Faculty Bios- Undergrad SU10 by wuyunyi


									Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Achten, Guy                                                Berens, Brenda
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stout; M.B.A., University    B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.S.
of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.                                      University of Iowa.

Adams-McIntosh, Kathy                                      Berggren, Paulette
B.A., Lakeland College; Certified Management               B.A., University of Wisconsin-Parkside; M.S.,
Accountant.                                                University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

Alford, William                                            Bhat, Dinesh
B.S., M.A., Bowling Green State University; M.S.,          B.S., University of Mysore, India; M.S.CH.E., Indian
Wright State University. Senior Research Scientist,        Institute of Technology; M.A., University of
Kimberly Clark Corp.                                       Richmond. Project Leader, James River Corporation.

Alivo, Joseph                                              Bill, Joshua
B.S., M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Parkside,            B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Kenosha, WI; Assistant Vice President Business             Consultant.
Banking, National City Bank, Wauwatosa, WI.
                                                           Birschbach, Julie
                                                           B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Instructor,
Ansay, Karen B.B.A., St. Norbert College-De Pere, WI;
                                                           Fox Valley Technical College.
MBA, Lakeland College-Sheboygan, WI. Branch
Manager- Associated Bank.
                                                           Bjelajac, Deborah
                                                           B.A., M.A., University of Northern Iowa.
Baeten, Tina
B.A., Silver Lake College; M.S.W., University of
                                                           Bower, Stacey
Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Certified Alcohol and Drug
                                                           B.A., Lakelad College; M.S., Cardinal Stritch University.
Counselor; Registered Clinical Supervisor
                                                           Instructor, Lakeland College.
Barth, Gary
                                                           Brath, Rebecca
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.B.A.,
                                                           B.A., M.S., Concordia University, Mequon, WI; Capella
University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh. Accounting
                                                           University, Minneapolis, MN. Instructor, Moraine Park
Analyst, Stora Enso.
                                                           Technical College, Fond du Lac, WI.
Bastienelli, David
                                                           Brault, Michael
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; J.D.,
                                                           B.A., M.B.A., Lakeland College.
University of Kentucky College of Law.
                                                           Brienzo, Douglas
Bauer, William
                                                           B.S., Southwest Minnesota University. Certified Public
B.A., Kent State University; M.A., Trinity International
                                                           Accountant. President, Hugh Francis & Douglas
                                                           Brienzo, CPA’s, S.C.
Baumgartner, Cynthia
                                                           Bunting, Melodi
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.B.A.,
                                                           B.S., Bryant College; M.B.A., Lakeland College; C.M.A.;
College of St. Thomas
Begin, Suzanne
                                                           Burhop, Edgar
B.A., Kennesaw State University; M.A., Fielding
                                                           B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.B.A.,
Graduate University. Executive Director, Grade Health
                                                           Lakeland College. Remelt Manager/Metallurgist,
System Foundation.
                                                           Intermet Castings.
Beiser, Paula
                                                           Busalacchi, Richard
B.S., Christopher Newport University; M.B.A., William
                                                           B.S., Cardinal Stritch University; M.S., University of
and Mary College; C.P.A. Accounting Manager, ECPI
                                                           Wisconsin-Stout; D.Ed., Nova Southeastern University;
                                                           Associate Dean of Business, Milwaukee Area Technical
Bell, Daniel
B.A., Lakeland College. Self-employed.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Busch, Joan                                                Everett, Melody
B.A., Wartburg College; M.B.A., Drake University.          B.B.A., University of New Mexico; J.D., South Texas
Compensation Consultant, American Family Insurance.        College of Law. Self-employed Attorney and C.P.A.

Cobb, Stephen                                              Farvour, Juliebeth
B.S., University of Alabama; M.Ed., University of          B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Southern Alabama                                           Teacher, Wauwatosa West High School.

