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									                     Shelby County Humane Society
Publisher: Kelly Jedlicki                       Volume/Issue Number:2/2                              Date: February 2008

          Letter from the Executive Director                           Happy Tails…Another Happy Ending
                    Barbara Zekausky                            .           Finny’s Guardian Angel.
                                                                                    By Kelly Jedlicki

               Brrrr it is cold outside. Here are some cold
weather tips from various sources.
  Don't leave pets outdoors when the temperature drops
below freezing. Dogs need outdoor exercise but take
care not to keep them out for lengthy periods during very
cold weather. Short-coated dogs may feel more
comfortable wearing a sweater during walks. Dogs and
cats are safer indoors in all sorts of weather. Animals
should never be left outdoors unattended as they risk
being stolen or otherwise being harmed.
                                                                 This past summer, SCHS lost their “mascot” Tangerine to a
  Wind-chill can threaten a pet's life, no matter what the      congenital kidney problem. Tangerine was an orange and
temperature. Outdoor dogs must be protected by a dry,           white cat that had been adopted out to what appeared to be a
draft-free doghouse that is large enough to allow the dog       good home but less than a year later, he was returned a
to sit and lie down comfortably, but small enough to hold       broken and abused boy. He had suffered severe physical
in his/her body heat. The floor should be raised a few          abuse that left him crippled. Despite his handicaps,
inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings           Tangerine lived out his last three years at the shelter,
or straw. The house should be turned to face away from          surrounded by people that loved him. He spent time basking
the wind, and the doorway should be covered with a flap         in the sun on the porch, playing with other cats and bird
of heavy waterproof fabric or heavy plastic.                    watching.

                                                                  Not quite two months since Tangerine’s passing, a 12 week
  Pets spending a lot of time outdoors need more food in        old injured orange and white kitten was found and brought to
the winter. Keeping warm depletes energy. Routinely             the shelter. The kitten not only looked like Tangerine but he
check your pet's water dish to make certain the water is        too had suffered severe physical abuse and whether he would
fresh and not frozen. Use plastic food and water bowls          survive was questioned. The kitten had injuries to its pelvis,
rather than metal; when the temperature is low, your            legs and spine from a probable kick to his hind quarters.
pet's tongue can stick and freeze to metal.                     Internal injuries could not be ruled out either. Like Tangerine,
                                                                this kitten recognized that he in a safe place with good people
 Warm car engines are dangerous for cats and small              that would do everything possible for him. The kitten, like
wildlife. Parked cars attract small animals who may crawl       Tangerine, did not give up on life or people.
up under the hood looking for warmth. To avoid injuring
                                                                 The kitten was named Finny. His physical and emotional
any hidden animals, bang on your car's hood to scare
                                                                recovery was slow, but Finny learned to trust people and walk
them away before starting your engine.                          again. He learned that he could make people smile and cry
                                                                tears of joy, just by playing and being a kitten. Under the
De-icing chemicals are hazardous. The salt and other            close observation and care by Dr Teresa Gregory and Lisa
chemicals used to melt snow and ice can irritate the            Lynch, Finny defied odds and overcame many obstacles.
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Letter from Executive Director (cont….)                         (cont…) Finny’s Guardian Angel

