Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet question cards by wpr1947


									 Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet question cards. (Laminate and cut or print directly onto card. (light green)

Was Lord Capulet angry with            Why did Romeo commit suicide?         Juliet would rather see a toad
Romeo for coming to the party?                                               than who?

(no)                            3      (He thought that Juliet was           (Paris)
                                       dead.)                        3                                     4
At the beginning of the play, why      What was Friar Lawrence’s plan        What did Juliet do when she
didn’t the Capulet’s and               to prevent Juliet’s marriage to       found that Romeo was dead?
Montagues speak to each other?         Paris?

(There was an old quarrel              (For Juliet to take a potion so she   (She stabbed herself.)
between the two families.)             seemed to be dead.)
                                4                                   3                                      4
Why did Mercutio fight with            How did Romeo find out that           Who did the nurse say was “so
Tybalt?                                Rosaline was going to Lord            full of his ropery”?
                                       Capulet’s party?

(Tybalt questioned his friendship      (Capulet’s servant asked Romeo
with Romeo.)                           to read the invitation list.)         (Mercutio)
                              4                                      3                                     4
Who recognised Romeo at                Who is “a gentleman that loves to Who does the nurse worry might
Capulet’s party?                       hear himself talk?                be led into a “fool’s paradise”?

(Tybalt)                               (Mercutio)                            (Juliet, by Romeo)
                              3                                      4                                     3
After Romeo’s first visit to Juliet,   Why does Romeo love Tybalt            Why did the Friar go to the
whom did he ask for advice?            “better than thou canst devise”?      tomb?

                                                                             (He had heard that the
                                       (Because, unknown to Tybalt,          messenger had an accident on the
(Friar Lawrence)                       they are now related.)                way to Mantua.)
                              3                                         4                                  4
After being banished, what was         What does “God ye Good-den”           How does Tybalt fight, according
the Friar’s advice to Romeo?           mean?                                 to Mercutio?

(To stay for a while in Mantua                                               (Delicately, and technically, like a
and await news.)                       (Good afternoon!)                     musician.)
                                3                                        4                                 4
How does the Nurse make Juliet         At the end of the play, why did       Who says “The pox on such
look “as pale as any clout in the      the Montagues and Capulets            antic, lisping, affecting
universal world?                       decide to be friends?                 fantasticoes!”

                                       (The tragedies would not have         (Mercutio)
(By teasing her about Paris.)          happened if they were friends.)
                                3                                        3                                 4

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