Coburn, Robin                                              Flenz, Tom
B.S., Southeastern Massachusetts University; M.B.A.,       B.A., M.B.A., Lakeland College; C.P.A.
University of Louisville. Clerk/Treasurer, Town of
Neenah.                                                    Frink, Brian
                                                           BS University of Minnesota, PhD, Ohio State
Collett, Jeffrey                                           University, Associate Professor of Chemistry and
B.S., Marian College. Software Engineer, Miller            Physics.
                                                           Fromm, Jeremy
Conduah, Dorothy                                           B.A., M.B.A., Lakeland College. C.P.A. Senior Tax
B.S., Unviersity of Hertfordshire; M.B.A., University of   Associate, Clifton Gunderson LLP.
Wisconsin-Madison. Finance Manager Sales &
Advertising, American Girl, Inc.                           Fullmer, Marilyn
                                                           B.A., Pomona College; M.B.A., M.A., Cornell
Cottrell, Pam                                              University. Internal Consultant.
B.A., Lakeland College; M.A., Silver Lake College.
                                                           Gebauer, Dan
Cradler, Fredric                                           B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; C.P.A.
B.S., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Ed.D.,      Adjunct Instructor
Boston University. Lakeland College Kellett School
Associate Professor.                                       Gerard, John “Scott”
                                                           B.A., M.A., Silver Lake College. School of Police Staff
Danielsen, Janet                                           & Command, Northwestern University.
B.A., Carroll College; M.S., University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee. Teacher, New Berlin School District.            Gilgannon, Michelle
                                                           B.A., Alverno College; M.A., Cardinal Stritch
Davis, John                                                University.
B.S., M.S., University of South Carolina. C.P.A.
                                                           Gould, Bette
Denis, Bonnie                                              B.A., M.B.A., Lakeland College.
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. M.Ed.,
Lakeland College. Lecturer, University of Green Bay.       Graff, Cheryl
                                                           B.A. , M.B.A., Lakeland College. Supervisor of
Diederich, Mary                                            Assembly Quality, Kohler Co.
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; C.P.A.;
C.I.A. Owner/President, Mary K Diederich LLC.              Grunwaldt, Barbara
                                                           B.S., University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; M.S.,
Dilling, Julie                                             University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Admin.
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater;                Assistant Foundation/Alumni Affairs, University of
M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; C.P.A.            Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Dodge, Barbara                                             Gunderson, Eric
B.A., Kendall College; M.S., Silver Lake College; Ph.D.,   B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Ph.D.,
Capella University. Dean, Health and Human Services,       University of Minnesota-Minneapolis. Vice
Lakeshore Technical College.
                                                           President/Research and Development, Envirogreen
Ellis, Herbert                                             Solutions LLC; Vice President; Quality Control, WRR
B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.            Environmental Services.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Haas, Cindy                                                Hourigan, Timothy
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.B.A.,          B.A., University of California-Santa Cruz; M.S.,
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Instructor, Ottawa        University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.
University, Brookfield, WI.
                                                           Hudec, Paul
                                                           B.A., Saint Francis Seminary; M.B.A., Graduate
Haessig, Daryl                                             Theological Foundation; M.B.A., Marquette University;
B.A., Smith College; M.A., University of Wisconsin-        M.A.P.S., Saint Francis Seminary; Ph.D., Marquette
Madison. Associate Director, Lakeland College,             University. C.N.A., Novell, Inc.
                                                           Humfrey, Paula
Halstead, Wendi                                            B.A., Bennington College; M.A., Ph.D, University of
B.S., M.S. Ed., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-            Toronto.
Milwaukee. Instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical
College.                                                   Humphrey, Cindy
                                                           BA, MBA, Lakeland College, Broker, American Family
Hames, Connie                                              Insurance Co.
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
                                                           Jacobs, Patrick “Jake”
Hanson, Sheldon                                            B.A., Arizona University; M.A., Ashland University;
B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire;            Ph.D., North-West University.
Education Specialist Degree, University of Wisconsin-
Stout. Retired Teacher.                                    Jaeger, Peter
                                                           B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.S.,
Hanson, Terrance                                           University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. General
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.S.,         Science Teacher, Marshall Public Schools.
University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Adjunct Instructor.
                                                           Jasso, Arthur
Hayford, Jack                                              B.A., De Paul University; C.P.A.. Senior Programmer
B.S., Azusa Pacific University; M.S., The Institute of     Analyst, Acuity.
Paper Chemistry; M.A.R., Trinity Evangelical Divinity
School. Teacher, Valley Christian High School.             Joaquin, Stacy
                                                           BA, MBA, Lakeland College, Market Analyst, Kohler
Hengst, Barbara                                            Company.
BA, MAT, Lakeland College, Instructor, Lakeland
College.                                                   John, Harry
                                                           B.A., Rhode Island College; M.S., Central Missouri
Heuer, Kurt                                                State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University. Senior
B.S., Mount Scenario College; M.S., Silver Lake            Market Forecaster, Wisconsin Public Service Corp.
College. Chief of Police, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
                                                           Johnson, Gary
Hoest, William                                             B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.A.,               Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-
University of Virginia.                                    Sheboygan.