pads of your pet's feet. Wipe the feet with a damp towel        Besides the human caregivers, Finny had an unseen
every time after coming in from outdoors – even if you          “assistant” - his guardian angel Tangerine. Unlike Tangerine,
                                                                Finny finally reached the status of “adoptable”.
don’t see salt on walkways.
                                                                This past Christmas, SCHS had Angel Trees at Petsmart on
Antifreeze is a deadly poison. However, it has a sweet          the Outer Loop and Metzger’s. Every animal, including Finny,
taste that attracts animals and children. Wipe up spills        had an ornament with its picture and wish list on the back.
and store antifreeze out of reach. Better yet, use              One lucky Sunday, a mother and daughter, took two
antifreeze-coolant made with propylene glycol; if               ornaments from the tree. After reading Finny’s ornament, his
swallowed in small amounts, it will not hurt pets, wildlife,    ornament was chosen by the daughter. These two ladies
or people.                                                      talked with the tree coordinator (and editor of this newsletter)
                                                                about the availability of small adoptable kittens. Contact
Horses and other livestock need a windbreak, cover,             information for the shelter manager was given. Several
warm bedding, abundant high-quality feed, and fresh             weeks later, the mother came to the shelter to pick two kittens
                                                                for her daughter. Originally, the desire for small kittens was
water, too.
                                                                expressed but after a couple of hours of playing with all the
                                                                kittens – small and “older/larger kittens”, it became apparent
Cold weather alone won’t make healthy horses ill. But if        that the mother was leaning towards Finny…..then the words,
exposed to soaking rains, snow and wind, they run the           we all wanted to hear….”I want Finny”. Tears of joy filled
risk of catching pneumonia. Bedding like thick layers of        everyone’s eyes. I
straw or shavings is critical, since it will keep the animals
off the cold, wet ground. Like pet shelters, the open side      Finny and his friend Freddie went home Christmas eve. His
of any livestock enclosure should be faced be away from         new owner had no idea what kittens her mother had chosen.
prevailing winds.                                               On Christmas morning, the daughter found two kittens
                                                                dressed in scarves and hats. At first, the daughter did not
Again, water must be heated or changed several times            recognize Finny but was ecstatic and overwhelmed by her
                                                                mother’s choice – Finny.
daily. A reduction in water intake and the resulting
dehydration in horses can trigger colic.                        Finny received the best gift this past Christmas – a forever
                                                                home with a loving family and a “doting” grandmother who has
Hope these help.                                                since become a volunteer for SCHS. With his new life and
Barb                                                            family, Finny was renamed – “Lucky”. His name says it

          Remember to add extra bedding !
                                                                              Finny preparing to go home
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             Special Needs Adoptables                                                        Featured Adoptable Pets

                                                                             What a sweet and loving little boy this is. Boo was a Spring 2007
Hope is a very special little girl. She was brought into PetSmart by a       kitten that was over looked and left behind. He is not pushy but loves
customer whose children found her on the sidewalk near their home.           all the attention he can get. He is young, playful and needs a home
She weighed just 5 ounces When the lady started telling the SCHS             of his own. This sweetheart would be a great addition to any family.
representatives what all they had done to the kitten, they were
shocked. They said that the kitten's eyes were "stuck" shut with
mucus and they had been washing them with anti-bacterial soap.
They had shaved the gunky hair from around her eyes. They had
been feeding her Baby formula with some gravy from their dog's
food and a piece of a children’s vitamin. When we started cleaning
                                                                              Lady is a beautiful girl who who came to us last year with kittens.
her up, we determined that she wasn't even old enough to have her
                                                                             Her babies have gone on to be adopted but Lady is still with us. She
eyes open yet! As a result of her eyes being forced open before they
                                                                             is very shy but loving when she learns to trust you. She will require a
were ready, the severe eye infection she had, and the use of anti-
                                                                             little more patience and time to adjust to a new home but the end
bacterial soap on her eyes, she has one eye that is clouded over.
                                                                             result would be well worth it. Lady wants to find a home where she
The vet believes that she can see shadows out of that eye, but
                                                                             can be relaxed and loved.
nothing else. She has full use of her other eye. Despite all that she
went through in her early days, she has grown to be a beautiful, very
affectionate little girl. If you didn't see the cloudiness in her eye, you
would never know that she couldn't see out of it. She gets around
just fine and loves to play with the other kittens in the house. Hope
needs someone who will look past the cloudiness in her eye and
love her for the wonderful sweetheart that she is.

                                                                             Look at this gorgeous girl! Marmalade was turned into an Animal
                                                                             Control facility with babies in October of 2007. She had such a
                                                                             wonderful personality that the staff had great hopes of her being
                                                                             adopted. Unfortunately Marmalade was still there so we brought her
                                                                             to our facility in hopes we could help her find the home she
                                                                             deserves. She is a beautiful deep orange with medium length hair.
          Shanna                                    Heidi                    She is very loving and gentle. Her beautiful babies have gone on to
Shanna and Heidi were born less than a day after their mother was            loving homes and now it's her turn.
found at a gas station. Shanna recently had 2 polyps removed from
her throat. These may return at some point, or may never return.
Since her polyps were removed, she has blossomed into a beautiful,
healthy girl.
Heidi is the smaller of the sisters and is shy, but will purr as soon as
you touch her. She had upper respiratory infections and developed
a neurological infection, which were treated. Heidi made an
                                                                             This boy is as sweet as he is handsome! He got his name because
amazing recovery and since has had 4 polyps removed from her
                                                                             he has such a cute little rabbit face. Thumper is a well rounded cat
                                                                             who loves to play as well as enjoy loving quiet moments. Thumper
Neither of these girls are on medications. Both girls enjoy cuddling
                                                                             would be a wonderful family companion pet
and have been raised with children and get along with other cats.
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             Featured Adoptable Pets                                                      Featured Adoptable Pets

