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									Know how to become a freelance illustrator

One of the biggest markets where freelance work is done is in the field
of designing and illustration. Defined as "doing a graphic design jobs
for businesses to make their products sell via direct marketing,"
designing is becoming one of the growing markets where designers earn
income by doing freelance work.

Indeed, words are powerful. But today, in a world where the any market
becomes more and more competitive, images prove that they are even more
powerful and forceful. This is because more and more people appreciate
visuals and appealing illustration compared to overwhelming texts in any
marketing and promotion strategy.

With the fast-paced and modern technology people enjoy today, images are
used to communicate and convey messages and information easier and more
effective. Unlike texts where there are boundaries because people speak
different languages, images created by freelance illustrators are used in
most marketing campaigns because they can appeals even to those people
who have different ethnicities and backgrounds.


Almost all business establishments today require the assistance of
designers and illustrators. This is because they have finally realized
that illustrations can be more powerful in promoting their services and
products. But, instead of hiring full time illustrators or in-house
designers, more and more clients prefer to hire freelancers because they
are oftentimes more creative and resourceful.

For companies who would want to create a new marketing strategy in order
to communicate a message or information effectively, illustration can be
the key. Whether you are into publishing like children's book,
instructional booklet or website, your product can be more appealing if
it has illustrations. So, it is now time to consider your options for
freelance illustration or design.

In order to become a freelance illustrator or designer, you have to have
a specialization in the required field. You can do this by ear ning a
degree or certification in various colleges and universities out there.
But if you are too busy to take classes in educational establishments,
you can take courses online that can help you to be a successful
freelance illustrator. Here are some of the sites where you can take
online courses:

1. Sessions. This is one of the online schools of design and media. Many
freelance illustrators today will agree that being a student of Sessions
will enable you to enjoy an award-winning curriculum of design and
illustration classes right in the comforts of your own home.

2. Tutorials. There are so many websites that offers online tutorials
over the Internet today. Most of these multimedia tutorials can help you
to learn graphic design, web design and illustration without the delays
of downloading. You can even start using these web -based tutorials as
soon as you sign in.

3. Adult University. This site provides comprehensive online continuing
education classes in very interactive classrooms. If you would want to
take graphic design, web design and illustration courses online, then you
should start browsing the website by now.

4. Harcourt Learning Direct. This is one of the sites that offer at -home
and self-paced training that teaches web design, illustratio n and graphic
design for individuals who would want to learn without having to enroll
in major colleges or universities.

Aside from getting educated, you will also need the tools and software in
order to be a graphic designer or illustrator such as Adobe Photoshop 5.5
with Imageready 2.0 to help boost the resolution of your photos,
Illustrator 9.0 to help your graphics become more appropriate for print,
web, and dynamic digital media use, QuarkXPress and InDesign 1.5 to
achieve ultimate professional publishing results.

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