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									Helfrich Park School Newsletter, Tim McIntosh, Principal, August 29, 2008

                                             August 29, 2008

         Puma Team,
                                                   In language arts, our teachers will be
Welcome back to what has been a terrific           beginning our first full year utilizing the
start to another school year! The PUMA             Study Island reading program, which
staff is very impressed with our students and      individually challenges each student.
their very positive attitude toward schooling.     Whew! What a year we have planned and
                                                   how excited we are to finally get it
There are a few new initiatives this year at       underway!
Helfrich Park and I feel none is more
important than our HELFRICH PARK                   A reminder about student dress … students
SIMPLE SIX efforts. The simple six are:            are not allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts,
be POLITE, be KIND, be HELPFUL, be on              (oversized or with pockets) this includes
TASK, be PREPARED, and be on TIME.                 pullovers and zip-ups. Crew sweatshirts and
Following these “simple” ideas and                 sweaters are permissible. The students have
behaviors will improve our school                  been fantastic in cooperating with us on this
atmosphere even more and reinforce the             issue.
basic necessities of manners and good
interpersonal relations.                           Big plans lie ahead for students in the form
                                                   of assemblies bringing world cultures to
Another initiative is our STEM program. In         Helfrich Park. This year, students will have
partnership with U.S.I. and Dr. Scott              the opportunity to see performances by
Gordon, Dean of Science and Engineering,           Chinese acrobats, African tumblers, a South
Helfrich Park students began traveling to          American music entourage, a world-class
U.S.I. on August 28th for extensive science        jump roper and unicyclist, and Australian
laboratory experience. What a fascinating          animals.    These assemblies will be in
experience it will be! Helfrich Park’s             addition to our student recognition and
science teachers have spent many hours             reward assemblies, as well as character
preparing the labs, transportation logistics,      education assemblies.
and meeting with the U.S.I. department
heads in preparation for this school year.         The 2008-09 school year promises to be
Also, students will have the opportunity to        great for everyone. Thank you, parents, for
be exposed to more technology experiences          your support and commitment to your
in their middle school years including units       children and Helfrich Park.      Educating
in computer-aided drafting, electricity,           students takes all of us, working hand-in-
robotics, and bridge engineering and design,       hand and rowing in the same direction.
to name a few.                                     Again, thank you!

Our math department is integrating their
curriculum and continuing to challenge the                                         Mac
students in an extremely rigorous academic
core loaded with hands-on experiences.

               WELCOME                                    BOOK RENTAL AND FEES

                                                     Book rental and fees are due at this time.
                                                     Please send separate checks for book
                                                     rental and fees as soon as possible.
                                                     Checks are to be payable to Helfrich
A big Helfrich Park welcome to our new               Park Middle School. If you need to
staff members for the 2008-2009 school               apply for free and/or reduced lunch and
year!                                                did not receive a pre-printed application
                                                     the first week of school, please contact
Jeslyn Horstketter-Art, is filling in for Mrs.       the office at 435-8246. Thank you for
Biesecker, who is on extended maternity              your cooperation.
leave, this year. She has travelled to Paris
and New York City, viewing famous                             6TH GRADE STARS
artwork. In her free time, she enjoys
painting with watercolors and spending time
                                                     The 6th Grade Stars are off to a great
with her pets.
                                                     start. The math and science classes had
Stacy Burkhart-7th grade, is beginning her           a Mini Metric Olympics.          Students
11th year of teaching. She, her husband              participated in events such as the paper
(teacher and varsity basketball coach at             plate discus throw, plastic straw javelin,
Bosse) and four children have just moved             cotton ball shot put, and sponge squeeze.
from Marion, IN. She will be teaching                The events were not about strength or
math, pre-algebra, science, and health.              physical ability, instead they focused on
                                                     estimation and measurement skills. Our
Joe Nelson-7th grade, holds a degree in sales        sixth graders are all gold medal winners.
from Kentucky Wesleyan, where he was a
four-year starter on the football team, and a        Be sure to check agendas and keep up
teaching degree from U.S.I. He and his
                                                     with the RDS grade book. If you have
wife, Margie, reside on the north side of
town. He is teaching social studies. Besides         any questions or concerns, please feel
being a Bengals’ fanatic, his hobbies include        free to call between 2:00 and 2:30.
reading, sports, and collecting odd history
memorabilia.                                                         M&M’S

Kara Carlile-8th grade, graduated from               Seventh graders are off to a fantastic
Murray State in 2008, where she played               start this school year! They are very
soccer. She teaches language arts and math.          eager and have conformed to their new
She is the Volleyball coach and Dance Team           schedules quickly. In English classes,
sponsor.                                             students have created and presented their
                                                     M&M puzzle piece posters that portray
Rebecca Owens-8th grade, is in her fourth
year of teaching middle school math and              their interests, families, and hobbies.
science. She coaches the PUMA cheer team             German classes have all received new
and Reitz girls’ track; she also helps out           names and are practicing their “hi’s and
with Reitz girls’ soccer.       This former          good-bye’s.”     Please do not forget
Helfrich Park student is excited to be back!         ISTEP begins September 15th. It is
                                                     important for students to eat breakfast,
                                                     get a good night’s rest, and be here every
                                                     day. Thank you for all your support!

