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					                                                FlexBenefits - Formulary B Listing
                                         Additional drugs Covered- Médicaments Supplémentaires Couvert

           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                                     Nom de Medicament             RAMQ   ODB

00155365         N             Y         ADRENALIN CL NASAL SOLN                            ADRENALIN 1MG/ML SOL.TOPIQUE                  N      N
02241630         N             Y         AMBISOME 50MG INJECTION                            AMBISOME 50MG PD INJ. I.V.                    N      N
02241749         N             Y         AMPHOTEC 100MG INJECTION                           AMPHOTEC 100MG INJ                            N      N
02298953         N             Y         APO-CICLOPIROX 8% TOPICAL SOLUTION                 APO-CICLOPIROX 8% SOL.TOPIQUE                 N      N
02256495         N             Y         APO-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                        APO-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.                    N      N
02256509         N             Y         APO-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                        APO-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.                    N      N
02241890         N             Y         ARAVA 100MG FILM COATED TABLET                     ARAVA 100MG COMP.                             N      N
02241888         N             Y         ARAVA 10MG FILM COATED TABLET                      ARAVA 10MG COMP.                              N      N
02241889         N             Y         ARAVA 20MG FILM COATED TABLET                      ARAVA 20MG COMP.                              N      N
02242473         N             Y         ATRIDOX 44MG GEL                                   ATRIDOX 8.8% GEL TOPIQUE                      N      N
02242965         N             Y         AVELOX 400MG TABLET                                AVELOX 400MG COMP.                            Y      N
02301407         N             Y         CO-CABERGOLINE 0.5MG TABLET                        CO CABERGOLINE 0.5MG COMP.                    N      N
02041510         N             Y         DAPSONE 100MG TABLET                               DAPSONE 100MG COMP.                           Y      N
02058235         N             Y         DEY-PAK SODIUM CHLORIDE SOLUTION 0.9%              CHLORURE DE SODIUM 0.9% SOL.INH.              N      N
02309343         N             Y         DOM-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                        DOM-LEFLUNOMIDE 10 MG COMPRIMÉ                N      N
02309351         N             Y         DOM-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                        DOM-LEFLUNOMIDE 20 MG COMPRIMÉ                N      N
02242471         N             Y         DOSTINEX 0.5MG TABLET                              DOSTINEX 0.5MG COMP.                          N      N
94444444         N             Y         DRUGS REC'D IN DR'S OFFICE/CLINIC                  MÉDICAMENT REÇU DANS BUREAU/CLINIQUE DU MD    N      N
99002264         N             Y         EAU STERILE/INJ PETITES VOLUME                     EAU STERILE (INJECTION)                       N      N
00963887         N             Y         ESTRADIOL PD (PQ)                                  ESTRADIOL PD                                  N      N
00964166         N             Y         ESTRADIOL PD (PQ)                                  ESTRADIOL PD                                  N      N
00963933         N             Y         ESTRIOL PD (PQ)                                    ESTRIOL PD                                    N      N
00964212         N             Y         ESTRIOL PD (PQ)                                    ESTRIOL PD                                    N      N
02248968         N             Y         FACTIVE 320MG TABLET                               FACTIVE 320MG COMP.                           N      N
01913565         N             Y         GENTAMICIN SULFATE 1MG/ML IN NACL 0.9% INJ         GENTAMICINE 100MG INJECTABLE                  N      N
11512660         N             Y         GRP ADJUSTMENT PIN                                 GRP ADJUSTEMENT PIN                           N      N
02246962         N             Y         HELIZIDE KIT                                       HELIZIDE KIT                                  N      N
02247437         N             Y         INVANZ 1G INJECTION                                INVANZ 1G PD INJ.                             Y      N
02247520         N             Y         KETEK 400MG TABLET                                 KETEK 400MG COMP.                             Y      N
02334119         N             Y         LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                            LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.                        N      N
02334127         N             Y         LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                            LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.                        N      N
02243005         N             Y         MIRENA 52MG INSERT                                 MIRENA 52MG DISPOSITIF                        Y      Y
02319225         N             Y         MYLAN-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                      GEN-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.                    N      N
02319233         N             Y         MYLAN-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                      GEN-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.                    N      N
02252295         N             Y         MYOBLOC 5000UNITS/ML VIAL                          MYOBLOC 5,000UNITS/ML INJ                     N      N
