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									How to Locate Drop shippers

Make no mistake about it drop shippers are plentiful. There are several
sources for finding names and addresses and phone numbers full
Dropshippers. Perhaps the number one place to look is the Internet. You
are sure to pull up an abundance of names all of which one your business.

If for one reason are a number you do not find what you are looking for.
You can still use the public library go to the business section and you
are sure to find any number of bound directories that will lead you to
Dropshippers of your choice. Your local telephone director he may lend a
helping hand to you with a local source. If so you may want to call them
by telephone first, because in most Dropshippers are not open to the

After all these are wholesale venues and they do not have display space.
Bookstores will offer you a quick glance at some of the directors. They
are bookstores that will allow you to sit and look through any book that
is available in the store. And the same bookstores have a wide range of
magazines available that will give you a chance to look at trade
magazines. These magazines will list a number of drop shippers, giving
addresses telephone numbers and all the information you need to get in
contact with Dropshippers. When you have contacted a few of these
Dropshippers you will begin to get mail and telephone calls from other
Dropshippers and other businesses. It seems that your name is put on a
mailing list immediately after you have made contact with one or more of
these Dropshippers.

You will begin to get mailing lists and other pieces of mail from all
kinds of Dropshippers. There is no shortage of Dropshippers but make
sure that you do a thorough and comprehensive search so that you will
find the Dropshippers with whom you will enjoy doing business. You will
also receive wholesale list in the mail. Some of these companies will
dropship but be careful because some will just send you wholesale
merchandise. It is important that you find Dropshippers who will send
single or small quantity orders. Since all Dropshippers will not fit into
your scheme of things make sure you know the policies is and guidelines
of each company. Don't hesitate to call and asked the company questions
if you do not see answers in the catalogs and other literature that you
may have on hand.

Prepare an index listing of the names and other pertinent information of
all Dropshippers with whom you may do business. Let this be a flexible
index so that you can add and delete Dropshippers at will.    Most of the
dropship companies are customer friendly because they are looking also to
increase their bottom line. Dropshippers are a major asset to small
companies and help out in many ways. Drops shippers save small
businesses in gas and time. If it were not for Dropshippers you would
have to factor in the cost of gas, maintenance and the wear and tear on
your vehicle.

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