Hopman, Paul                                               Johnson, Rachel
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.S.,             B.A., St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI; M.A.,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.                         Northern Illinois University.

Hornak, Joan                                               Judy, Kevin
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; M.B.A.,           B.A., Ohio State University; M.A., Marquette
Keller Graduate School of Management (of DeVry             University.
University), Oak Brook Terrace, IL. Privacy
Consultant, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance             Kaiser, Steven
Company.                                                   B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. A.C.S.
                                                           Certified. Research Associate, Marshfield Medical
                                                           Research Foundation.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

                                                            Marquardt, Sara
Kauth, Ryan                                                 B.S., University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh; M.Ed.,
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; M.B.A.,            Marian University. Teacher, Oshkosh North High
Keller Graduate School of Management. Business              School.
Banker, Investors Community Bank.
                                                            Mattson, Patrick
Khodavandi, Bahram (Barry)                                  B.S., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; M.B.A.,
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.B.A.,              University of Phoenix.
Cardinal Stritch University.
                                                            Mayes, Cheryl
Kirkeby, Kathy                                              B.A., M.A., Howard University, Washington, D.C.;
B.A., Augustana College; Certified Public Accountant.       Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Manager, Nohre & Co. S.C.
                                                            McDermid, Dale
Kniess, Kevin                                               B.A., M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; J.D., Creighton
University School of Law. General Counsel, Esker Inc.       McKee, Theresa
                                                            B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.S.,
Kolodzik, Susan                                             M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Instructor.
B.A., M.B.A., Lakeland College.
                                                            Meese, Paul
Kort, Gerald                                                B.A., Lakeland College; M.A., Michigan State. Vice
B.S., Milwaukee School of Engineering. Senior               President Business Development, SingleSource
Programmer Analyst/Technical Project Leader, Sentry         Services.
                                                            Menard, Brian
Krause, Renee                                               B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. C.P.A.
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.A.C.,        Mennen, James
Lakeland College. Adjunct Counselor, Fox Valley             B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; C.P.A.
Technical College.                                          Premium Receivable Director, Secura Insurance.

Laguna, Hector                                              Meyer, Jennifer
B.S., National Polytechnic Institute; M.S., University of   B.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.A., Boston
Wisconsin-Madison. Software Engineer, Franklin              College, M.A.T., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire;
Fueling Systems.                                            A.B.D. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University.
                                                            Script Writer for On Hold Productions, Freelance
Laine, Roberta                                              Copy Writer and Editor, Adjunct Instructor for
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.S.,          Chippewa Valley Technical College and Lakeland
Cardinal Stritch University. Dean, Moraine Park             College.
Technical College.
                                                            Miller, Olivia
Landwehr, Douglas B.A., University of Wisconsin,            BS, Auburn University, MA, University of Memphis,
Madison, WI.; M.S., Administrative Science. University      Graduate Faculty Member, University of Memphis.
of Wisconsin- Green Bay. Owner, Landscape Planning
and Design.                                                 Mitchler, Allan
                                                            B.A., University of Iowa; M.A., Webster University.
Lezotte, Kirit                                              Vice President for the Kellett School, Lakeland College.
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; C.P.A. Vice
President of Operations, Fiskars Brands, Inc, Craft         Moens, Larry
Division.                                                   B.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; M.A., Central
                                                            Michigan University.
Lynch, David
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A., National
Cheng Chih University, Taiwan. Instructor of General
Studies and Chinese, Lakeland College.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Moore, Cathy                                               Pollard, Anna
B.A., University of West Florida; B.A., Western Illinois   B.A., Lakeland College. Technology Instructor/Web
University; M.Ed., University of Oklahoma. Associate       Developer, Johnston County Board of Education.
Director, Career Center/Liaison to the
College of Technology and Computer Science, East           Pugliese, Sebastian
Carolina University.                                       B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.S., PhD
                                                           Institute of Paper Chemistry; JD, University of
Morack, David                                              Wisconsin-Madison.
B.S., M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. C.P.A.
                                                           Qastin, Abdul
Morton, Sharon                                             B.S., University of Baghdad, Iraq; M.B.A., University of
B.S., M.S., A.B.D., Northern Illinois University, De       Minnesota. Bemis Professor of Accounting, Lakeland
Kalb, IL.                                                  College.

