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					                                                                                                 June 13, 2011
                                                                                               Volume 6, Issue 19
                                                                                           Pathways Administration
                                                                                           901 South New Hope Rd.
          A Weekly Update for                                                                Gastonia, NC 28054
           Pathways Providers                                                                   704-884-2501
               & Partners                                                                   www.pathwayslme.org
       Information Line: 704-884-2545
                                                                                                ACCESS to CARE

        Attention IPRS State Funded Recipients, and their Family Members/Guardians
Changes are being made to the IPRS Developmental Therapy (DT) service offered through Pathways LME for individuals
with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). In addition, existing IRPS services, such as Personal Care and
Day Activity have now been expanded to be available to more IPRS participants and can be of great benefit to many
individuals with I/DD.

Consumers and their families/guardian are invited to a meeting to go over these changes and to address any concerns
or questions. Case managers may accompany individuals to meetings if the participant so chooses.
The dates, locations and times are as follows:
     Cleveland County              Gaston County                           Lincoln County
     Monday June 20, 2011          Tuesday June 21, 2011                   Wednesday June 22, 2011
     Ollie Harris Building         Pathways Administrative Offices         Lincoln Counseling Center
     917 First Street              901 South New Hope Road                 311 McBee Street
     Shelby, NC 28150              Gastonia, NC 28054                      Lincolnton, NC 28092
     Board Room                    Auditorium                              Board Room
     2:00 pm and 6:00 pm           2:00 pm and 5:00 pm                     2:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Individuals currently receiving DT will continue to receive DT at the current amount for a two month period, ending on
8/31/2011. This two month period will allow time for families and consumers to transition to new hours and
limitations for DT and to explore and transition to additional/expanded services that have been added to the I/DD IPRS
Benefit array.

It is not the intention of the Pathways to take services from individuals, but to allow through the use of appropriate
and varied treatment options the ability to serve as many individuals as possible. Individuals can contact their targeted
case manager for further information regarding service changes and learn about additional services. We encourage
consumer/family/guardian participation at the scheduled meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Nelson
Conner at 704-884 2505.

