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									              Brent J. Baloun, Chief of Police

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
                          Soren Koerkegaard

                        BECKER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                      2008 Annual Report

                                                Submitted By:
                                               Brent J. Baloun
                                               Chief of Police

                                                  Becker Police Department
                                               12060 Sherburne Ave, PO Box 250
                                                      Becker, MN 55308
                                           Phone: 763.261.4300 • Fax: 763.261.5344

Cover photo: The Becker Police Department shoulder patch was redesigned and approved for use in May 2008. Special thanks to the
              Becker High School, teacher Joni Svaren and student Alex Crapser for their assistance in this redesign.

Table of contents

Table of Contents                                2
Chief’s Message                                  3
Mission Statement                                4
Core Values                                      5
Organizational Chart/Personnel                   7
2008 Budget                                      8
              Safe and Sober                     12
              NightCap                           13
              Alcohol/Tobacco Compliance         14
              Training                           15
Statistical Information:
              Calls for Service by Time of Day   16
              Calls for Service by Day of Week   17
              Calls for Service by Month         18
Part I Offenses                                  19
Part II Offenses                                 20
Miscellaneous Statistical Information            21
Records and Administration                       22
Volunteer Police Reserves                        23
2008 Department Highlights                       24
Acknowledgements                                 26

Chief ’s Message

April 2009
To the Becker City Council and Citizens of Becker:
The Becker Police Department proudly submits this 2008 Annual Police
Department Report for your review.
As identified in last year’s Annual Report, our Police Department stands
proudly behind the work and accomplishments of its’ staff. We are
continually challenged with the decisions that effect both our department
and our citizens. We continue to be prudent in our spending and continue
to work toward efficiencies that make the work we do better and more
meaningful to the citizens of Becker.
This past year did not see any major increases in any particular area of crime
within our City. Minor thefts rose somewhat, but the increase was not
overly significant. In fact, the Becker Police Department saw a reduction in
calls for service over previous years. There are many theories related to this,
but we feel the state of the economy is likely a large contributor to this and
the fact that we are spending more productive time following up on crime
and investigating other criminal activity. Rest assured that because there
are less calls for service, our police officers are still working toward being
visible, investigating crimes, and initiating activity that is in the best
interest of keeping our community as safe as possible.
The Becker Police Department staff is thankful for the support that we
receive on a daily basis from our City Council and the residents of our great
City. With that, we thank you!
Personally, without the support and commitment of the men and women of
the Becker Police Department, the services and philosophies outlined in this
Annual Report would not be possible. For that, I extend my gratitude to my
officers and staff.
Respectfully submitted,
Brent J. Baloun, Chief of Police

Mission Statement:

We shall commit ourselves and the department and all of its
available resources to attend to the needs of the community
we serve and provide the best service possible for the
community. Politics shall not show persuasion in the course
of our duties; we shall hold true to fair and equal treatment
of all individuals. To reach this end, we establish and hold
true this philosophy and these core values for the Becker
Police Department and its employees, now and into the

                       Core Values:


Core Values:
Pride: Each of us shall take pride in the duties we perform, take
pride in the department, and the environment we create as citizens
of the community. We shall take pride in our individual and
collective ability to meet and/or exceed the expectations of our
Professionalism: Each of us understands the nobility of the
profession we have chosen. We shall hold ourselves to the highest
of professional standards of police conduct, by subscribing
honorably to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics established by
the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
Respect: We shall respect and value human life, basic human
rights, human safety and the preservation of human dignity. We
shall provide a fair and impartial, open minded attitude toward all
persons we may encounter. We shall embrace diversity and be
understanding and empathetic toward the differences we may
encounter in the course of our duties. Our co-workers adhere to
these same principles and we shall respect them, support them in
their duties and be flexible in the relationships we enjoy with
them. We shall respect ourselves by performing our duties to the
best of our abilities; by staying mentally, emotionally and
physically healthy; and focusing on our duties as Peace Officers,
employees of the Becker Police Department and important
members of the community we serve.

