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					                           SFA Homework
                            Mr T’s Group

    Complete and copy the sentences in your book using adverbs
    in the box, use each word once only.

    1. Nibbles crept _____________ across the carpet towards the
    open door and _________ sneaked through while no one was

    2. __________ Sue edged over the ice as she talked _________
    to her dog clinging to a tree.

    3. Eliot’s car skidded ____________ across the road as it went
    out of control and the others watched___________.

    4. Yesterday they __________ ate their dinner so they could get
    to the concert __________.

    5. The birds flew __________ towards the cliff top and sat
    ________on a ledge.

    Quietly comfortably quickly immediately noisily
      Slowly gently easily     silently promptly

    Write 2 of your own sentences in your book using a noun,
    verb and adverb from the boxes below.
    (Noun) (Verb) (Adverb)________________.
         Adverbs               Verbs                 Nouns
Noisily quickly silently   Poured Ran Rolled       Sally Rain House
loudly                     Shouted                 Car Cat
Gently happily Sadly       Scratched Laid slept    Dog Billy Mrs
slowly                     Swayed whispered        Smith Lizard Birds
Greedily Easily spookily   Swam leapt Waved        Everyone Tree
Slowly angrily             rustled Walked ate      Michael Fish
Suddenly excitedly         Watched stopped         Wizard Elephants
Quietly Calmly             Jumped shopped Fell     Helen Leaves
Cheerfully                 sat