                             Pathways Provider Meeting Agenda--June 14, 2011
1.  Welcome – Larry Holcombe
2.  Consumer Success Awards & Outstanding Provider Award – Stacy Bryant
3.  Community Resources – CCNC
4.  Provider Association Update – Barbara Maney
5.  Pathways Updates
        • NC TOPPS – Janet Noblett
        • Developmental Therapy – Maria Ballard
6. State Information Updates
    Implementation Update #87 – Larry Holcombe/Beth Brown
7. Network Updates – Larry Holcombe
8. Questions and Answers
Breakout Sessions: MH/SA – Auditorium I/DD – Conference Rm. #3 (main hallway rear)
NEXT MEETING: July 12, 2011, 9:30am
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Clinical Grand Rounds, with a focus on child and youth         Extension of Coverage for Provisionally Licensed
consumers, will meet on Friday, June 24 from 9am-11am          Providers Billing Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
in Pathways Board Room. Phoenix Counseling Center staff        through the LME and National Correct Coding Initiative
will present two clinical profiles. All discussions are        (NCCI) Update - The coverage of provisionally licensed
confidential and no identifying information about the          providers delivering outpatient behavioral health
individual consumers will be shared. Clinicians who would      services as a reimbursable service under Medicaid funds
like to participate are asked to email                         and billed through the Local Management Entity (LME)
kmeriac@pathwayslme.org so we know the number who              has been extended to June 30, 2012. Providers should
plan to attend. This has been a very successful venue in       refer to the full IU #87 and review the March 2011
which to share clincal challenges, to learn how peers          Medicaid Bulletin for guidance.
identify appropriate clinical interventions, and to consider
alternative recommendations to family/guardians about          DMA effectively implemented the federally-mandated
services for their youth. At that meeting, we will             NCCI edits on Mar. 31, 2011. Procedure-to-procedure
determine the next meeting date and enlist a volunteer         editing (CCI) identifies procedures and services
agency or provider group to volunteer for the next clinical    performed by the same provider on the same date of
presentations.                                                 service for the same recipient. Provisionally licensed
                                                               professionals billing through the LME use the LME’s
        Implementation Update #87                              national provider identifier (NPI) number. If multiple
                                                               provisionally licensed professionals provide individual,
Implementation Update #87 (IU #87) was released by the         family, or group therapy to the same recipient on the
Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and     same date of service, the second code billed will deny
Substance Abuse Services (the Division) on June 7.             because the same attending NPI is billed for both
Providers will be given the opportunity to ask questions       services. Documentation in the record should clearly
regarding IU #87 at the June 14 Provider Meeting. Unless       indicate who provided the service. Providers are strongly
otherwise noted, email questions related to IU #87 to          encouraged to review the DMA NCCI webpage at
ContactDMH@dhhs.nc.gov. Pathways encourages                    www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/provider/ncci.htm and the
understanding and compliance with all information              Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) NCCI
contained in IU #87. IU #87 can be viewed in its entirety at   webpage at www.cms.gov/MedicaidNCCICoding/ for
http://www.ncdhhs.gov/mhddsas/servicedefinitions/              further information and to confirm which procedure
servdefupdates/index.htm.                                      code pair combinations are allowable.
Clarification of Unmanaged Outpatient Behavioral Health        National Correct Coding Initiative Update: Provisionally
Visits - As clarified in the Mar. 2011 Medicaid Bulletin and   Licensed Professionals Billing ‘Incident To’ the Physician
Implementation Update (IU) #86, beginning                      This article further clarifies the Apr. 2011 Medicaid
Jan 1, 2011, children under the age of 21 have 16              Bulletin and IU #86 article regarding the NCCI for
unmanaged outpatient visits before prior authorization is      Outpatient Behavioral Health Providers. DMA
required. Adults (21 years and older) have eight               implemented the federally-mandated NCCI edits on
unmanaged outpatient visits before prior authorization is      Mar. 31, 2011. Procedure-to-procedure editing (CCI)
required. This visit count begins each calendar year and       identifies procedures and services performed by the
runs from Jan.-Dec. Recipients reaching their 21st             same provider on the same date of service for the same
birthday in a calendar year still count as ‘children’ for      recipient. Provisionally licensed professionals billing
unmanaged visit counts until the end of that calendar          ‘incident to’ the physician, use the physician’s NPI
year; therefore the 16 unmanaged visit limit applies to        number. If the physician were to provide medication
that calendar year. Beginning Jan. 1 of the next calendar      management (i.e. 90862) and the provisionally licensed
year, the eight adult unmanaged visit limit will apply.        professional were to provide individual, family, or group,
Providers are responsible for recognizing when prior           therapy on the same date of service, the second code
approval is required. Refer to the March 2011 Medicaid         would deny because the same attending NPI is billed for
Bulletin which explains the calculation of unmanaged           both services. There are certain services/codes that
visits.                                                        provisionally licensed professionals will be able to
                                                               provide on the same date of service that a physician