Core Values:
Participation: Our participation in the commitment we
have as a department is vital for the community, the
citizens of the community, and the department as a whole.
As individuals we shall remain open minded, approachable
and flexible to change.
Solidarity: The Becker Police Department will function
better as a cohesive unit that emphasizes collaboration
and positive partnerships within the community and the
department itself. We shall operate with respect to these
partnerships to uphold the solidarity and cohesiveness.
Innovation: To achieve an end of providing the best
product we possibly can for our community, we shall
continue to involve ourselves in meaningful training that
advances our knowledge and capabilities as Peace Officers.

Becker Police Department - Organization

                                             Brent J. Baloun
                                             Chief of Police

                                                Greg Bratt

           FullTime Police       Part Time Police         Admin/Secretarial       Volunteer Police
               Officers              Officers                  Staff               Reserve Unit

      Officer Bruce Wipper   Officer John Timmers        Admin Secretary June Hubbard       Res Sgt Jon Kurtz
      Officer Dave Eull      Officer Mark Roelike        PT Secretary Marilyn Danielson     Res Charles Tiegen
      Officer Tim Martin     Officer Mike Skoog                                             Res Mark Marshall
                             Officer Chad Gieser                                            Res Caleb Severson
                             Officer Deb Hanssen                                            Res Kathy Sherrard
                                                                                            Res Lisa Welle
                                                                                            4 open spots

2008 Personnel Changes:
           FT Officer Greg Bratt to Sergeant – Nov 2008

                                                          Photo from the Nov. 23, 2008, edition of the
                                                          Becker Citizen newspaper. Photo reprinted
                                                          with    permission. (Photographer Bill
                                                          Officer Greg Bratt being promoted to the
                                                          rank of Sergeant in front of the Becker City
                                                          Council.    Officer Bratt is having his
                                                          Sergeant badge pinned on him by Chief
                                                          Brent Baloun.

Becker Police Department - Budget

  Wages: Salaries for Chief, Officers, and Secretarial staff
  Capital: Capital Expenses, Revolving Capital
  Fuel & Transportation: Fuel costs for squad cars
  Training & Conferences: Costs associated with attendance at trainings
  Contracted Services: Legal, Cleaning Services
  Personnel: PERA, FICA, Workers Comp, Unemployment
  General Operating: Office Supplies
  Other/Misc: Repairs, Maintenance, Safety, Dues, etc.

                       2005 Budget $534,950 (Budgeted) $562,704 (Actual)
                       2006 Budget $572,600 (Budgeted) $600,991 (Actual)
                       2007 Budget $637,600 (Budgeted) $609,755 (Actual)
                       2008 Budget $693,700 (Budgeted) $667,943 (Actual)
  The 2008 budget saw a substantial increase due mainly to a scheduled computer
  system upgrade with the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department. Nearly $106,900 was
  budgeted for capital expenses to provide for a new squad car, 3 new computers,
  computer software and programming upgrades with the County, and for the 800MHz
  radio project. We were fortunate that we were still able to incur some savings from
  these projects and come in under budget by over $25,000.

Becker Police Department - Budget

The Becker Police Department throughout the year also collects money to assist with its ‘budgeting
process. Some of the sources of revenue include the following (numbers may vary based on time of
reporting and when revenues are received):

 Source of Revenue                                           Amount of Revenue
                                                             2007       2008
 Safe and Sober Grant                                        $4,273.71 $4,446.63
 Operation NiteCap                                           $1,473.82 $2,352.33
 Alcohol Compliance checks                                   $320.00    $0.00
 Tobacco Compliance checks                                   $0.00      $400.00
 Donations                                                   $2,750.00 $3,050.00
 State training reimbursement                                $4,019.80 $3,604.83
 State Police Aid                                            $26,185.00 $29,919.00
 Forfeitures                                                 $1050.00 $367.77
 Liquor Compliance (grant)                                   $250.00    $0.00
 State Fines                                                 $14,856.93 $12,092.94
 Administrative Fines                                        $4,050.00 $10,545.00

Footprints observed and
photographed as part of several
investigations by Becker Police
Officers in 2008.