Moss, Christopher                                          Qastin, Jane
B.S., Northwestern College; M.S., University of            B.A., Lakeland College; A.S.N., College of St.
Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Intervention Specialist,             Catherine; M.Ed., Lakeland College. C.A.B.M. Co-
Chippewa Falls School District.                            Founder/Owner, Performance Development
Mrachek, Tammie
B.S., Northern Michigan University; M.B.A., Cardinal       Queenan, Elisa
Stritch University.                                        B.S., California State University-Bakersfield; M.B.A.,
                                                           Northcentral University; M.A., American Military
Murfin, Joseph                                             University. Instructor.
B.M.E., B.S., Troy University; M.M., Auburn
University. Assistant Percussion Instructor, Wisconsin     Rao, Christine
                                                           B.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; M.A., Marian
Youth Symphony Orchestras.
                                                           College. Instructor, Milwaukee Public Schools.
Nugent, Michael                                            Reichwald, Timothy
B.S., Cardinal Stritch University; M.S., University of     B.A., Ripon College; J.D., Drake University Law
Wisconsin-Milwaukee.                                       School. Litigation Examiner, Ameriprise Auto and
                                                           Home Insurance.
Painter, Johnny Stephan
B.S., Lakeland College; Computer Science & Business        Reid, Richard
Instructor/Tutor, Mid-State Technical College.             B.A., University of Illinois; M.B.A., Minnesota State
Patel, Nisha
B.S., M.S., University of Kansas.                          Rich, Ralph
                                                           B.S., M.B.A., University of Utah; Ed.D., Nova
Paulmier, Daniel                                           Southeastern University. Dissertation Advisor, Nova
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Certified        Southeastern University.
Public Accountant. Senior Accountant, Luther
Midelfort-Mayo Health Systems.                             Rivas, Sandra
                                                           B.A., Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI;
Paynter, Kevin                                             M.B.A., Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Platteville; M.B.A.,         Investment Systems Analyst, Northwestern Mutual Life
University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Loan Officer,         Insurance Company.
Fort Community Credit Union.
                                                           Rizzo, Leonard
Peterson, Todd                                             B.A., CBC College; M.A., St. Louis University; M.Ed.,
M.B.A., Concordia University. Information Systems          Lakeland College.
Manager, Meriter Health Services.
                                                           Roob, Sharon
Petzke, Steven                                             B.A., Lakeland College, Controller, Lakeland College.
B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Rubin, Margaret                                          Schmidt, Kathleen
B.A., Lakeland College; M.S., Silver Lake College.       B.A., DePaul University; M.S.J., Northwestern’s Medill
Director of Articulated Programs, Fox Valley Technical   School of Journalism. Adjunct Professor, DePaul
College.                                                 University.

Rutkowski, Cynthia                                       Schroeder, Crystal Jean
B.S., Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI;        BA, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, MA,
M.Ed., Carroll University, Waukesha, WI. Instructor,     Cardinal Stritch University, Manager, Sendiks Food
Aurora University (George Williams Campus), Williams     Market.
Bay, WI; Instructor, University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee; Instructor, Bryant & Stratton College,        Schwartz, Adina
Milwaukee, WI; Staff Instructor, Center for Financial    B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Training, Milwaukee, WI.                                 Associate Professor, Lakeland College.

Rux, Paul                                                Scott, Virginia
B.A., M.A.L.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-          B.A., M.A., M.Ed., University of Virginia. Self-
Madison. CEO, Youth Care, Inc.                           Employed Consultant.

Sachen, Andrew                                           Selig, Gregory
B.M., Capital University; M.M., Manhattan School of      B.S.E.E., University of Illinois; M.S.E.E., Northwestern
Music. Associate Lecturer of Music, University of        University; A.B.D., Northwestern University.
Wisconsin—Oshkosh.                                       Operations and Engineering, Airadigm.