                                                               provides medication management. When billing the
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service/code rendered by the provisionally licensed             received by HP Enterprise Services and DMA are listed in
professional, the NCCI modifier 59 should be appended to        IU #87 in a effort to consolidate information from IU
CPT codes 90801, 90802, 90846, 99408, or 99409. The SC          #73, the September 2010 Medicaid Bulletin, the DMA
modifier should also be used (as it is used currently) to       CABHA webpage and the training packet from the Fall
indicate that the service was rendered by a provisionally       2010 CABHA Enrollment, Authorization, and Billing
licensed professional billing ‘incident to.’ The use of these   Seminars. Please refer to IU #87 for the list of questions
modifiers will allow the system to recognize that the           and answers.
service was provided by a different attending provider.
The other CPT codes (90804, 90806, 90847, and 90853)            New Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency Provider
that provisionally licensed professionals bill ‘incident to,’   Affiliation Denial Code - DMA, in collaboration with the
cannot be overridden by appending modifiers, per federal        CSC EVC Call Center, conducted provider outreach to all
guidelines. These codes can continue to be billed ‘incident     CABHA providers to verify that the provider enrollment
to’ but will need to be provided on a separate date of          information on file with N.C. Medicaid is accurately
service to be considered for reimbursement. Alternatively,      linked to your CABHA billing provider number. To ensure
for individual therapy codes 90804 and 90806, if                that claims adjudicate correctly, it is important to verify
medication management is provided on the same date of           that attending provider(s) and service affiliation
service, one code (90805 or 90807) can be billed to             information has been correctly linked to your CABHA
indicate that medication management and individual              billing provider number. Providers that have not
therapy were rendered. The SC modifier should be used           responded to the email notification should immediately
when billing the combined codes. As always,                     contact the CSC EVC Call Center at 1-866-844-1113. Any
documentation in the record should clearly indicate who         attending provider (individual or service) not linked to
provided the service. Providers are encouraged to review        the CABHA billing provider number that is billed through
the DMA NCCI webpage at www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/                     the CABHA billing provider will result in claim denials. A
provider/ncci.htm and the CMS NCCI webpage at                   new EOB 1791, “The attending provider is not associated
www.cms.gov/MedicaidNCCICoding/ for further                     with the CABHA billing provider for the dates of service
information and to confirm that code pair combinations          billed,” was created. Providers that receive this EOB on
are allowable.                                                  their RA should contact the CSC EVC Call Center to
                                                                correct their attending provider(s) and service affiliation
Requests for Non-Covered Services: Alcohol and Drug             information prior to resubmitting their claim.
Abuse Treatment Centers - As of May 1, 2011, all requests
for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (ADATC)            Changes in Medicaid Prior Approval and Recipient Due
for consumers ages 18-21 will be reviewed as                    Process (Appeal Rights) Policies and Procedures - DMA
“non covered services requests” by Eastpointe LME, a            adopted new prior approval and recipient due process
Medicaid utilization review (UR) vendor. All new requests       (appeal) policies and procedures effective May 27, 2011;
should follow guidelines for requesting approval found at       the specific details are noted in the May 2011 Special
www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/epsdt/. Providers should fill out the        Bulletin located at ncdhhs.gov/dma/bulletin/
form on the website: www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/Forms/                  DueProcessSpecialBulletin5311.pdf. Sessions are
NonCoveredServicesRequest.pdf. Providers should not             occurring on June 14 in Wilmington and June 22 in
submit in-patient treatment reports (ITRs) or person            Raleigh. Registration is required. Unregistered providers
centered plans (PCPs). All requests should be sent to:          are welcome to attend if space is available. Go to
Eastpointe LME, ATTN: Anna North, PO Box 369, Beulaville,       www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/provider/seminars.htm to learn
NC 28518, Fax: 910-298-7189. Note: A recipient under the        more about registration. Training slides may be found on
age of 21 may receive a medically necessary service not         DMA's website at www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/provider/
included in the North Carolina Medicaid State Plan only         epsdthealthcheck.htm. DMA will offer three additional
when the service may be covered under federal Medicaid          training sessions in Raleigh late this summer or early fall
law and when it will “correct or ameliorate” a diagnosed        if there is adequate registration. Resource information is
condition in accordance with Federal Medicaid law at 42         available for review as indicated below and located on
U.S.C.§ 1396d(a) and (r) of the Social Security Act.            the DMA web site at http://ncdhhs.gov/dma/provider/
                                                                priorapproval.htm. For more information, please contact
Frequently Asked Critical Access Behavioral Health              the DMA Behavioral Health Unit at 919-855-4290.
Agency Billing Questions - Critical Access Behavioral
Health Agency (CABHA) billing questions frequently
                                                                                       June 13, 2011            Page 4