02249790         N             Y         NEULASTA 10MG/ML PFS WITH ULTRASAFE NEEDLE GUARD   NEULASTA 6MG SERINGUE                         N      N
02261251         N             Y         NOVO-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                       NOVO-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.                   N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                      Drug Name                              Nom de Medicament   RAMQ   ODB

02261278         N             Y         NOVO-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET               NOVO-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.         N      N
02250535         N             Y         PENLAC 8% TOPICAL SOLUTION                 PENLAC 8% SOL.TOPIQUE               N      N
02247265         N             Y         PENNSAID 1.5% TOPICAL SOLUTION             PENNSAID 1.5% SOL.TOPIQUE           N      N
02247104         N             Y         PERIOSTAT 20MG CAPSULE                     PERIOSTAT 20MG CAPSULE              N      N
02309327         N             Y         PHL-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                PHL-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.          N      N
02309335         N             Y         PHL-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                PHL-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.          N      N
02288265         N             Y         PMS-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET                PMS-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.          N      N
02288273         N             Y         PMS-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET                PMS-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.          N      N
00902454         N             Y         PODOPHYLLIN POWDER (PQ)                    PODOPHYLLINE                        N      N
00963593         N             Y         PROGESTERONE PD (PQ)                       PROGESTERONE PD                     N      N
02246555         N             Y         REMODULIN 10MG/ML INJECTION                REMODULIN 10MG/ML SOL.INJ.          N      N
02246552         N             Y         REMODULIN 1MG/ML INJECTION                 REMODULIN 1MG/ML SOL.INJ.           N      N
02246553         N             Y         REMODULIN 2.5MG/ML INJECTION               REMODULIN 2.5MG/ML SOL.INJ.         N      N
02246554         N             Y         REMODULIN 5MG/ML INJECTION                 REMODULIN 5MG/ML SOL.INJ.           N      N
02244310         N             Y         RENAGEL 800MG TABLET                       RENAGEL 800MG COMP.                 N      N
02242763         N             Y         RILUTEK 50MG TABLET                        RILUTEK 50MG COMP.                  N      N
02283964         N             Y         SANDOZ-LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG TABLET             SANDOZ LEFLUNOMIDE 10MG COMP.       N      N
02283972         N             Y         SANDOZ-LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG TABLET             SANDOZ LEFLUNOMIDE 20MG COMP.       N      N
02243660         N             Y         STREPTOMYCIN 1G INJECTION                  STREPTOMYCIN 1G PD INJ.             Y      N
02241323         N             Y         SYNERCID 500MG INJECTION                   SYNERCID 350MG-150MG PD INJ.        N      N
02243184         N             Y         TEQUIN 10MG/ML INJECTION                   TEQUIN 10MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.V.        N      N
02243181         N             Y         TEQUIN 200MG TABLET                        TEQUIN 200MG COMP.                  N      N
02243183         N             Y         TEQUIN 2MG/ML INJECTION                    TEQUIN 2MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.V.         N      N
02243182         N             Y         TEQUIN 400MG TABLET                        TEQUIN 400MG COMP.                  N      N
00990055         N             Y         TESTOSTERONE POWDER (PQ)                   TESTOSTERONE PD                     N      N
02247850         N             Y         THYROSAFE 65MG TABLET                      THYROSAFE 65MG COMP.                N      N
99005069         N             Y         TOBRAMYCINE SA 40MG/ML INJ                 TOBRAMYCIN SA 40MG/ML SOL.INJ.      Y      N
02244982         N             Y         TRACLEER 125MG TABLET                      TRACLEER 125MG COMP.                N      N
02244981         N             Y         TRACLEER 62.5MG TABLET                     TRACLEER 62.5MG COMP.               N      N
02242367         N             Y         VISUDYNE 15MG INJECTION                    VISUDYNE 15MG PD INJ. I.V.          N      N
02242725         N             Y         ZOMETA 4MG INJECTION                       ZOMETA 4MG PD PERF. IV              N      N
02248296         N             Y         ZOMETA CONCENTRATE 4MG INJECTION           ZOMETA 4MG/5ML SOL.PERF. I.V.       N      N
02243686         N             Y         ZYVOXAM 100MG/5ML SUSP                     ZYVOXAM 100MG/5ML SUSP              N      N
02243683         N             Y         ZYVOXAM 400MG TABLET                       ZYVOXAM 400MG COMP.                 N      N
02243684         N             Y         ZYVOXAM 600MG TABLET                       ZYVOXAM 600MG COMP.                 N      N
02247880         N             Y         TIMENTIN 30G MULTI DOSE INJECTION          TIMENTIN 1G-30G PD INJ. I.V.        N      N
02247725         N             Y         FUZEON 108MG INJECTION                     FUZEON 108MG PD INJ.                N      N
02245777         N             Y         VALCYTE 450MG TABLET                       VALCYTE 450MG COMP.                 N      N