Becker Police Department - Budget

Upgrades and acquisitions for 2008:
• 1 Ford Crown Victoria Squad Car (#909) replaced squad #906.
Squad #906 is used as a spare vehicle. (Budgeted $26,000)
• 2 Panasonic Toughbook Laptop computers for squad cars, to
include updated docking stations. (Budgeted $8,400)
• 1 Desktop computer to replace older computer for use by Secretary
for mobile software. (Budgeted $2,500)
• Computer system upgrade with the Sherburne County Sheriff ’s
Department. (Budgeted $30,000)
• 800 MHz radio project – install of radio equipment. (Budgeted
• Computer interoperability project with the Sherburne County
Sheriff ’s Department. (Budgeted $20,000 – project never happened
in 2008).
• Transfer to Revolving Capital Account. ($20,000)

Obtained via grant/or other for 2008:
• 3 Camera attachments for Tasers and 1 HD Video camera
(Cost $2,000 and was purchased with funds from Eddy
Foundation grant).
• 3 Nikon Digital Cameras for each of the squad cars
(Donation from Xcel Energy, Becker)
• Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera from Department of
Homeland Security. (Donation is valued at $19,000)

Becker Police Department - Programs

                                             1 Hennepin
                                             2 Ramsey
                                             3 Anoka
                                             4 St.Louis
                                             5 Dakota
                                             7 Stearns
                                             8 Rice
                                             9 Sherburne
                                             10 Crow Wing
                                             12 Blue Earth
                                             13 Itasca

 Operation NiteCap (Nighttime Concentrated Alcohol Patrol) is an impaired
 driving prevention program designed to reduce highly preventable alcohol-
 related traffic deaths on Minnesota’s highways. The program is funded by
 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Minnesota
 Office of Traffic Safety.
 In 2008, law enforcement agencies within Sherburne County began
 participation in a new program called CRASH – Collision Reduction And
 Safer Highways. This is a High Visibility Enforcement campaign designed to
 locate and arrest ALL impaired drivers and to remove Sherburne County
 from being on the list of the 13 deadliest counties in Minnesota.

Becker Police Department - Programs

The Becker Police Department is an active participant in these alcohol
impaired enforcement programs. The Elk River Police Department is the
fiscal agent for the grant that provides the Becker Police Department
reimbursement funds for officer time spent within these enforcement
2008 Safe and Sober Program Totals:
                                 2006                             2007           2008
Grant funds used                 $3,819.56                        $4,714.68      $2,506.01
Overtime hours worked            135.5                            178            103
Shifts worked                    27                               43             23
Miles patrolled                  2,436                            3,085          1823
Vehicles Stopped                 181                              243            127
Custodial arrests made           10                               11             2
DUI Arrests                      5                                7              1
Under 21 drink and drive         1                                0              0
Warrant arrests                  6                                4              1
Drug arrests                     1                                0              0
DAR/DAS/DAC                      7                                8              3
Citations issued                 117 (147 Warnings)               110 (235)      57 (111)
Speeding citations               56 (87 Warnings)                 38 (95)        33 (21)
Seatbelt citations               22 (5 Warnings)                  27 (7)         6 (0)
Equipment citations              12 (21 Warnings)                 0 (60)         2 (45)
Miscellaneous citations          27 (0 Warnings)                  30 (73)        12 (41)
     * A change in how statistics are evaluated resulted in the   decrease in numbers for 2008 *

        Front and reverse side of business card handed out during each traffic stop.

Becker Police Department - Programs

2008 NiteCap Program Totals:
                               2006                    2007        2008
Grant funds reimbursed         $1,961.76               $1,860.85   $2,213.25
Overtime hours worked          78                      74          77.5
Miles patrolled                1,160                   1,165       1,582
Shifts worked                  11                      11          11
Vehicles stopped               75                      73          81
Custodial arrests made         6                       8           0
DUI’s                          3                       6           4
Warrant arrests                2                       1           0
Drug arrests                   3                       2           1
DAR/DAS/DAC                    3                       2           0
Minor Consumption              10                      4           2
No insurance                   1                       0           0
Open bottle                    1                       0           0
Citations issued               23 (58 Warnings)        30 (76)     24 (92)
Speeding citations             14 (26 Warnings)        8 (19)      12 (14)
Equipment citations            1 (17 Warnings)         0 (36)      1 (44)
Miscellaneous citations        8 (15 Warnings)         9 (21)      5 (32)

