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					                                Scarborough Primary School
                                           PHONE 9341 1202 FAX 9341 8801

                      Principal   Adele Dawson      Deputy Principal   Karen McLeay & Dianne Searle
                Registrar    Robyn Smith       P & C President   Richard Slattery, Kylie Mann & Ben Hogarth

      Issue 1                                                                            3 February 2010


      Edu Dance $27.00 Years 1-7 $20.00 PP              Commencing this Friday, 5 February
      Active After School Communities Program
      Form for Years 1-7 return by                      Monday, 8 February
      Parent Survey for Parent/Teacher Meetings
      for Years 1-7 Form return by                      Monday, 8 February
      P&C Family Contacts Directory Form return by      Wednesday, 10 February
      Student Health Forms and General
      Permission Forms for 2010 return by               Friday, 12 February
      Labour Day Holiday                                Monday, March 1
      Swimming Carnival Years 4-7                       Tuesday, March 30

      Accompanying this Newsletter: Canteen Menu, Active After School Sports Enrolment Form, Family Contacts
      Directory Application Form, Student Health Forms, General Permission Form 2010, Parent Meeting Survey.

        FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK                          Ms Mary-Lyne de Vries, Pre Primary teacher on
Welcome back to school for 2010. I trust all the
children have had a happy and restful holiday and          Our staff who are continuing from last year are:
are full of energy for another year of school. I           Kindy, Mrs Liz Petrou and EA Sally Trifunoski
hope parents also have enjoyed the break from
routine and had some fun and relaxing times with           Year 1/2, Mrs Jenny Peters - T1.
your children. Thank you to parents for the effort         Year 3, Miss Janear Bond, Rm 5.
you have made to prepare your children for the             Year 4/5, Mrs Dianne Searle, Rm 4
new school year with uniforms and classroom                Art, Mrs Dawn Jones, Art Room.
requirements. They look smart in their new                 Registrar Mrs Robyn Smith and School Officer
uniforms and are excited about returning to school         Mrs Lesley Bell.
and catching up with their friends.                        EA in Yrs 1/2 , Kindy and PP - Mrs Jasmine
We have a number of new students and staff at the          Library Officer - Mrs Jasmine Sekuloska.
school this year and we welcomed them on                   Pre Primary Room 7 - EA Mrs Margaret
Monday at a mini assembly. Currently we have               Brambles.
188 students enrolled in the school with 13 new            Cleaners Mr Mark Dainton and Mrs Latifa Clarke
enrolments and 40 Kindergarten children starting           Gardener Mr David Gordon.
the year.
                                                            On Thursday and Friday of last week the teaching
Mrs Karen McLeay our Deputy Principal returns              staff was involved in professional learning in
to Scarborough Primary School after time away in           preparation for the year ahead. We look forward
the country with her family. Karen’s daughter Zu           to working together with parents and the
Rui is in our Kindy this year.                             community to ensure the students have a
                                                           successful year of learning at Scarborough
Other new teachers are:                                    Primary School. We have plans for special
Mr Brett Healey - Yr 6/7, Room 2,                          programs to begin in week 2 including Support-A-
Miss Emily Hampson - Yr 1/2, Room 6,                       Reader, Edu Dance and Earobics. Kathy Stewart,
Miss Shannon Rollo - Pre Primary, Room 7,                  our hardworking parent volunteer, is organising
Mrs Beverly Adkin - support teacher on Tuesdays,           the roster for Support-A-Reader to start in week 3
Mrs Bronwyn Nelles - Physical Education teacher            and will contact the people on last year’s roster
on Fridays,                                                for availability this year. Lyn Mawson our very
valuable volunteer, will continue her good work       school and not the front entrance through the
with the Earobics program. Our thanks go to           office. Pre Primary entrance is through the gate
Kathy and Lyn. Your contribution to the school is     and front classroom door only. Year 1/2 in room 6
greatly appreciated.                                  entrance is from the hall door only. Due to the
                                                      larger numbers of Pre Primary students this year
Parent Survey for Parent Meetings                     this will allow less congestion in the Pre Primary
                                                      yard at the beginning and end of the day.
It is traditional that parent information meetings
are held at the beginning of each year for teachers   School Times
to discuss programs, procedures and expectations
in their classrooms over the year. In order to find   School starting times are from 8.45am to 3.00pm
the optimum time for attendance at our parent         every day except Tuesdays when starting time is
meetings this term, I am asking all parents of        9.00am to 3.00pm. Students should not be at
children in Years 1-7 to please complete and          school earlier that 8.30am as there may not be
return the survey accompanying this newsletter.       staff here to supervise them.
This meeting time is an information session in
your child’s classroom with their teacher/s. In       Staff meetings are held on Tuesday mornings
order to have more parents attending the meetings     before school, hence the later start time.
we are endeavouring to find the best time for most
parents to be able to attend as we believe they are   Term Calendar
a vital start for communication between the school
and parents.                                          A term calendar will come home with next week’s
                                                      newsletter with planned events listed. Additions
Please indicate whether you would prefer a            can be made by you as you are informed over the
morning meeting from 8.00 – 8.50 am in two            term.
sessions of equal time or an evening meeting from
7.00 – 8.00 pm in two equal sessions. This allows     Clothing and Belongings
parents with children in different classes to be
able to visit both. The day of the meetings will      Parents are requested to label your children’s
be Monday, 15 February for whichever time is          belongings with name tags or permanent markers
decided.                                              so they can be returned if lost. The lost property
                                                      builds up with lunch boxes, clothes, etc all with
Please fill in the slip accompanying this             no identification to help us find the owners. At
newsletter and return by Monday, 8 February to        present we have a lot of unclaimed clothes left
the class teacher.                                    over from last year so please be sure to check the
                                                      lost property box in the hallway in case some
Assemblies                                            belongs to your child.