02306085         N             Y         VALCYTE 50MG/ML ORAL POWDER FOR SOLUTION   VALCYTE 50MG/ML PD                  N      N
02247823         N             Y         HEPSERA 10MG TABLET                        HEPSERA 10MG COMP.                  N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                        Drug Name                                        Nom de Medicament              RAMQ   ODB

02248077         N             Y         PEGASYS 180MCG/0.5ML PFS INJECTION                    PEGASYS 180MCG/0.5ML SOL.                       N      N
02248078         N             Y         PEGASYS 180MCG/ML INJECTION (VIAL)                    PEGASYS 180MCG/ML SOL.                          N      N
99100171         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV (35) 180MCG/0.5ML TROUSSE                 PEGASYS RBV (35)(0.5ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE    N      N
99100172         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV (35) 180MCG/1ML TROUSSE                   PEGASYS RBV (35)(1ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE      N      N
99100173         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV (42) 180MCG/0.5ML TROUSSE                 PEGASYS RBV (42)(0.5ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE    N      N
99100174         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV (42) 180MCG/1ML TROUSSE                   PEGASYS RBV (42)(1ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE      N      N
02253429         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV 180MCG/0.5ML + RIBAVIRIN 200MCG CAPSULE   PEGASYS RBV (28)(0.5ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE    N      N
02253410         N             Y         PEGASYS RBV 180MCG/ML + RIBAVIRIN 200MG CAPSULE       PEGASYS RBV (28)(1ML) 200MG-180MCG TROUSSE      N      N
02246028         N             Y         PEGETRON 100MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN 200MG CAPSULE         PEGETRON 100MCG-200MG TROUSSE                   N      N
02246029         N             Y         PEGETRON 120MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN 200MG CAPSULE         PEGETRON 120MCG-200MG TROUSSE                   N      N
02246030         N             Y         PEGETRON 150MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRAN 200MG CAPSULE         PEGETRON 150MCG-200MG TROUSSE                   N      N
02246026         N             Y         PEGETRON 50MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN 200MG CAPSULE          PEGETRON 50MCG-200MG TROUSSE                    N      N
02246027         N             Y         PEGETRON 80MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN 200MG CAPSULE          PEGETRON 80MCG-200MG TROUSSE                    N      N
02254603         N             Y         PEGETRON REDIPEN 100MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE       PEGETRON REDIPEN 100MCG-200MG TROUSSE           N      N
02254638         N             Y         PEGETRON REDIPEN 120MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE       PEGETRON REDIPEN 120MCG-200MG TROUSSE           N      N
02254646         N             Y         PEGETRON REDIPEN 150MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE       PEGETRON REDIPEN 150MCG-200MG TROUSSE           N      N
02254581         N             Y         PEGETRON REDIPEN 80MCG/0.5ML+RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE        PEGETRON REDIPEN 80MCG-200MG TROUSSE            N      N
02248982         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 108MCG PFS                                UNITRON PEG 108MCG SER                          N      N
02242967         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 118.4MCG INJECTION                        UNITRON PEG 80MCG/0.5ML PD INJ. S.C.            N      N
02248983         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 135MCG PFS                                UNITRON PEG 135MCG SER                          N      N
02248984         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 162 MCG PFS                               UNITRON PEG 162 MCG SER                         N      N
02242968         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 177.6MCG INJECTION                        UNITRON PEG 120MCG/0.5ML PD INJ. S.C.           N      N
02248985         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 202.5MCG PFS                              UNITRON PEG 202.5MCG SER                        N      N
02242969         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 222MCG INJECTION                          UNITRON PEG 150MCG/0.5ML PD INJ. S.C.           N      N
02248981         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 67.5MCG PFS                               UNITRON PEG 67.5MCG SER                         N      N
02242966         N             Y         UNITRON PEG 74MCG INJECTION                           UNITRON PEG 50MCG/0.5ML PD INJ. S.C.            N      N
02242705         N             Y         AROMASIN 25MG TABLET                                  AROMASIN 25MG COMP.                             Y      N
02240602         N             Y         BUSULFEX 6MG/ML INJECTION                             BULSUFLEX 6MG/ML INJECTABLE                     N      N
02241445         N             Y         DACARBAZINE 600MG INJECTION                           DACARBAZINE 600MG/FIOLE INJECTABLE              N      N
02241150         N             Y         DEPOCYT LIPSOME 10MG/ML INJ                           DEPOCYT LIPOSOME 10MG/ML INJECTABLE             N      N
02248624         N             Y         FASLODEX 50MG/ML INJECTION                            FASLODEX 50MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.M.                  N      N