Peer Support Service Update - Peer Support is an effective      contact persons with UR agencies (ValueOptions,
support service for individuals with mental health and          Durham or Eastpointe) and the need for the LME
substance abuse challenges. It is a highly valued service by    Director and Community Collaborative involvement in all
consumers and families and they have been actively              out of state placements. Providers are urged to read IU
engaged in promoting this as a Medicaid reimbursed              #43 to review the information. As a reminder, IU #42
service. A service definition was developed, approved by        also specified that each LME has identified a liaison to
CMS and implementation was scheduled for July 1, 2011.          network with the UR vendor regarding all out of state
Since the approval of the definition there have been            placements, complex cases such as those with multiple
numerous concerns raised, especially that the definition        diagnoses, and cases involved with juvenile justice.
itself does not reflect true peer support and is too            (Note: Pathways LME’s liaison for this process is
embedded in the medical model. Rate setting resulted in a       Kathleen Meriac, System of Care, 704-884-2571,
rate that providers have indicated will result in substantial   kmeriac@pathwayslme.org)
losses and they do not intend to offer the service. This
feedback comes from providers who are fully supportive of       NC-TOPPS Enhancements - Effective July 2011, providers
peer support, train peer support specialists, and currently     submitting consumer outcomes information to
hire peer support specialists to work on team services such     NC-TOPPS will notice a more user-friendly and
as Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT). This has          streamlined design. More information will come later
led to the general sentiment in the provider and advocate       this month on a user test site to give providers an
community that this service will not be successful when         opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new
implemented. Peer support can be offered as a (b)(3)            design. The overall goal of the redesigned system was to
service within the 1915 (b)(c) waiver. PBH has offered a        make it more functional and efficient for users. New
very successful peer support program that is generally          enhancements have been made to the “Outcomes at a
perceived as being more “true” to peer support than the         Glance 2.0” online dashboard, including more user
definition approved by CMS. The Department is                   choices for time period selection and improvements to
committed to supporting peer support. To achieve this           methodology, which increases data available for
goal and in response to the concerns raised by                  provider agencies. You can access the dashboard by
stakeholders, the peer support service definition               going to the NC-TOPPS homepage at www.ncdhhs.gov/
previously approved by CMS will not be implemented              mhddsas/nc-topps/ and clicking on the icon “NC-TOPPS
July 1, 2011. Peer support will be offered through the 1915     Outcomes at a Glance 2.0.” Input and feedback from
(b)(c) waiver sites. In the interim, LMEs are strongly          stakeholders has been very helpful in the continual
encouraged to utilize the already approved alternative          improvements to NC-TOPPS and we continue to seek
service definition for peer support utilizing state funds       suggestions for improving our consumer outcomes
(YA 308 Peer Support Individual, YA 309 Peer Support            system. If you have questions regarding NC-TOPPS or the
Group, YA343 Peer Support Hospital Discharge and                dashboard, please send them via electronic mail to
Diversion). Each of these three alternative service             ContactDMHQuality@dhhs.nc.gov.
definitions have been opened to allow all LMEs to bill
                                                                MH/SA and I/DD Targeted Case Management Audits:
these services. Peer Support Specialists may continue to
                                                                Positive Trends and Area of Concern - DMA and the
provide services as team members under Community
                                                                MH/DD/SAS recently completed an audit of Targeted
Support Team and Assertive Community Treatment Team.
                                                                Case Management (TCM) services. Audits were
Compliance Verification Protocol for Out-of-State               conducted from Mar. 1-31, 2011 for services delivered
Placement/Enrollment of Residential Services - Recent           between the dates of Nov. 1, 2010-Jan. 31, 2011. Results
events have brought into question the lack of awareness         of these audits indicate positive improvements in the
of the out of state placement utilization review process. It    delivery of services but also point out continuing areas
is important that if adequate services cannot be accessed       of concern. A summary of the findings is listed in IU #87
within the state, that the systems involved work in strong      (pg. 8) http://www.ncdhhs.gov/mhddsas/
partnership to ensure appropriate placement and on-going        servicedefinitions/servdefupdates/index.htm and all
monitoring. LMEs are critical to this process as they have      providers are urged to review the information.
access to paid claims and authorization data for the
                                                                Unless noted otherwise, please email any questions
purpose of tracking the services consumers within their
                                                                related to this Implementation Update
catchment area are receiving. In addition, two
                                                                to ContactDMH@dhhs.nc.gov.
Implementation Updates (#42 and #43) reference LME
                                                                                     June 13, 2011            Page 5