 Becker Police Department - Programs

                  2008 Alcohol and Tobacco compliance checks
                        January 1, 2008- December 31, 2008
 2008 Tobacco Compliance Checks:

                                           In August 2008, six (6) businesses within the City
                                           of Becker were checked for compliance dealing
                                           with underage sales of tobacco.         Four (4)
                                           businesses were found to be in violation. All
                                           were assessed an administrative penalty of $100
                                           for the violation through City Ordinance 6.20.

 2008 Alcohol Compliance Checks:

 Eight (8) businesses had alcohol
 compliance checks within the months of
 June and in December. No businesses
 failed in June while one (1) business
 failed a check in December.          An
 administrative fee of $750 was assessed
 against the business for the failure
 pursuant to City Ordinance 5.02.

The Becker Police Department will continue to monitor our tobacco and alcohol license
holders in an effort to reduce the likelihood that these substances will come into the
hands of our youth!

Becker Police Department - Programs

Each year the Officers of the Becker Police Department
participate in various trainings in an effort to stay up on the
latest information and technology within law enforcement.
Additionally, Officers are mandated by the Minnesota P.O.S.T.
(Peace Officer Standards and Training) Board to complete 48
continuing education credits every three years to remain
licensed. For more information on the training requirements,
you can visit the P.O.S.T. Board website at the following:


The following is a list of trainings completed during 2008 by Officers
of the Becker Police Department:
• Firearms Qualification
• 1st Responder refresher
• Use of Force
• Crime Free Multi Housing
• Data Practices: HR and Personnel
• Data Practices: Criminal Records
• Background Investigations
• Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents
• Crisis Communication in Schools
• Toward Zero Death Conference
• Advanced Emergency Driving School
• FBI Crime Scene Survey, Diagramming, and Documentation
• Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Training
• Taser Instructor Recertification
• Taser Refresher
• Intoxilyzer Operator Recertification
• MN Chief of Police Conference
• OSHA Right to Know, Bloodborne Pathogens
• League of Minnesota Cities PATROL Online Training

Becker Police Department – Statistical Information

                  Calls for service by time of day

By the numbers:
Time:                          2006      2007        2008   Change
0000-0259                      547       511         382    ▼129
0300-0559                      342       227         173    ▼54
0600-0859                      378       390         367    ▼23
0900-1159                      576       620         641    ▲21
1200-1459                      549       535         499    ▼36
1500-1759                      609       622         604    ▼18
1800-2059                      641       701         581    ▼120
2100-2359                      723       633         637    ▲4
TOTAL                          4365      4239        3884   ▼355

Becker Police Department – Statistical Information

                  Calls for service by day of the week

By the numbers:
Day                              2006      2007     2008   Change
Monday                           606       619      508    ▼111
Tuesday                          594       539      535    ▼4
Wednesday                        615       612      539    ▼73
Thursday                         591       623      540    ▼83
Friday                           681       659      587    ▼72
Saturday                         707       637      664    ▲27
Sunday                           571       550      511    ▼30
TOTAL                            4365      4239     3884   ▼355

Becker Police Department – Statistical Information

                   Calls for service by month

By the num bers:
Month:                      2006       2007     2008   Change
January                     355        362      386    ▲24
February                    374        301      269    ▼32
March                       393        330      253    ▼77
April                       358        344      295    ▼49
May                         468        384      328    ▼56
June                        371        445      330    ▼115
July                        411        401      354    ▼47
August                      384        401      352    ▼49
September                   319        324      293    ▼31
October                     393        373      364    ▼9
Novem ber                   320        294      306    ▲12
Decem ber                   361        280      354    ▲74
TOTAL                       4365       4239     3884   ▼355

 Becker Police Department – Statistical Information

              PART I OFFENSES REPORTED IN 2008
Part I offenses reflect information on eight “serious” crime classifications,
  and is generally referred to as the “Crime Index” measurement. Each
 category may also include various sub-classifications which are included
                         in the total for each category.
(NOTE: Numbers identify reports to the police department, and may not
necessarily reflect those that have been charged or prosecuted as such.)