02248676         N             Y         IRESSA 250MG TABLET                                   IRESSA 250MG COMP.                              N      N
02241927         N             Y         RITUXAN 10MG/ML INJECTION                             RITUXAN 10MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.V.                   N      N
02241095         N             Y         TEMODAL 100MG CAPSULE                                 TEMODAL 100MG CAPSULE                           N      N
02312794         N             Y         TEMODAL 140MG CAPSULE                                 TEMODAL 140MG CAPSULE                           N      N
02312816         N             Y         TEMODAL 180MG CAPSULE                                 TEMODAL 180MG CAPSULE                           N      N
02241094         N             Y         TEMODAL 20MG CAPSULE                                  TEMODAL 20MG CAPSULE                            N      N
02241096         N             Y         TEMODAL 250MG CAPSULE                                 TEMODAL 250MG CAPSULE                           N      N
02241093         N             Y         TEMODAL 5MG CAPSULE                                   TEMODAL 5MG CAPSULE                             N      N
02242466         N             Y         VALTAXIN 40MG/ML INJECTION                            VALTAXIN 40MG/ML INJECTABLE                     N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                      Nom de Medicament        RAMQ   ODB

02336715         N             Y         APO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE     APO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02336723         N             Y         APO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE       APO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE              N      N
02336731         N             Y         APO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE     APO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02336758         N             Y         APO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE       APO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE              N      N
02295245         N             Y         CO-GALANTAMINE 12MG TABLET         CO-GALANTAMINE 12MG COMP.                 N      N
02295229         N             Y         CO-GALANTAMINE 4MG TABLET          CO-GALANTAMINE 4MG COMP.                  N      N
02295237         N             Y         CO-GALANTAMINE 8MG TABLET          CO-GALANTAMINE 8MG COMP.                  N      N
02307685         N             Y         DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE     DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02307693         N             Y         DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE       DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE              N      N
02307707         N             Y         DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE     DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02307715         N             Y         DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE       DOM-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE              N      N
02242115         N             Y         EXELON 1.5MG CAPSULE               EXELON 1.5MG CAPSULE                      N      N
02245240         N             Y         EXELON 2MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION        EXELON 2MG/ML SOL.ORALE                   N      N
02242116         N             Y         EXELON 3MG CAPSULE                 EXELON 3MG CAPSULE                        N      N
02242117         N             Y         EXELON 4.5MG CAPSULE               EXELON 4.5MG CAPSULE                      N      N
02242118         N             Y         EXELON 6MG CAPSULE                 EXELON 6MG CAPSULE                        N      N
02302853         N             Y         EXELON PATCH 10                    EXELON TIMBRE 10 9.5MG/24H TIMBRE CUT.    N      N
02302845         N             Y         EXELON PATCH 5                     EXELON TIMBRE 5 4.6MG/24H TIMBRE CUT.     N      N
02316951         N             Y         JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 16MG CAPSULE    JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 16MG CAPS. L.A.        N      N
02316978         N             Y         JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 24MG CAPSULE    JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 24MG CAPS. L.A.        N      N
02316943         N             Y         JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 8MG CAPSULE     JOI-GALANTAMINE ER 8MG CAPS L.A..         N      N
02332809         N             Y         MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE   MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
02332817         N             Y         MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE     MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE            N      N
02332825         N             Y         MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE   MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
02332833         N             Y         MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE     MYLAN-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE            N      N
02305984         N             Y         NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE    NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE           N      N
02305992         N             Y         NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE      NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE             N      N
02306018         N             Y         NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE    NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE           N      N