                    STATE NEWS                                IPRS Benefit Plan Update - The IPRS Benefit Plan is
                                                              available at www.pathwayslme.org. Please review the
State CFAC Opportunity - The State Consumer and
                                                              Benefit Plan, and the information below, for any changes
Family Advisory Committee is accepting applications for an
                                                              to MH, SA and I/DD services. If there are specific
individual representing the Substance Abuse disability area
                                                              questions or concerns related to the IPRS Benefit Plan,
(consumer or family member) from anywhere within
                                                              please send via email to Maria Ballard,
North Carolina who shall be appointed to the State CFAC
(Consumer and Family Advisory Committee) by the
Secretary of Health & Human Services. To learn more and       IPRS I/DD Providers - There have been further changes to
access the application, visit www.ncdhhs.gov/mhddsas/         Developmental Therapy based on feedback and
consumeradvocacy/volunteer-yes.htm or contact                 discussion at the June 3, 2011 meeting. Please review
Pathways LME Consumer Affairs at 704-884-2501.                the IPRS Benefit Plan and send any questions or
                                                              concerns to Maria Ballard.
DHHS Records Retention/Disposition Schedule for
Grants – The DHHS Records Retention and Disposition           Authorization Requests - Please begin submitting IPRS
Schedule for Grants was updated on Mar. 31, 2011. It may      authorization requests for July 1, 2011. Authorization
be accessed by going to www.dhhs.state.nc.us/control/.        requests should continue being submitted using the
At the link, go to the area entitled “Letters/reports/forms   current IPRS authorization request process. Please note
for ALL Agencies” and click on the 7th bullet entitled        that when submitting authorizations, the entire
“Records Retention”.                                          authorization request form should be completed,
                                                              including the “Progress Towards Specific Goals” section.
The June Medicaid Bulletin has been posted and can be         This section helps to demonstrate an individual’s
found at http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/                           progress with treatment. Diagnostic information should
bulletin/0611bulletin.htm.                                    be included in the justification, as the new PCP format
                                                              does not clearly identify the diagnosis. MH/SA providers
Communication Bulletin #118 - Communication                   should continue utilizing the BUI to submit PCPs for
Bulletin #118 was posted on June 2 and can be accessed at     review at authorization requests.
                                                              Person Centered Plans to UM - I/DD providers should
          PROVIDER INFORMATION                                ensure that a current copy of the Person Centered Plan
CMHC System Maintenance - CMHC will be down for               has been or is submitted to Utilization Management
system maintenance from 3pm-5pm on Friday, June 17.           (fax 704-884-2565) prior to the Authorization effective
Providers should save information and log out of the          date (7/1/2011). Ensure that the name of the I/DD
system prior to 3pm. Thank you for your assistance. If you    Targeted Case Manager, along with his/her phone
have questions, please contact the Help Desk at               number and/or email, is listed in the authorization
helpdesk@pathwayslme.org, or 704-842-6431 or                  request form. This will allow UM staff to contact the case
704-842-6416.                                                 manager directly in cases when a plan needs to be
                                                              revised, submitted, etc.
Attention I/DD Targeted Case Managers and
Providers - Per the Division of MH/DD/SAS, the Supports       IPRS DT Authorizations - Effective July 1, 2011,
Intensity Scale (SIS) pilot project is now complete. With     individuals who have had a current DT authorization,
LMEs moving towards becoming Managed Care                     within the past 30 days, will be authorized at their
Organizations, the State SIS pilot project is ending. All     previous level for two months. This two month
referrals to SIS examiners should now stop. SIS evaluations   authorization period should be utilized to ensure
that are currently in process should be completed by the      consumers come into compliance with new hours and
end of June. This notification does not mean that the SIS     limitations found in the updated IPRS Benefit Plan.
will end permanently. The LME will provide further            Individuals who have not had a current authorization,
information in the future as to when and how SIS will be      within the past 30 days, will be authorized using new
utilized. For questions please contact Maria Ballard          hours and grid limitations found in the updated IPRS
mballard@pathwayslme.org.                                     Benefit Plan.
                                                                                      June 13, 2011            Page 6

