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									                            Benjamin Joseph J. Silverio
                                  Senior PHP Developer

                                                     Home Address     671 San Ignacio St.,
                                                                      Plainview, Mandaluyong
                                                                      Philippines 1550

                                                     Home Phone       632 - 534-3252

                                                     Cellphone        +639228634651



Benjamin has 5 years of experience in both desktop and web based applications development.
He has worked both with foreign and local customers. This includes development of support
tools for Japanese customers in Fujitsu TEN Limited in Kobe, Japan, and Website Development
for corporate and commercial websites with both local (Philippines) and foreign companies. His
areas of expertise are in web applications development, html design integration, and database


Yellowasp Corporation Philippines – Senior PHP Developer (2009 – Present)

Symfony, Codeigniter                             Develop framework based
                                                 applications/websites using Symfony or
                                                 Codeigniter depending on the project
                                                 Lead developers in Symfony implementation
                                                 for projects.
                                                 Setup framework working directory structure to
                                                 provide better security for the files on the
Wordpress, Drupal                                Develop blog and content driven websites
                                                 based on the features required by the
                                                 Implement plugins for extra features and social
                                                 media features.
                                                 Design implementation based on the data and
                                                 functional requirement needed for the project.
MySQL Database                                   Design schema fields and relationships to meet
                                                 the demand for the data access requirements
                                                 of projects based on the model implementation
                                                 of the corresponding framework.
Javascript(JQuery), HTML, CSS                    Implementation of browser side scripting for
                                                 validation, asynchronous requests and style
                                                 modifications for websites.
                                                 Implementation of Design layouts.
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Fujitsu TEN Solutions Philippines – Systems Engineer 1 (2005 – 2009)

PHP/MySQL                                    Develop an internal Project Management
                                             System for use of Fujitsu TEN Limited, Japan.
                                             Review the design and implementation of the
                                             application for better performance in a limited
                                             specification and connection server.
                                             Design database implementation of the flow
                                             and data access requirements of the
                                             Perform System, Component and Integration
                                             testing to meet the quality standard
                                             requirements set by the company.
Visual Basic, VB.Net, C++                    Perform R&D in Fujitsu TEN Limited, Japan, as
                                             part of the new technology for wireless access
                                             using a handheld device for automotive
                                             Develop application to be used as support tools
                                             for the automtive audio development of car
                                             Design system setup and implementation to
                                             meet the requirements of an R&D project
                                             described by a project specification.
                                             Perform System, Component and Integration
                                             testing to meet the quality standard
                                             requirements set by the company.
Project Lead                                 Lead a team of developers to ensure the
                                             implementation of a CMMI level 3 certified
                                             development process.
                                             Schedule and monitor the development cycle
                                             for projects to ensure that quality standards
                                             could be met.


Operating Systems
     Windows, Linux-Ubuntu/CentOS

Web Development Frameworks/CMS/Applications/Scripting:
     Prado, PHP, Symfony 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Wordpress,
     JQuery, HTML, CSS, Facebook Graph API, ASP, VBScript

Databases/Web Server
     MS-Access, MySQL, Apache, XAMPP/LAMP

Programming Languages
      VC++ (MFC), Visual Basic, VB.Net
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     Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Facebook, Netvibes UWA

Other Software Tools
      Tortoise GitHub SVN, Tortoise SVN, WinMerge

Management/Leadership Skills:
     Team Leader, Customer/Client Relations, Resource Planning

Life Cycle Expertise/Methodologies:
      Database Planning & Setup, Application Development, Testing, Data
      Conversion & Migration, Database Administration, Database and
      Application Performance Tuning & Optimization, UML, CMMI

Fujitsu TEN Solutions Philippines      Visual Basic Programming
                                       Basic Japanese Language
                                       UML Concepts
                                       C++ Programming
                                       C Programming
                                       Flowcharting Concepts, Visual Basic
                                       for Applications
                                       Technical Writing
                                       Business Behavior in Office
                                       MySQL Development and
                                       Project Management for CMMI

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