                                                    NEWS FROM THE NURSE
                                                All emergency cards and 6th grade
Deaconess Hospital promotes healthy             physical/immunization         information
eating by following basic guidelines that       sheets need to be returned to the nurse as
encourage your child to eat right and           soon as possible.
maintain a healthy weight. A suggestion
sheet is available in the school lobby or       Please Note: A change in Indiana Code
you can visit the following website:            makes 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine       and 1 dose of Chickenpox vaccine or
n_fit/nutrition/eating_tips.html.               proof of chickenpox disease (consisting
                                                of a written statement, signed and dated
                                                by the parent, indicating the date of
                                                chickenpox will serve as proof of
         SPORTING NEWS                          disease-no      vaccine     needed)      a
                                                requirement for Indiana students in all
Volleyball has started!                         grade levels K-12. Previously these
Practices are going great                       were only required at Kindergarten and
and Ms. Carlile is looking                      First Grade. Vaccinations are offered,
forward to a great season.                      free of charge, for children at the Health
The first home game was Thursday,               Department.         A shot record and
August 28th against Washington Middle           appointment are required. You may
School.                                         contact the Health Department at 435-
                                                5997. Contact the school nurse if you
                                                have any questions.
Dance Squad tryouts will be coming up
in September. Stay tuned for further
information from Ms. Carlile.                                   G8TORS

                                                Welcome back Gators! Both students
          Congratulations to the 2008-          and staff are back to a great start getting
          09        Helfrich       Park         into the swing of things.
          Cheerleading Squad and new
          cheer coach, Becky Owens!             The 8th grade team has “hit the ground
          Our      cheerleaders     are:        running,” engaging our students in
Autumn Ashworth, Jessica Bilskie,               ISTEP assessment strategies and review
Kenzie Crowell, Shelby DeMoss, Katie            during homeroom and class time. The
Dillon, Anni Emmert, Lynsey Euler,              students have been working diligently.
Carrie Fallat, Ashlee French, Katie             Our first session of ISTEP testing will be
French, Britlee Harp, Sara Hurley, Alex         September 15th -18th.
Hurt, Emily Keil, Arium Pollock, and
Lindi Stauber.                                  Gators, DO NOT forget that our annual
                                                Fall Festival Field trip is coming up in
                                                October. Be sure to keep up on your
                                                homework or you may be left behind to
                                                finish missing assignments!

           OFFICE DEPOT                                     BOWLING LEAGUE

Help Helfrich Park earn money without              The fall Helfrich Park Bowling League
selling a thing!!!    Office Depot will            begins Monday, September 22nd. The
donate 5% of your total purchase to your           ten-week league meets every Monday
favorite school – Helfrich Park. Just              from 3:00-4:00 p.m. at Franklin Lanes.
mention our school upon checking out.              The cost is $55.00 and includes two
You will receive an orange card with our           games each day, shoes, and a
school name. Present this card when                pizza/trophy party on the last day. See
paying for any purchase and Helfrich               Mrs. Offutt for details.
Park will receive 5%. Pass this on to
your family and co-workers. What an
easy way to earn money for our school!                         PICTURE DAY

                                                   Looking ahead - school
                                                   picture day is Tuesday,
                  ISTEP                            October 14. Have that
                                                   special outfit and hair style
Mark Your Calendar:                                ready!