Interested in Becoming a Tricare Provider? - Click             Continuum of Care Housing Forum - The Continuum
here to access a resource pack from SAMHSA and the             of Care for Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln counties will
TRICARE West Region in an effort to develop information        hold an informational
for behavioral health practitioners who may be interested      Housing Forum on July 14
in becoming a TRICARE Provider. The flyer provides useful      from 9am-12pm in the
information on the TRICARE healthcare entitlement, the         Pathways Auditorium,
provider categories that may be authorized, services that      Gastonia. For more
may be reimbursed, and the role and expectations of an         information, contact
authorized participating provider for behavioral health.       Nancy Landerman at
                                                               NC Council Trainings - The following training events
Trauma, Loss & Attachment Training - Charlotte AHEC            are available for registration. To register, go to
and Thompson Child and Family Focus are presenting             www.nc-council.org. All events at the Royal Conference
“Trauma, Loss and Attachment Training” on June 16 from         Center, 3801 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh.
9am-4pm, presented by Dr. Dan Hughes. This seminar
                                                               6/17 –Selecting and Implementing Evidence Based
presents an overview of the crucial role of a secure
attachment and intersubjectivity in a child’s neurological,
                                                               6/27 and 7/11 - Clinical Supervision in Behavioral
affective, cognitive and behavioral development. Cost is
                                                                 Healthcare (two parts)
$130 and provides 0.55 Continuing Education Units, and
                                                               6/23-6/24 – Person-Centered Thinking
5.5 contact hours (category A) National Board of Certified
Counselors, and 5.5 contact hours for North Carolina           Charlotte AHEC Trainings - Charlotte Area Health
Psychologists. To learn or to register more visit http://      Education Center (AHEC) has a variety of upcoming
www.thompsoncff.org/dan_hughes.html                            mental health workshops planned for June. To access a
                                                               full list of workshops, or to register, visit
Resource Strategies for Homeless Veterans - Take
advantage of a seminar intended to assist nonprofits to
                                                               mental_health/index.cfm. Workshops are held at the
increase their capacity to access resources and improve
                                                               Charlotte AHEC offices at 5039 Airport Center Pkwy.,
their program approaches serving homeless veterans. This
                                                               Bldg K, Charlotte unless noted on the website.
free training is being held on Tuesday, June 28 in
Greensboro. Click here for the flyer. Registration deadline    6/15-Nurse Aide Conference: Practical Procedures in
is Friday, June 17.                                              Caring for the Aging Population and Yourself
                                                               6/15-(MCTI) System of Care / CFT 203 Creating Natural
Peer Conference – The Mental Health Association in               Supports Through Child and Family Team Planning
Greensboro is hosting its First Annual Peer Conference -       6/16-Mental Health First Aide (2-day workshop)
Exploring Recovery: An Awakening of Hope. It will be held      6/17-The Parenting Spectrum: The Challenges and Gift's
Saturday, June 18 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Greensboro           of Raising a Child with Autism - Two Mother's
School of Creativity, 900 Sixteenth Street, Greensboro, NC.      Perspectives (NEW DATE)
To download form, visit www.mhag.org.                          6/20 - (MCTI) System of Care / CFT 204- Plan
                                                                 Development for Child and Family Teams
System of Care Child & Family Team Trainings - The             6/22 - (MCTI) System of Care / CFT 205- Crisis Planning
Arc of Gaston County will be offering the following System       for Child and Family Teams
of Care Child & Family Team trainings: “Child & Family         6/23 - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - LEVEL 1
Teams Part 1”, July 26-27, 2011; Gastonia, NC (click here        AND/OR LEVEL 2
for flier and registration form). Part 1 meets the 11 credit   6/28 - Substance Use and Brain Injury: Managing Care in
hours required by The NC Division of Health and Human            the Community
Services. “Child & Family Teams Part 2”, June 29-30, 2011;     6/28 - Infant Mental Health Training: Early
Gastonia, NC (click here for registration form). Part 1 must     Psychopathology in Very Young Children
be completed before attending Part 2; confirmation of this     6/29 - Caring for Inpatients with Mental & Psychiatric
completion must be provided with your registration form.         Health Issues
Contact The Arc of Gaston County with any questions at
                                                                                       June 13, 2011            Page 7

