constraints and
                 carried out comprehensive activities to achieve an institutional
                 strengthening. Activities comprised data collection, training, semi-
                 nars and study tours. Client UNIDO/DANIDA

1993             Economist on TA project in Sri Lanka (TA 1918-SRI, Institutional
                 assessment for comprehensive water resources management).
                 The assessment comprised preparation of a strategic framework
                 paper as base for formulation of a comprehensive water resources
                 allocation policy for Sri Lanka. The framework paper identified p-
                 resent water allocation problems among water users and de-
                 scribed institutional constraints in the single water user sectors.
                 Client ADB

1993             Economist on mission to Mongolia to promote development of eco-
                 tourism and propose actions to be taken to establish legislation
                 and institutional set-up to protect the environment and habitat.
                 Client DANIDA

1993             Team leader on DANIDA financed review mission to Costa Rica in
                 order to appraise performance of building research institute -
                 CIVCO - involved in development of improved low-cost housing
                 methods and construction materials. Client DANIDA

1992             Economist on mission to Zimbabwe in order to appraise the exist-
                 ing agricultural education system and propose improvements
                 Client DANIDA

1992             Team leader on a baseline study of the fishery processing sector
                 in VietNam. The study comprised a comprehensive data collection
                 of activities in a major number of fish processing industries, inter-

 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting
                 views with Provincial Departments of Fishery besides identification
                 of constraints in the marine fishery and the aquaculture production.
                 Client UNIDO

1992             Team leader on a review in China to identify possible improve-
                 ments in plant operations and in marketing for three maize milling
                 projects in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces. Client

1991             Team leader on DANIDA financed mission to China in order to
                 appraise project proposal for DANIDA financing of vitamin tablet
                 production plant in Hebei province.

1991             Project manager for study in VietNam on behalf of Danish indus-
                 tries to assess market development potential for cattle and pig
                 slaughtering facilities.

1991             Team leader on a World Bank mission of consultants to Zambia in
                 order to investigate and propose new legislation of importance for
                 creation of more competition in connection with proposed privatiza-
                 tion program

1990/91          Economist on a World Bank mission of consultants to Viet Nam in
                 order to collect baseline sector information and propose Terms of
                 reference for institutional and feasibility study for major improve-
                 ments of the urban water supply system.

1990             Project manager for studies for private investors in Indonesia and
                 the Philippines in order to develop production within the dairy and
                 starch sector.

1989/90          Economist on a number of DANIDA financed studies in order to
                 develop a program for investments within the water and rural ele-
                 ctricity supply sector in Benin.

1989             Project manager for a sector study on development of fish proc-
                 essing facilities in Morocco for Danish investors.

1989             Responsible for a study in St. Kitts and Nevis for development of a
                 dairy industry financed by CID, Brussels.

1989             Responsible for a study on development of a dairy industrial pro-
                 ject in Yemen Arab Republic for private investors

 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting

1988             Team leader for a DANIDA financed study in Yemen Arab Repub-
                 lic for development of facilities and institutional performances for
                 the fisheries sector including aspects of electrification of fishery vil-

1988             Team leader for a DANIDA financed study in Mozambique on im-
                 plementation of a rehabilitation program for the workshops at the
                 CFM-Centro Railway in Beira.

1988             Team leader for DANIDA financed study in Mozambique in order
                 to propose commodity aid for selected industrial sectors.

1988             Team leader on study financed by Danish Export Board for evalua-
                 tion of needs for establishment of fish processing and storage fa-
                 cilities in Indonesia

1987             Economist on a DANIDA financed study on implementation of a
                 desert rehabilitation program in Niger.

1986/87          Project manager for feasibility study on establishment of a railway
                 ferry connection between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia financed
                 by Nordic Investment Bank

Employer:        DanRail Consult

1985/86          Responsible for investigations on needs for transfer of Danish rail-
                 way technology to developing countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Zam-
                 bia, Botswana, China, and Indonesia). The studies were carried
                 out on behalf of the Danish Railways and Danish consulting engi-
                 neering companies.

Employer:        I. Krüger

1984             Economist on waste water treatment investigations and financing
                 programs for projects in Galicia, Spain and in Greece

Employer:        Rambøll & Hanneman, consulting engineers and planners


 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting
Period:             09.1978 - 10.1983

Position:           Economist/project manager
                    Preparation of studies and appraisals

Selected major assignments:

1978-1983           Project manager for a number of studies for communities in the
                    Copenhagen area on establishment of a program for substitution
                    of oil based heating into gas and district heating schemes, the last
                    mentioned based on use of surplus heat from coal fired power

                    The studies ended up in an implementation of a major district heat-
                    ing scheme for the Greater Copenhagen area with investments in
                    distributions networks of more than 500 mill US$. Responsibilities
                    included studies, negotiations with all involved parties, preparing of
                    financing schemes, proposals for tariff structures and community
                    guaranties for investments.

1982/83             Project manager for studies on establishment of integrated agricul-
                    tural project in the Philippines for private investors and the Danish
                    Governmental institution, IFU.

1980/81             Project manager for study in Egypt for establishment of protein
                    extraction project from alf-alfa

Employer:           Scanmodul, Danish contracting company working in Saudi

Period:             From 10.1977 to 09.1978

Position:           Financial manager
                    Project financing and negotiations with customers in Saudi Arabia
                    and Bahrain

Employer:           IFU, Danish Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries

Period:             From 08.1973 to 10.1977

Position:           Area Manager, project investments
                    Evaluation of project proposals for IFU

 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting

Selected major assignments:

1973 - 77           Hotel project, Sri Lanka
                    Brewery project, Nigeria
                    Furniture project, Philippines
                    Egg tray project, Philippines
                    Contracting company, Nigeria
                    Car battery factory, Nigeria

Employer:           Cowiconsult

Period:             From 08.1972 to 08.1973
Position            Economist

Selected assignments:

                    Industrial project assessment

Employer:           Kampsax/Hoff & Overgaard, consulting engineering compa-

Period:             From 03.1971 to 08.1972
Position:           Economist / studies and appraisals

Selected major assignments:

1972                Transportation studies for the Danish Railways comprising organi-
                    zation of interviews with transport users and establishment of
                    models for description of transport behavior

1971                Economist of DANIDA financed study on proposed water supply
                    schemes in Ghana


 Ib Lunde Rasmussen                                    LR Consulting
Employer:        Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry

Period:          From 02.1970 to 03.1971
Position:        Economist
                 Studies on various aspects of introduction of industrial policies


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