                                                                         Four medium sized brown bunnies, fairly plain, a few scars here and
Pigeon came to us with 7 babies! She was a wonderful and very            there, nothing major to hint at what they have been through or the
doting mother to her youngsters. She did her duty well and is now        potential for love hidden in these little brown rabbits. These bunnies
spayed and ready for her own home. Pigeon is a tall and lean lady        were dumped outside left to fend for themselves until their numbers
with lots of love to give. She has beautiful large round eyes and        became a nuisance and the owner began to kill them. These
gorgeous torbie markings (tortie/tabby). Pigeon is not a demanding       rescued bunnies were deemed not adoptable by another rescue but
cat but does love attention and she is experiencing her second kitten    were rescued by our vet. The bunnies have made much progress
hood. She has done her motherly duty and now she spends her time         and two of them have been adopted and are described as wonderful
playing and chasing toy mice. She does great with younger cats but       by their new owner. With time and patience and treats, they will
gets a little bossy with older females. Pigeon deserves to have a        make great pets.
wonderful home after being abandoned and on her own for so long.
She scavenged and cared for her babies and now she needs
someone to care for her.

                                                                         My name is Miss Tude and they say I am a princess. I say that I just
                                                                         like things my way! Give me what I want and I will be the sweetest
                                                                         girl you have ever seen - I don't ask for too much, just an endless
                                                                         supply of Timothy hay and fresh greens, a window to look out of
Jake was turned into animal control in Bullitt County by his owners
                                                                         (preferably with a bench to sit on, thank you very much!) and a little
who said they were moving into an apartment where they couldn't
                                                                         petting when I want it. I went to the adoption site to be adopted, but
have a dog. An SCHS representative walked in as the owner was
                                                                         they didn't like me there just because I expressed my bunny'tude.
leaving and simply couldn't leave this little trembling boy in the big
                                                                         Hey, they put me in a small cage with people staring at me all day.
scary pound. He is about 2 1/2 years old. He weighs about 15 lbs.
                                                                         Would you like that?? A girl needs some privacy!! They tell me it will
He's short and stocky. Jake is house trained and leash trained. He is
                                                                         make me harder to adopt because I can't go to the store, but I am
good with other dogs and cats and children of all ages. He is
                                                                         well behaved at home and I just know there is that special someone
untrusting of men and very protective of women and children. He
                                                                         out there who would just love to have the honor of my presence in
will need someone who understands this and is wiling to work with
                                                                         their home. Is it you?
him. This darling boy follows his foster mom every step she takes.
He is very mellow and very quiet.