                                                2006     2007        2008

Murder                                          0        0           0
Rape (Force or attempt)                         0        0           1
Robbery (Armed, Strongarm)                      1        0           1
Assault (Gun, Knife, Hands, Other)              6        2           9
Burglary (Forcible, No Force, Attempted)        21       15          12
Larceny (Theft)                                 129      103         131
Auto Theft                                      2        3           2
Arson                                           1        0           1

                                                       Discovery Channel film
                                                       crew working with
                                                       Officer Mark Roelike
                                                       during filming of a
                                                       segment       for  their
                                                       Investigations Channel
                                                       program titled, “30
                                                       Pieces of Silver.”

Becker Police Department – Statistical Information


 Part II offenses are the “less serious” identified crimes. Each category
also includes various sub-classifications which are included in the total
                             for each category.

(NOTE: Numbers identify reports to the police department, and may not
necessarily reflect those that have been charged or prosecuted as such.)

                                            2006       2007          2008

Other Assaults                              34         22            19
Forgery/Counterfeiting                      11         10            2
Fraud                                       10         13            19
Embezzlement                                0          0             0
Stolen Property                             0          0             0
Vandalism/Destruction of Property           79         98            60
Weapons                                     0          0             0
Prostitution                                0          0             0
Other Sex Offenses                          5          9             4
Narcotics                                   38         13            11
Gambling                                    0          0             0
Family/Children                             10         19            32
D.U.I.                                      58         71            34
Liquor Laws                                 2          25            40
Disorderly Conduct                          10         9             4

                                                    Pictures from a burglary
                                                    scene where blood was found
                                                    on a file cabinet. The blood
                                                    was ultimately matched with
                                                    a suspect by the Minnesota
                                                    Bureau       of     Criminal
                                                    Apprehension (BCA).

Becker Police Department – Misc. Statistical Information

         Additional Citations Issued:              2007   2008
          Speeding                                230    191
          Warnings-Speed                          183    151
          Stop Sign Violations                    91     67
          Expired License Tabs                    44     25
          Parking Violations                      33     146
          Seatbelt Violations                     31     12
          Driving After Revocation                28     10
          Driving After Suspension                26     10
          Alarms                                  348    240
          Vehicle Lockouts                        176    189
          Medicals                                118    157
          Vehicle Accidents (all)                 106    126
          Animals At Large/Missing                96     74
         Other Agency Assist                      51     100
          Juvenile Runaway                        12     12
          Curfew                                  --     9

                      Pictures showing where a
                      drunk driver had driven
                      through the ditch. An
                      investigation led to the
                      vehicle that had left
                      these tracks in the grass.

 Becker Police Department – Other

Records and Administration:

As a department, we continue to transition to the use of digitized equipment to
assist in using our time more efficiently. One such way was the installation of a
digital transcription module in the fall of 2006. In some cases, reports are still
written out; however, we are continuing to complete reports as much as possible
in the digital format. It is likely that more will be done in the future in this area
and paperwork may even be scanned reducing the amount of paperwork

Transcriptions completed in 2008:

 Statements completed:              126
 Reports completed:                 402

 Average length of time for statements:         8.382 minutes per statement
 Average length of time for reports:            7.577 minutes per report

Administrative Citations:

 Administrative Citations processed:            254
 Administrative Citations not paid:             17 (state citation issued for non-payment)
 Administrative Citations dismissed:            3

                               Law Enforcement agencies represented in
                               Sherburne County

Becker Police Department – Other

                   Volunteer Police Reserve Program

      The Becker Volunteer Police Reserve Program is made up of men and women
   who volunteer their time to assist the Becker Police Department with various needs
      and projects throughout the year. Without the help of the Reserve Unit, the
   Department would likely incur more overtime and be less responsive to the needs of
                            our citizens and our community.