Interpreters and Translators Conference - The Fifth             host an open house showcasing their new facility on
Annual Charlotte AHEC Interpreters and Translators              Sunday, June 26 beginning at 3pm.
Conference will be held on June 30 at Charlotte AHEC. This
conference for interpreters, translators, educators,            Arc Celebrity Ballgame - Join Ronald McDonald and
administrators, state agency personnel, and anyone              the Carolina Panthers’ Sir Purr for the 22nd Annual Arc
interested in the profession of interpreting and translating.   Celebrity Ballgame interactive slow-pitch softball game
Cost is $150 if registered before June 23; $165 if registered   at The Gastonia Grizzlies field! The 22nd Annual Arc
after June 23. For more information, click here.                Celebrity Ball Game will be held Saturday, July 16, at
                                                                3:30pm at Sims Legion Park in Gastonia. For more
Pastoral Crisis Intervention I & II - The Academy-NICRT         information, contact The Arc at
in Lincolnton will host Pastoral Crisis Intervention I & II,    ballgame@gastoncountyarc.org.
taught by Geoffrey Leggett, July 7-9. Pastoral Crisis
Intervention may be thought of as the combination of                 PATHWAYS WANTS YOU TO KNOW…
faith-based resources with traditional techniques of crisis     Planned Response Crisis Program - Five Planned
intervention. The purpose of this three-day workshop is to      Response Crisis Program beds are available for referrals
assist the participants in learning how pastoral                from all three counties. Contact Mike Reel at
interventions and traditional psychological crisis              704-842-6301, mreel@pathwayslme.org to make a
interventions may be effectively integrated. Chaplains,         referral or to ask questions.
pastoral counselors, mental health professionals,
ministers, and anyone interested in the use of faith-based
resources in healing should find this course of interest. The
fee for the course is $150. To register, contact Mike Futrell
at theacademynicrt@bellsouth.net or at 980-429-5937.

