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					                        Monday May 3rd to Friday May 7th Bike to School Week

Information about the event: The PHS Environmental Club is having our 3rd annual Bike to School Week
to encourage EcoRiding this first week in May. EcoRider tickets will be awarded each morning to those
that bike, walk, skate, bus or carpool with 4 or more people in their car. We hope that you’ll find it
enjoyable, better for your wallet, and habit forming to find ways to get to school other than driving

Our goal is to prevent 20,000 extra pounds of CO2 gas emissions that week. When fuel is burned our
cars CO2 gas is released in large amounts, and this is the most important anthropogenic cause of global
temperature changes due to the high heat trapping properties of carbon dioxide (not to mention the
nitrous oxides and ozone pollutants that also get produced). We hope to get teachers and staff thinking
about news ways to get to school, or encourage those who already bike to keep it up.

By reaching this goal of reducing 20,000 lb of CO2 emissions, we only need about 1/5 of the PHS
population to join in with us. We would also be saving around $2500 in total fuel cost in just this one
week and on average, each student would prevent 70lbs of CO2 emissions by not driving that week. We
hope you’ll join us in be doing your part to participate in this fun event.

To honor those who are aiming to do the right thing, we will be giving out EcoRider tickets in the front of
the school each morning, which could be redeemed for big prizes at lunch on Friday in the Event
Center…like a refurbished iPod nano, stainless steel water bottles and hopefully a bike. Also, let the
Environmental Club know if you’d like to participate in the tricycle races Monday at Lunch or the
planting of Fruit Trees near campus on Wednesday after school. With the help of local businesses
Throgmorton Plant Management and Fort Collins Nursery, we should have 5 fruit trees ready to be
planted and we would love your help.

Request for a bike:
We are looking to find someone willing to donate a bike to us for this cause. If you are able to help us
with this donation, or a good price for purchase (we have some money in our club funds to help with
this) then please call me.


Jeramy Jasmann, science teacher at PHS, (

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