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					Acella Pharmaceuticals signs license agreement for marketing rights to generic broad-spectrum antibiotic

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   The Eye Experts at Bausch & Lomb.               Acella Pharmaceuticals signs license agreement for
                                                   marketing rights to generic broad-spectrum antibiotic
                                                   8. June 2010 00:34
   New B+L Biotrue™ Solution
   Inspired By The Biology Of Your™
   Eyes. Get Up To $2 Off Any Size!                Acella Pharmaceuticals has signed a                          licensing agreement for the U.S.
                                                   marketing rights to a generic version of
   Pharma Packaging Summit
   Pharma Manufacturers-First 100                  an intravenous administered broad-
   Free                                            spectrum antibiotic.
   November 15-16 -Philadelphia, PA                              The Abbreviated New Drug Application
                                                   (ANDA) was filed with the FDA in
   Idebenone 90 & 180 mg
   Excellent Value and Fast Shipping               November 2009, and is expected to gain
   US and International Orders                     approval within the next 24 months.
                                                   Under the terms of the agreement,
   Medical Science Liaisons
                                                   Acella Pharmaceuticals will market, sell
   Dream Big. Think Vertex.
   Vertex Career Opportunities - Apply             and distribute the generic product in the                                U.S. Mark Pugh, CEO states, "This  Ads by Google
                                                   strategic move into the institutional
   Healthcare Marketing
   Appature Nexus℠
                                                   marketplace serves to diversify Acella Pharmaceuticals' product line and customer
   Healthcare Marketing Solutions                  base while providing an exciting new avenue for company growth."
                                                   SOURCE Acella Pharmaceuticals
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                                                   Tags: Antibiotic, New Drug Application
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Acella Pharmaceuticals signs license agreement for marketing rights to generic broad-spectrum antibiotic

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Acella Pharmaceuticals signs license agreement for marketing rights to generic broad-spectrum antibiotic

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