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									Obstacles to Surmount in Collecting Stamps

Although philately can be infinitely interesting and enjoyable, it is a
fact as well that stamp collecting has its own shares of obstacles to
challenge its followers. As a beginner, you should be aware beforehand of
the kinds of problems that you’ll be facing in the future.

Compared to other “collecting” hobbies, places where you can purchase
stamps are not that many. It’s very rare that smaller states and towns
would have stores that offer large varieties of stamps for philatelists
to choose from. And although the Internet makes it possible for stamp
collectors to acquire purchases from all over the world, rising shipping
costs can certainly exclude the less financially blessed stamp
enthusiasts from fully enjoying this benefit.

Die cast car enthusiasts can depend on a wide range of tools to help them
have more fun with their little toys. Unfortunately, stamp collectors are
just not that lucky! There are a lot of problems that could come up when
they have to remove stamps from envelopes or when organizing them in an

Although charm, wit and humor can get you far and help you obtain
numerous stamps at no cost at all, there would still come a time that
you’d feel the pressure of money digging deep and know that some
collectible stamps that you’re dying for to add to your collection are
completely out of reach because of the price they’ve fetched in the
While there’s always a strong possibility that you’ll be able to chance
upon a rare collectible stamp and purchase it for a very low price,
there’s also no denying that most of those rare, hard-to-find stamps are
being sold in auction houses and priced way out of your league.

There’s nothing that we love more than having our collections properly
appreciated and where else can a stamp collector expect to feel that but
in a stamp organization or club – a place where he truly feels he
belongs. Unfortunately, there are not that many stamp organizations that
have been established in the country. Most stamp clubs that are
recognized nationwide – or in different countries in the world – are
often located in the big cities like New York and Chicago, making it
virtually impossible for stamp lovers of lesser known states to join
their groups.

One of the reasons why that majority of public still views stamp
collecting with a lot of misconceptions is mainly because of the lack of
resources available even today. There are just too few books that are
written about stamp collecting and that could open the world of philately
to possible newcomers. What little that’s there are mostly boring and
would end up turning off a stranger completely from liking stamps.
Because of this, expect yourself to be greeted like a geek or an alien
when your “cool” friends learn that you are into stamp collecting!

This is surely the worst problem that you’ll ever encounter in the world
of stamp collecting. It’s extremely hard for newbies to distinguish
authentic stamps from very good duplicates. If you pay a thousand dollars
for a rare 1920’s stamp and then end up with a copy instead of the
original, you’d no doubt feel like killing someone. Unfortunately, until
official stamp organizations make a consolidated move to keep con artists
from fooling their fellow enthusiasts, you should never trust anyone who
offers to sell you “rare” stamps until you’ve had the item properly
certified by an expert.


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