                COMMUNITY NEWS
Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse Ribbon
Cutting– The Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse
will hold a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on June
16th at 10:30am on at their new location at 161 Policarp
Road in Lincolnton.

Special Needs Survey - The Arc of Gaston County is
interested in obtaining your input regarding fitness and
wellness for individuals with developmental disabilities. If
you are a support, caregiver, or guardian for an individual
with a developmental disability, go to
www.surveymonkey.com/s/2CLPHN8 to complete a short
survey to help address the concerns regarding health,
wellness, and fitness for those that are part of the special
needs population. Deadline is June 17.

Lincoln County Autism Society - The Autism Society of
North Carolina-Lincoln County Chapter will hold its
monthly meeting on Thursday, June 23 from 6:30pm-8pm
at CMC-Lincoln in the Magnolia Room. Gabrielle Martina
with Disability Rights North Carolina will be presenting.
Click here for the flyer. For more information, contact
Kristie Robertson at kwr0819@aim.com.

Life Enrichment Center Shelby Open House - Life
Enrichment Center, 110 Life Enrichment Blvd., Shelby will
                                                                                                     June 13, 2011                Page 8

TRAINING AND EVENT CALENDAR. . .                                                                           June 13, 2011
Individuals requiring special assistance to participate in these trainings should contact Pam Bumgarner, Consumer Affairs and Customer Ser-
vice Assistant, at 704-884-2606 or 711 for relay service users 72 hours before the training.

6/13/11        Consumer Support Group-Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) 5:00pm-6:00pm at Ollie Harris Center,
               917 First Street, Shelby. For more information call 704-476-4112.

6/14/11        Consumer Support Group-Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) 11:00am-12:00pm at Lincoln Counseling
               Center, 311 McBee Street, Lincolnton. For more information call 704-748-6129.

6/14/11        Pathways Provider Meeting 9:30am in Pathways Auditorium.

6/14/11        Division of Health & Safety Regulation New Provider Orientation 2:00pm-5:00pm in Pathways Board Room.
               Call 828-665-8705 for more information/registration.

6/15/11        Consumer Support Group-Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) 11:30am-12:30pm at Ollie Harris Center,
               917 First Street, Shelby. For more information call 704-476-4112.

6/16/11        Consumer Support Group-Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) 12:00pm-1:00pm at Gaston Recovery
               Center, 2505 Court Drive, Gastonia. For more information call 704-842-6371 or 704-842-6373.

6/21/11        Clinical Data Entry 9:00am—2:00pm in the Pathways MIS training room. To register, contact Rena Watkins
               at 704 842-6429 or email ewatkins@pathwayslme.org.
6/24/11        NC SNAP Training 1:00pm—4:00pm by Regina Blalock at Murdoch Training Center in Butner. To register,
               email completed NC SNAP registration form (click on “For Providers” and “Training” on Pathways Website) to

6/29-30/11     Child & Family Teams: Part Two 9:00am-4:30pm Gaston County Police Department, Community Room,
               420 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia. Cost $80. To register, email training@gastoncountyarc.org
               or fax to The Arc of Gaston County at 704-864-9464.

7/05/11        Lincoln Community Collaborative 8:30am—10:30am at Lincoln Counseling Center. Note day and time change.
               For more information, contact Melinda Tagorda 704-842-6300, mtagorda@pathwayslme.org.

7/06/11        Cleveland Community Collaborative 12:30pm—2:30pm Ollie Harris Center in Shelby. For more information,
               contact Melinda Tagorda 704-842-6300, mtagorda@pathwayslme.org

7/08/11        Gaston Community Collaborative 9:00am—11:00am at Pathways LME. For more information, contact
               Melinda Tagorda 704-842-6300, mtagorda@pathwayslme.org.

7/12/11        Clinical Data Entry 9:00am—2:00pm in the Pathways MIS training room. To register, contact Rena Watkins
               at 704 842-6429 or email ewatkins@pathwayslme.org.
7/13/11        Clerical Data Entry 9:00am—1:00pm in the Pathways MIS training room. To register, contact Rena Watkins
               at 704 842-6429 or email ewatkins@pathwayslme.org.

7/26-27/11     Child & Family Teams: Part One 9:00am-4:30pm Gaston County Police Department, Community Room,
                     420 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia. Cost $60. To register, email training@gastoncountyarc.org
                     or fax to The Arc of Gaston County at 704-864-9464.

Disclaimer: While we offer information about available trainings, Pathways does not endorse or approve any
trainings/trainers other than those offered by Pathways. Please direct suggestions, comments, and possible
submissions to Stacy Bryant at sbryant@pathwayslme.org, 704-884-2558 by 3pm the Thursday before publication.

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