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					       CHINATOWN BIKE-A-THON * Saturday June 18, 2011
            Join the ride to support the Chinese Youth Initiative!
                   We will have guides who will help make the ride safe.

To register, please fill out this form and return to Pong Louie ( or
Dora Hui ( by June 10, 2011.

For more information contact the Bike-a-thon Committee @
28 Ash Street Boston MA 02111    617-357-4499 or

 Yes, I want to ride and support CYI. Please raise a minimum of $20.
 I would prefer to support CYI by volunteering.

Registration Form:

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________ Telephone #: ___________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City/State: _____________________________________________________________

Riders: Do you have a bike?         Yes    No

Volunteers: setup checkpoint food planning solicit donations cleanup

Size of T-Shirt:       S   M    L   XL

                                         THANK YOU!