Assemblies will be held fortnightly on Wednesday                        BIKE RACKS
mornings again this year. At the first assembly
next week the school Captain and Councillors will     Please make sure your child has a lock for their
be announced.                                         bike or scooter whilst it is at school.

Visitors at the first assembly will be members of
                                                        STUDENT HEALTH FORM AND GENERAL
the Claremont Football Club who will be                     PERMISSION FORMS FOR 2010
encouraging students to play football.
                                                      These should be completed and returned to the
Parking and School Entrance.                          class teacher by Friday 12th February.
The school will be submitting an application for
                                                                      UNIFORM SHOP
improved parking at the school once again this
                                                      Due to a rush before Christmas, we have sold out
                                                      of the following:
To help manage the congestion on Hinderwell St
                                                      Size 4/6 T-shirts
the school requests parents with children in Years
                                                      Size 6/12 Shorts
PP, 1, & 2 drop off and pick up from Hinderwell
                                                      Size 6 White T-shirts (Stirling Faction Shirts)
St. If you are dropping students in Years 3-7
                                                      All are on order and due within the month.
please use Deanmore Rd where there is a car park
on the school grounds. For safety reasons parents
                                                      Small bucket hats are now available.
and students are asked to keep clear of the staff
car park at all times.
                                                      This week only we will be open on Thursday
                                                      afternoon between 2.45 and 3.15 pm as well as on
Students entering school in the mornings should
                                                      Friday morning between 8.30 and 9.00 am.
use the doors at the north and south ends of the
                      FOUND                                P & C FAMILY CONTACTS DIRECTORY

One game of ‘Scattergories’, left in T1 at the end      Last year we published our first directory with
of last year.                                           information about the school and contact numbers
                                                        for families who wanted to be included. If you
                                                        were in the book and would like the same details
                   P & C NEWS
                                                        published you don’t need to do anything. If you
                                                        would like to be included in the new directory for
First Sundowner 2010                                    2010, or have changed your details, please
Friday, 12 February 4pm at the school                   complete the form sent home today and return it
                                                        to the office by Wednesday, 10 February.
Come enjoy a sausage sizzle, a beer and catch up
with the school community.                              As with last years’ book, for privacy reasons only
 The After-school Sports Program (see separate          families who are in the book will receive a copy.
notice) will run a few family orientated sports
activities for kids and families at the Sundowner
to give us all an idea of the After-school                      CANTEEN - THE SNACK SHACK
Sports Program and to encourage participants and
volunteers. You can also sign up to the P&C             We re-open this Friday, 5 February 2010.
database to stay in touch with what is happening
in the school community.
                                                                      ONE FOR THE DADS
 The Sundowner is a great way for new families to
meet other people and also get to know the              Scarborough Primary School Beer Appreciation
parents of their children’s friends. Bring a plate to   Society.
share and have a good evening.
First P&C Meeting                                       Next Friday, February 12 is the first gathering of
                                                        the Scarborough Primary School Beer
Tuesday 16 February 7.30pm at the school
                                                        Appreciation Society (SBSBAS, also known as
If you attend one meeting this year, this is the one    Scarbeera). For the new parents or uninitiated,
to attend. This is where the programs, events and       this is a regular gathering of dads for the all
focus of the P&C are set for the year.                  important purpose of drinking beer.
Last year there were some great activities - the
Canteen, Uniform Shop, Sundowners, Support a            All dads are welcome, particularly if your kid has
Reader Program, 75th Anniversary, International         just started at kindy or elsewhere in the school.
Food Festival, Movie Night, Disco to name a             It’s from 7pm at Maz' place, 7 Newborough St
few. There will be some more fun to be had this         Scarborough. Entry requirements are very strict,
year and if you have ideas or can offer time we         you will need to bring an empty glass and a full
want to hear from you. Otherwise just come to           stomach, as Maz is dragging it back down to his
hear what is happening.                                 level (Blythy, you still OK to bring along a bag of
                                                        chips?). And just a reminder, THE BEER IS
 The meeting goes for an hour and you'll be able        FREE.
to enjoy a beer, wine and snack.
The P&C offers a good opportunity to                    Hope to see you there. Cheers, Maz.
consider what we are contributing to the school
community. If the answer is ‘not much’ then a                   INFORMATION PIN-UP BOARD
meeting can help you to find a way to be more be
actively involved and contribute to your children’s     At times, information for parents from outside
school community.                                       agencies is pinned up on the board outside Room
                                                        5, Year 3. Parents may be interested in some of
                                                        the leaflets that are posted there. Please check the
   ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL COMMUNITIES                      noticeboard regularly.
            FORM, YEARS 1 – 7.

If your children are interested in this program,
please pick up a consent form from reception and
return them to the office by Monday, 8 February.