                                                                         Willow is grey and white female. She and her relatives came from a
Munch was rescued from a high kill shelter with heartworms. He has       bad situation where they weren't being well taken care of, but they
been treated for his heartworms and will need retesting in February.     have put all that behind them and are looking for their forever home.
Munch is great with other dogs. He's also wonderful with children. At    She and her relatives are as sweet as they can be, and would love to
this moment he is laying in the lap of my 5 year old daughter. He is     find a family to shower them with fresh greens and lots of love.
very energetic and LOVES to play with toys.
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                Volunteer Spotlight                                                    THANK YOU!!!
                 on Mindy Veeser                                   A big Thank You to Adam and Cindy Wilson for becoming
Mindy loves cats. It’s a good thing. She’s volunteered 70 –        Shelby County Humane Society’s “Santa’s helpers”.
80 hours a month for the past year and a half at the Shelby
County Humane Society taking care of the cats and kittens          After purchasing gifts for two animals on our Angel Tree at
there. She says likes the way the cats make her feel so            Petsmart on the Outer Loop, Adam and Cindy decided that
appreciated. When she’s at the Humane Society, the “cats           they wanted to buy for more of the animals at the shelter.
run up to you and greet you with purring, meows and rubs.
They jump around playing as if to try to entertain you. They       Adam and Cindy bought and collected a whole truck full of
just make you feel good inside.” She has two cats she calls        food, treats, toys, beds, cat tree and supplies for our animals.
her “forever babies”, Belle and Bonnie. Both of them were          Not only did Cindy and Bryan help make our animals at the
adopted from the Shelby County Humane Society.                     shelter happy, the staff and volunteers have had spirits
                                                                   renewed and much pleasure seeing our animals enjoy their
Mindy also volunteers at many of the SCHS fundraisers,             new beds and toys. Adam and Cindy also gave two black
taking cats on nursing home visits, and working on the             kittens the best present ever - forever homes. God Bless
Christmas Angel Tree program. However, her “favorite               them!!
activity is spending time with the cats, playing with them,
holding them and just loving them.”

“I would advise anyone who is considering volunteering at
SCHS to just “do it.” There are many opportunities and
different activities. You will definitely find something to suit
you. Moreover, I promise the rewards you receive will make
your heart happy,” says Mindy.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time at the
Shelby County Humane Society, please contact Nancy
Guilliom, Volunteer Coordinator, at

Remember, we can do so much more together than we can
do alone. VOLUNTEER!                                                  Adam and Cindy Wilson - SCHS newest “elves”.

Mindy spending time with the cats in one of the open rooms
                                                                      A new cat tree!!!                 Food Glorious Food!
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                                                                          We need your garbage!
            Volunteers Desperately Needed                     Please bring any of the following to the shelter or Big Time
Interested in becoming a volunteer at the Shelby County       Bingo (Thursday & Sunday nights).
Humane Society?                                               * Aluminum cans
For more information - contact Nancy at 502-829-9244 or       * Aluminum can pull tabs
nguilliom@hotmail.com_________________________                * Empty printer ink cartridges
                                                              * Newspaper
                                                              * Cell phones

                   Thank You!!
A big thanks to the following people for monetary donations                Looking for that special one?
$100 or greater:                                              All of our animals are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, up
Kelly & DJ Prewitt                                            to date on vaccines and have been treated for fleas. Cats
Gayle Vaughn                                                  have been tested for feline leukemia. Dogs have been
Kate Stout                                                    heartworm tested.
Dixie & Wanda Perry
Nancy Spear                                                   While many of our animals are listed on Petfinder:
Dixie Troutman                                         -
Paula Nieto                                                   there are some that may have not been listed yet. If you
Melissa Beaven                                                can not find what you are looking for, please call.
Sharon Lewis
_________________________________________                     The shelter is open to the public for adoptions on Monday,
                 Spread the Word:                             Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 1 - 5 PM. If these
                                                              times are not convenient, please contact Lisa Lynch,
                                                              Shelter Manager or Melissa Wright, Assistant Director @.
                                                              633-4033 and they can help facilitate a meeting time.

                                                              All our dogs, reptiles, birds, rodents and rabbits are in foster
                                                              care, so in order to set up a ‘date’, it is best to contact the
                                                              foster parent listed on petfinder or call Melissa Wright to
                                                              facilitate a meeting.
  Every Tuesday, Dr Teresa Gregory runs a low cost spay       Adoption Numbers:
  and neuter clinic at the Shelby County Humane Society.      Melissa Wright: 633-4033; 220-6212
  Rabies shots and Vaccines are also available at a reduced   Lisa Lynch: 633-4033; 220-2014
  cost.                                                       _____________________________________________
                                                                                         Wish List
  These services are for everyone - not just residents of                 Bleach/Laundry & Dishwashing Detergent
  Shelby County. Please call 633-4033 to set up your                                Paper Towels
  appointment.                                                                    Q-tips/Cotton Balls
  __________________________________________                                      Rubbing Alcohol
       Check out our new website:                                       Comforters/blankets/sheets/bath rugs/ towels                              Canned cat and dog food/Cat and Dog Treats

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