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									         Custom Products Information No.3
  Reading data from multiple channels
                     with Autograph

Reading data from multiple channels using Trapezium2

The common method for evaluating the strength of automotive or other parts is applying
strain gauges on parts to determine which areas will deform, collecting the strain data using
a data logger apart from the testing machine, and then integrating the data from the test
logger and the testing machine for post-measurement processing. This method requires
time and labor.
With this system, multiple strain gauges can be attached to the test sample during
materials or product testing, and synchronized with the force load applied for data sampling.
With a single system you can set parameters, control the test and gather data, without any
need for a data logger, so operations are much easier. Functions for graphing data during
the test, printing reports after the test, and producing CSV file output are very convenient.
Measuring Poisson’s ratio is easy, too.
* Features
1. Load application and collecting strain data from multiple channels are possible with one
2. Even during testing, data from multiple channels can be monitored via numerical values
 or graphically.
3. Up to eight graphs can be simultaneously generated in color.
4. After testing, all data can be output as CSV format sampling data.
5. Testing can be controlled from one computer (using Trapezium2 for multi-channel data
* Specimens
Automotive parts, engine parts, aerospace parts, machinery parts, molded parts, skis, etc.

* System Configuration
The Autograph and computer system reads the test force, stroke and data from
displacement gauges 1 and 2 via an RS232C cable and synchronizes the analog stain
gauge data (8 channels). A dedicated analog/digital converter board is inserted into the

                                      Dynamic Strain Amp.

                                    Strain Data (8 channels)
                                                               A/D Board
                                  Test    Force    and
                                  Displacement Data
               Autograph                                        Computer
* Specifications
 Compatible       Test AG-IS, AGS-J (10kN or less)
 Load Capacity          1N-250kN (19 models available, corresponding to capacity
 Max. Data Reading 12 channels (test force, stroke, displacement gauge 1 and 2 and 8
 Channels               strain gauge channels)
 Sampling Rate          50 msec
 Testing Rate           0.0005 - 1000 mm/min (0.0005 - 500 mm/min for 250kN)
 Software (Windows <Visual Display>
 XP)                    Many graphic icons are displayed in addition to text to facilitate
                        <8 Strain Gauge Channels>
                        The strain gauge polarity can be set for each of the 8 channels.
                        <Data Output that makes Post-test Analysis Easy>
                        All the sampling data can be output as CSV files, so referencing data
                        is easy via commercial applications such as MS-Excel.
* The strain gauges and the strain amplifier must be provided separately.
* Laptop computers cannot be used.
* We can make systems that are able to read more than 8 channels of strain data.
l Applications such as MS-Excel are used to process the 8 channels of data input via the
    A/D board.

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