; Who Are The Big Names in Health Insurance
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Who Are The Big Names in Health Insurance


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									         Who Are The Big Names in Health Insurance?
America has a vast array of big health insurance companies. Subscribers purchase medical coverage to
compensate for the medical expenses. People take aid of companies to count for custodial care, long term
nursing care requirements or insurance covering disabilities.

Both the private companies and government sponsored social insurance programs provide health insurance.
In addition, social welfare programs funded by government also help in obtaining similar benefits of paying
for medical expenses.

Health Insurance Firms in U.S.:

Below mentioned are some of the biggest health insurance companies in the United States:

 1.   Aetna: It is one of the biggest companies offering pharmacy, health care, group life, dental, and
      disability coverage. As per the latest figures, it serves 11.3 million dental members, 11.7 million group
      insurance customers and 13 million medical members. The firm has expansive nationwide network of
      5, 79,000 health care service providers that include 3, 49,000 specialists, physicians and primary care
      takers, and 3,589 hospitals.
 2.   AON Corporation Group: It has constructed broad global resources for creating innovative solutions in
      risk management and insurance, insurance underwriting and human capital consulting in order to help
      clients. AON brings top professionals together, working across hundreds of disciplines in an integrated
      seamless fashion, designed for serving the clients in the most custom-tailored manner anywhere in
      the world. This dedication and focus has made AON, a world leader within the industry.
 3.   AMS: The MedOne Plus option permits the individuals to select an option meeting the needs and
      budget of an individual. It provides flexibility to individuals to select the benefits that permit them to
      choose deductible and co-payment levels. In terms of medical coverage, the most popular scheme of
      AMS is MedOne Security. It includes co-pay facility, coinsurance options, higher popular deductibles
      and low premiums.
 4.   Assurant Health Services: - Formerly known as Fortis Health, Assurant offers affordable and flexible
      solutions for health coverage. Such dedication to service also extends to short-term coverage and
      small group plans. It provides dependable and quality coverage to meet the demands of its customers.
 5.   Unicare: The main reason why customers select Unicare is for its service and quality. Six years in a row,
      Fortune Magazine named the parent company of Unicare as the most admired healthcare firm,
      although each firm is responsible for its financial assets. It provides plenty of choice in its health plans.
      Hence, clients can tailor their plan, to fit their unique needs.

It has become important for individuals in America to avail health insurance from firms, mainly because of
the financial security. No wonder, some of the biggest health insurance companies want to tap this

The managed care network of these health insurance companies comprise of top quality doctors, other
healthcare professionals and hospitals. The network, while receiving excellent care, permits the members of
health insurance to benefit from their negotiated discount rates.

The best thing about health insurance firms is the fact that, they take technology in a serious manner. For
people, who care for their health and for their future, a good health insurance policy is necessary. You can
get started easily today with one of the various sites below.

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