Sands, Barbara                                           Shappell, Robert
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.S.,       B.S., United States Air Force Academy; M.A., Central
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Assistant        Michigan University.
Professor, Lakeland College.
                                                         Sharrow, Rory
Sattler, Virginia                                        B.S., M.B.A., Western Michigan University. Financial
B.A., South Dakota State University; M.S., University    Planning and Analysis Manager, Fiskars Brands, Inc.
of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Associate Dean of Business,
Fox Valley Technical College.                            Shedivy, John Jr.
                                                         B.S., University of Wisconsin - Green Bay; M.B.A.,
Schaefer, Brenda                                         University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. President,
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.A.,             Sketch/Blueprint Veneer Faces
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. School Social
Worker, Fond du Lac School District.                     Sheil, Richard
                                                         B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. J.D.,
Schefers, Leon                                           University of Wisconsin Law School-Madison.
B.A., Minnesota State University Mankato; M.S., St.      Assistant to the Administrator, Division of Juvenile
Mary’s University of Minnesota. Instructor, St. Mary’s   Correctors, Wisconsin Department of Corrections.
                                                         Siegmann, Paul
Scheuerman, Richard                                      B.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater;
B.S., La Fayette College; M.B.A., University of          Microcomputer Programming Certificate. Technical
Pennsylvania. Retired President and CEO, Alto Dairy      Business Analysis, The Nielsen Company.
                                                         Simhan, Naren
Schlude, Anthony                                         B.S., University of Mysore, India; M.A.S., University of
B.A., Lawrence University; M.A., University of           Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. MCP, Microsoft
Wisconsin-Oshkosh.                                       Certified Product Specialist.

Schmid, David                                            Simonetti, Isabel
B.A., Concordia University; M.E., Cardinal Stritch       B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez;
University.                                              M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Assistant
Instructor, Howards Grove High School.
                                                         Professor, Herzing University.
Summer 2010 Undergraduate Faculty Biographies

Skell, Rachel                                           Wahal, Sanjay
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; M.A.,          B.S., Indian Institute of Technology; M.S., University
Cardinal Stritch University.                            of Rhode Island; M.B.A., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D.,
                                                        University of Rhode Island. Research Fellow, Georgia
Slavinski, Thomas                                       Pacific Corp.
B.S., University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN;
M.B.A., DePaul University, Chicago, IL. Director, New   Warrner, Stephen
Business Development, JMCA Manufacturing                B.S., Ball State University, Muncie, IN; M.S., Eastern
Solutions, Brookfield, WI.                              Illinois University, Charleston, IL. Rock Rover
                                                        Business Project Assistant, University of Wisconsin
Smith, Scott                                            Extension, Jefferson, WI; Wasterwater Specialist,
B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Stout. Global       Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Horicon,
Aftermarket Manager, Extrusion Dies Industries.         WI.

Stander, Michelle                                       Wellumson, Douglas
B.A., University of Reno; M.A., Temple University.      B.A., University of Minnesota; M.A., Webster
                                                        University; M.S., University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
Strok, Rebecca
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.S., Marian     White, Paul
College.                                                B.S., M.A., Northern Michigan University; Ph.D.,
                                                        Bowling Green State University. Assistant Professor of
Timm, Craig                                             General Studies and Director of the Hayssen Academic
B.S., Colorado State University; M.A., Ball State       Resource Center, Lakeland College.
Communications and Government Relations Manager,        Wilber, Barbara
Domtar Industries, Inc.                                 BS, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Adjunct
Torbenson, Susan
B.A., University of Wisconsin-LaCross; M.Ed.,           Winkler, Monica
University of Hawaii; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern          B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.B.A.,
University.                                             University of Wisconsin-Madison. Marketing Director,
                                                        Zimbrick, Inc.
Treacy, James
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.B.A.,          Wixon, Richard
Marquette University. Consultant, Jefferson Wells       B.A., Marist College; M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois
International.                                          University. Professor, Lakeland College.

Vitale, Frances                                         Wolzenburg, Mark
B.S., Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI; M.B.A.,      M.A., University of Wuppertal, Germany.
Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI.
Owner/Consultant, I Consult- Strategic Marketing        Yevin, G. Bernard
Services, Milwaukee, WI.                                B.S., M.B.A., Eastern Illinois University. Dean,
                                                        Business & Information Technology Division, Forsyth
Vitse, David                                            Technical Community College.
B.S., University of Miami; J.D., University of Miami
School of Law. Program and Office Coordinator, Clean

Volkmann, Amanda
B.S., University of WI-River Falls; M.B.A., Lakeland

Vopal, Kathryn J.
B.A., M.S, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN;
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Instructor,
Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI.

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