           TOTAL HOURS VOLUNTEERED IN 2008:                         510 hours
   510 hours would equate to nearly $9,500 in Officer time saved to the City of Becker

       Events/opportunities that the Reserve Unit assisted in and hours volunteered:

Ride Along                 271
Freedom Days               42.25
State Golf Tournament      23.5
Safe and Sober             21
Traffic: Schools           21
Training                   18
Becker Football Games      17
All night grad party       13
Security Checks            13
Relay for Life             12
Safety Camp                11.5
Meetings                   9
Other: Schools             8.5
Street light checks        7
National Night Out         6
Church functions           5
Shop with a Cop            4
Public Assist/Fire, etc    3
Mock Crash                 2.25
Food Drive                 2

    Thank you to our Volunteer Police Reserves for your support and assistance
         throughout this past year. Your help is very much appreciated!

Becker Police Department – Highlights 2008

        January – Computers within the Police Department and squad
       cars were upgraded with the Sherburne County Sheriff ’s Department.

        February – The Becker Police Department Volunteer Police
       Reserve Unit kicked off its’ recruiting drive.

        March – A Becker Police Officer was sent to Chicago, IL, as part of
       a FEMA grant for training on the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera
       obtained via federal grant.

        April – Officers participated in a mock crash incident at the
       Becker High School.
        April – A Becker Police Officer assisted in the arrest of a man from
       Rice, MN after he was found in a local park sexually assaulting a 13
       yearold female that he had met on the internet.
        April – A Becker Police Officer was invited to attend a Crime Scene
       Survey and Diagramming class for 1 week at the FBI Academy in
       Quantico, VA. The FBI paid for all expenses.

        May – Becker Officer’s assisted the Discovery Channel in filming a
       segment for a program dealing with high profile cases and interviews
       and interrogations. The program later aired on the Discover
       Investigations channel and was titled, “30 Pieces of Silver.”
        May - The Minnesota Chief ’s of Police Association donated a free
       laptop computerto the Police Department.

        June – Another successful Safety Camp was held with 96
        June – Officers also participated in another eventful but safe
       Freedom Days celebration.

        August – The Police Department completed a round of tobacco
       compliance checks and found that 4 local businesses failed by selling
       tobacco to a minor.

Becker Police Department – Highlights 2008

       September – A Becker Police Officer receives a Crime Scene
       Technician certification from the International Association for
       identification making the Becker Police Department the only law
       enforcement agency in Central Minnesota with 2 certified crime
       scene analysts.
        September – The Police Department receives a grant from the
       Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling
       Division to assist in providing alcohol compliance checks.

        October – The Police Department begins having a presence at the
       Becker Community Center in an effort to assist in youth
        October – The Becker Police Department along with other law
       enforcement agencies within Sherburne County begins its’
       involvement in CRASH, Collision Reduction And Safer Highways to
       help reduce the number of drunk drivers on our roadways and the
       numberof crashes associated with the use of alcohol.

        November – Officer Greg Bratt is promoted to the rank of
       Sergeant aftera lengthy testing process.
        November – The Police Department purchases Taser Cams with a
       grant from the Eddy Foundation. These cameras are attached to
       Tasers allowing for incidents to captured via video.

        December – The Police Department conducts Use of Force
       training with the assistance of the Brooklyn Center Police
        December – 800MHz radios are received by the Police
       Department. These were provided through a grant obtained by the
       Sherburne County Sheriff ’s Department.
        December - 1 local business failed an alcohol compliance check
       and was later given a civil penalty by the Becker City Council for $750.

  The 2008 Annual Report was prepared by the

          Brent J. Baloun, Chief of Police
                 Greg Bratt, Sergeant
     June Hubbard, Administrative Secretary

  Special thanks to the men and women of the
 Becker Police Department whose devotion and
   commitment help make Becker what it is!

   Looking forward to the consequences of our actions;
Uprightness of character and soundness of moral principles;
    includes the qualities of truthfulness and honesty.


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