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  In addition to be a great exercise, riding a bike can be a lot of fun!
  Wearing a helmet is so important. In the state of PA, everyone under 12
  must wear a helmet. It is important for people over 12 to wear a helmet.
  Properly wearing a helmet can decrease head and brain injuries by 85%.
  Head injuries are life threatening.
  Bike safety is more than wearing a helmet. There are rules that you need
  to follow when you ride your bike on the road. It is easy to fall off a
  bike and get hurt, especially if you don’t know the rules of the road or
  your bike is not working right.
  Always wear a helmet that fits your head—not too big or too small. Wear
  the helmet flat on your head.
  Before you ride your bike, make sure it is safe and working right. Ask an
  adult to check your bike for safety.
  Test your brakes.
  Make sure the handlebars are straight and there’s enough air in the tires.
Rules of the Road:
1. Make sure you know and obey all traffic laws.
2. Always ride on the right side of the road.
3. Use proper hand signals to let others know that you are turning.
4. Look both ways before crossing the street with your bicycle.
5. Walk, don’t ride, your bike across the street.
6. Never ride in between parked or moving cars.
7. Never ride out from a driveway or hillside.
8. Check behind before swerving, turning, or changing lanes.
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