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					Tips for Home Decorating and Furniture buying

Every home needs a bit of TLC from their owners. The house should be a
sanctuary; it’s supposed to be the place where one wants to go after a
very tiring day.

Of course, not everybody can afford a reputable interior designer’s
service. Some are very tight with their budgets and some, just saving up
for the rainy days.

This write-up offers tips on decorating the house at a most reasonably
priced way. It takes these easy steps.

1.    Decorating the home certainly is exciting and thoughts rush in the
mind. The most important thing is to get organized as this will be
helpful in keeping the decorator in focus and for the less motivated,
being organized makes the job less disheartening.
2.    The budget is one thing that’s disregarded often. Setting a budget
prevents problems with the completion of the decorating project only to
find out that it will go unfinished. It’s okay to break projects in
phases as funds become available.
3.    Picking the right form and mood is important so that all decisions
will be successful in creating a unified look.
4.    Knowing the purpose of the room, knowing its floor plan, and it’s
central theme allows to decide if the budget can afford some
architectural alterations in the room.
5.    The decorating plan will have more impact with proper lighting.
Permanent light fixtures should be done first and should be installed by
qualified, licensed electrician is essential for preventing electrical
accidents. Light dimmers sets good mood for the room.
6.    Picking out color scheme comes next. Rule out plain, neutral
colors and instead pick colors that speak out. The main color should
dominate the room, then next color with medium shade should accent the
window or an upholstered piece. Next color, the darkest should be done
to accent the room and is to be used in lesser quantities.
7.    Decide on which floor to use. It can either be carpet or wood.
Carpet colors are available to match any color scheme of choice and wood
will do well with anything.
8.    Pick out furniture pieces according to the floor plan made. Large
pieces should be chosen first and placed accordingly so as not to
overwhelm the room’s focal point. Upholstered pieces and accent
furniture should go together with the main theme as well.
9.    Accessorize the room by choosing, right pillows, artworks, and
curtains. It’s important to keep objects ungrouped and is balanced.
Doing so will make the room appear cluttered.
It’s fun setting up the own home. It is important to have fun in order
to have optimal output. It is, after all, a work of love.

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