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									Furniture Buying: Get that Warranty, Save your Money

There will come a time when you have to decorate your home or apartment
with furniture. You may want wood furniture, for that “down home” feel
for your house, to couple it with your carved wooden doors and
traditional countertops. You may want to complement your minimalist
designs with dark, upholstered furniture. Or you may want a cloth an wood
sofa, complete with beading and embroidery, to match your luxurious

All this will require you to buy furniture – and today, buying furniture
requires a good deal of money sense and money-saving savvy. For instance,
you need a warranty on most of your furniture, to make sure that any
repairs brought about by any damage will be shouldered by the furniture

Why is a warranty so important? A warranty is actually a form of
insurance for a specified period of time, and assurance that your
furniture is made excellently enough for its maker to promise to repair
it – or even to give your money back – if anything untoward happens. If
you do get furniture with a warranty, you can be sure you are getting
high quality furniture for the price you will pay.

Most furniture will have different warranty periods depending on their
initial cost and manufacturing style.

•     Wood furniture will often have a warranty of a year from the date
you receive it. Warranties, however, will not extend to scratches made
within that year.

•     Upholstered furniture will have longer warranties, and will cover
springs, swivels, or other mechanisms, as long as the product still has
its original covering.

•     Leather furniture will often have a warranty of one year, and will
be insured against splitting, or tearing in the fabric.

Warranties, however, will not be valid in the following instances.

•     Improper use of the furniture, or carelessness on the part of the

•     Normal changes in fabrics, such as wrinkling in leather or
•     Changes in the product made by the owner, such as changing
upholstery covers

Before buying furniture, make sure you check out the warranty details,
and see if they fit your needs. As soon as you get the furniture, keep it
clean and well-maintained, and watch it for any damage. Most importantly,
keep your receipts, so that when repairs have to be done, you have proof
of your purchase.

Buying furniture does require a lot of good sense, so read the fine print
and get the best deals you can.

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