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									                                  BIKE STORAGE AT TRADEWINDS
                                        IMPORTANT NOTICE

WHO: All bike owners at Tradewinds.

WHAT: A new procedure is in place for all bike owners at the Tradewinds. A onetime
refundable fee of $20.00 will be charged to store and keep each bicycle on the Tradewinds
premises. The funds will allow the purchase of bike racks for outside and inside storage,
tags, etc.

WHY: The bike storage room and outside racks have become crowed with bikes that have
not been used in years, are unusable and the owners unknown. This procedure will act as a
deterrent to forgotten bikes cluttering the bike areas.

WHAT: The procedure. Each bike must be registered with the office. A numbered metal tag
will be issued when the fee is paid. The tag must be affixed under the rear seat where it is
visible. The fee will be refunded when a bike is removed from the Tradewinds property
and the tag returned to the office.

IMPORTANT: In addition, a new system of locking your bike will become mandatory.
Currently bikes are often locked in a manner that doesn't allow them to be moved for
cleaning the storage room, or for easy access for other bike owners. Starting May 1, 2011,
the only acceptable way to lock a bike is to wrap a lock thru the front tire rim and thru the
bike frame, one lock for each bike. Do not attach to any structure. This prevents anyone
from taking your bike but allows the bikes to be lifted and moved when necessary. An
option is to keep bikes in your unit, however they still must be registered if stored on
common property, inside or outside.

WHEN: The new system will be in full effect on May 1, 2011. Any unregistered bike at that
time and in the future will be disposed of. This will be the only notice you will receive of this
new procedure.

HOW: The staff can help you if you are not here before May 1, 2011. After that time all
unregistered bikes will be disposed of. Thank you for your cooperation.

Make checks payable to the Tradewinds Apts. and mail to the Tradewinds Office. Thank you.

Name__________________________________________________________________ Apt. #______________

Number of bikes___________ Brand name of bike(s)________________________________________________

Bike(s) lock combination: ____________________________ (so bike(s) can be properly re-locked)

Enclose $20.00 per bike, total $_________________________

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