 ISTEP testing will be                                         YOUTH FIRST
September 15-18 starting
promptly at 8:00 a.m., as with any other           A note from Lisa Cossey, Youth First
school day. Attendance is very                     Social Worker…Welcome back to all of
important. Testing should be finished              our great students and families! As the
by noon. If appointments must be                   Youth First School Social Worker for
scheduled, please do so in the afternoon.          Helfrich Park, I am looking forward to a
Thank you.                                         great year assisting our students and
                                                   their families with any needs they may
         TENNIS ANYONE ?                           have. I will be available at Helfrich Park
                                                   on Mondays and Fridays during the
The Evansville Community Tennis                    school year. Please feel free to contact
Association will be offering tennis teams          me at (812) 435-8246.
for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Boys’ tennis
will be played in the fall and girls’ tennis
in the spring. The Association assumes                    DON’T FORGET
all financial responsibility, along with
recruiting volunteer coaching and                  Labor Day- No School ……….. Sept. 1
scheduling. Singles and doubles format             ISTEP ………………………Sept. 15-18
is typically followed. The minimum                 Fun Night 3-5 pm …………….. Sept. 26
number of players per school is five.              Report Cards …………………… Oct. 3
                                                   No School …………………….. Oct. 10
                                                   Picture Day …………………… Oct. 14
Flyers are available in the school lobby           Fun Night 3-5 pm …………….. Oct. 24
or you may contact Karan Wilson, 479-              Election Day ………………….. Nov. 4
7122 or                      Veterans’ Day-No School ……. Nov. 11
                                                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS – SEPTEMBER 08
Sun           Mon                         Tues                             Wed                              Thurs                     Fri                 Sat
      01                        02                                03                                04                          05                        06
                                Cub FB to Barker 3 pm             Cub FB to Barker 3 pm             Choir 7:15 am               Student Council 7:30 am
                                Cross Country 3-4                 Cheer 3-4
           LABOR DAY            LaCrosse 3-4                      CC Meet @ HP 3-5                  Cub FB to Barker 3 pm       Jazz Band 3-5
                                Tutoring 3-4                      Speech Meet @ HP 3-6              CC 3-4                      VB 3-4
                                VB @ Thompkins 3-5                Starpower 3-4                     Robotics 3-4
                                                                  VB 3-5                            Speech 3-4
                                                                  3 on 3 3-4                        Tutoring 3-4
                                                                                                    VB vs. PH 3-5
07    08                        09                                10                                11                          12                        13
      Student Council 7:30 am   Choir 7:15 am                     Cub FB to Barker 3 pm             Choir 7:15 am               Student Council 7:30
      Cheer 3-4
      Cub FB to Barker 3 pm     Cub FB to Barker 3 pm              FACULTY MEETING                  Cub FB @ Harrison 5:30 pm   Jazz Band 3-5
      CC 3-4                    CC Meet vs. Thompk. 3-5                                             CC 3-4                      VB 3-4
      Speech 3-4                LaCrosse 3-4                                                        Robotics 3-4
      VB 3-5                    Tutoring 3-4                                                        Speech 3-4
                                VB @ Plaza 3-5                                                      Tutoring 3-4
      PTSA Meet. 4 pm Media                                                                         VB vs. Glenwood 3-5

14    15                        16                                17                                18                          19                        20
      Student Council 7:30 am   Cub FB to Barker 3 pm             Cub FB to Barker 3 pm             Cub FB game 5:30 pm         Student Council 7:30 am
      Cheer 3-4                 CC 3-4                            Cheer 3-4                         CC 3-4
      Cub FB to Barker 3 pm     LaCrosse 3-4                      CC 3-4                            Robotics 3-4                Jazz Band 3-5
      CC 3-4                    Tutoring 3-4                      Dance Try-Out 3-5                 Speech 3-4                  VB 3-4
      Dance Try-Out 3-5         VB @ Harwood 3-5                  Speech Meet @ HP 3-6              Tutoring 3-4
      Speech 3-4                                                  Starpower 3-4                     VB vs. Evans 3-5
      VB 3-5                                                      VB 3-5
                                                                  3 on 3 3-4
               / ------------   ----------------------- I   S     T     E    P ------------------   ------------------/

21    22                        23                                24                                25                          26                        27
      Student Council 7:30 am   Choir 7:15 am                     CC Ball Park Run @                Choir 7:15 am               Student Council 7:30 am
      Cheer 3-4                                                    Garvin 3-5
      Bowling @ Franklin 3-4    CC 3-4                            Cheer 3-4                         Cub FB @ Castle 5:30 pm         FUN NIGHT
      CC 3-4                    LaCrosse 3-4                      Speech 3-4                        CC 3-4
      Speech 3-4                Tutoring 3-4                      3 on 3 3-4                        Robotics 3-4
      VB 3-5                    VB vs. McGary 3-5                                                   Speech 3-4                  End of 1st 6 weeks
                                                                                                    Tutoring 3-4
                                                                                                    VB @ Oak Hill 3-5
28    29                        30                                Oct. 1                            2                           3                         4
      Student Council 7:30 am   Choir 7:15 am
      Cheer 3-4                                                   Cheer 3-4                         Cub FB @ Central 5:30 pm    Report Cards go home
      CC Meet @ USI 3-5         LaCrosse 3-4                      Speech Meet @ HP 3-6              Speech 3-4
      Speech 3-4                Tutoring 3-4                                                        Tutoring 3-4
      VB Trny – TBA             VB Trny - TBA
                                                                                                    VB Trny - TBA


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