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					Tips on Stamp Collecting

Stamp collection is a popular hobby across the United States. It is the
act of collecting small self-adhesive pieces of paper with different
designs. It is something really fun and easy. Here are some surefire tips
that would help you build your stamp collection.

* Start on the low key. Start collecting used stamps instead of buying
new ones immediately.
* Search your mailbox. What better way to find stamps is through
searching through the pile of mail you receive each time.
* Get your friends, family members and neighbors involved. Spread the
word that you are building a stamp collection. In this way you can ask
for their stamps. Also, when someone is going on a trip, you can grab
this opportunity to buy a stamp from where he is going.
* Check for old mails or envelopes. These could be sources of old stamps
that can no longer be found at present.
* Form a group of stamp collectors or perhaps join one. You can share
your sources of stamps. Better yet you might be able to get a good
bargain when you buy stamps in larger numbers. It can also be a place
for swapping stamps.
* Look for stamp clubs. This is where you can meet other stamp collectors
from whom you can seek advice about your stamp collection.
* Have a pen pal. Your exchange of letters would generate stamps located
from different places.
* Research. Some magazines or online shops sell unique stamps. Perhaps,
there even might be treasure finds.
* Check out stamp auctions. They usually have a variety of stamps that
are really hard to find in the market.

These are only few tips that help a beginner stamp collector. It is not
really having all the existing stamps but having a unique collection of
stamps that would reflect your personality. It is a way to discover the
different cultures of various countries. It is also a way to keep a
record of history.

Note that stamp collection is not just about gathering different stamps.
The act of caring for the stamps is equally important. Fervent care
should be instituted if you intend for your collection to last for years.
Also, it would be no fun if the stamps you collect would only wither

With ample care, you will enjoy stamp collecting. You'll never know, your
stamp collection might become the most valuable in the next years.

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