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									Reupholster Old Furniture To Save Money, Give Your Furniture A New Look
And Have Fun Designing It To Match The Décor Of Your Home!

Should you purchase a new chair or have it reupholstered?

Granted, there are new and cheaper furniture available that you can
purchase. However, are you assured of durability and comfort?

Many have discovered the benefits of reupholstering. Some can not let go
of old furniture because of its sentimental value or for the comfort it
brings, but more importantly, because old furniture has better built-in
quality than today’s.

Reupholstering means selecting fabric as well as colors and patterns best
of all, you can enjoy redesigning your old piece into any design you

While some individuals are able to restore, reupholster or refinish their
old furniture piece, most rely on professionals for the job.

Professional upholsters can rescue old, dated furniture. Interest in
furniture restoration is popular today, according to experts, since
people want quality and durable furniture. Likewise, many are receiving
heirlooms that they desire to either update or fix and keep it.

Your professional upholsterer can:

1.   Re-design old furniture according to your specifications.

2.   Repair frames and replace springs or padding.

3.   Permit you to shop for your choice of fabric.

4.   Assure quality workmanship.

For the beginner “do-it-yourselfer”, here is a simple chair cushion
reupholstering project:

1.   Unscrew the cushion and detach it from the frame of the chair.

2.    Remove all the staples in the chair fabric with a “needle nose

3.    Take off the fabric and old “batting” if it is worn out from the
pad as well.

4.    Take the piece of plywood then set it down on your new textile.
“Cut around” the ply wood leaving two or more extra inches overhang on
every side.

5.    Change the old stuffing with a new padding by laying board on the
padding then pulling the padding sides tightly over the board and staple
it. Cut off excess padding.
6.    Lay the wood down over the fabric and pull the fabric sides tightly
over the board and staple all sides.

7.    Cut off excess fabric; make sure it looks clean and neat. Turn it
over and affix it to the chair. New seat in just an hour or less.

Practice on simple projects first before you do your sofa or loveseat.
Just remember, if anything fails, a professional upholsterer can always
rescue you!

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