02306026         N             Y         NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE      NOVO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE             N      N
02308169         N             Y         PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE     PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02308177         N             Y         PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE       PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE              N      N
02308185         N             Y         PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE     PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02308193         N             Y         PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE       PHL-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE              N      N
02306034         N             Y         PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE     PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02306042         N             Y         PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE       PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE              N      N
02306050         N             Y         PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE     PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE            N      N
02306069         N             Y         PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE       PMS-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE              N      N
02311283         N             Y         RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE   RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
02311291         N             Y         RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE     RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE            N      N
02311305         N             Y         RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE   RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                        Drug Name                                    Nom de Medicament      RAMQ   ODB

02311313         N             Y         RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE                    RATIO-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE          N      N
02244300         N             Y         REMINYL 12MG TABLET                               REMINYL 12MG COMP.                      N      N
02266725         N             Y         REMINYL 16MG ER CAPSULE                           REMINYL ER 16MG CAPSULE L.A.            N      N
02266733         N             Y         REMINYL 24MG ER CAPSULE                           REMINYL ER 24MG CAPSULE L.A.            N      N
02244298         N             Y         REMINYL 4MG TABLET                                REMINYL 4MG COMP.                       N      N
02244302         N             Y         REMINYL 4MG/ML LIQUID                             REMINYL 4MG/ML SOL                      N      N
02266717         N             Y         REMINYL 8MG ER CAPSULE                            REMINYL ER 8MG CAPSULE L.A.             N      N
02244299         N             Y         REMINYL 8MG TABLET                                REMINYL 8MG COMP.                       N      N
02312492         N             Y         RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE                        RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE              N      N
02312506         N             Y         RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE                          RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE                N      N
02312514         N             Y         RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE                        RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPUSLE              N      N
02312522         N             Y         RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE                          RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE                N      N
02324563         N             Y         SANDOZ RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE                 SANDOZ-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE       N      N
02324571         N             Y         SANDOZ RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE                   SANDOZ-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE         N      N
02324598         N             Y         SANDOZ RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE                 SANDOZ-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE       N      N
02324601         N             Y         SANDOZ RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE                   SANDOZ-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE         N      N
02308622         N             Y         ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE                    ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 1.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
02308630         N             Y         ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE                      ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 3MG CAPSULE            N      N
02308649         N             Y         ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE                    ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 4.5MG CAPSULE          N      N
02308657         N             Y         ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE                      ZYM-RIVASTIGMINE 6MG CAPSULE            N      N
02248129         N             Y         AXERT 12.5MG TABLET                               AXERT 12.5MG COMP.                      Y      N
02248128         N             Y         AXERT 6.25MG TABLET                               AXERT 6.25MG COMP.                      Y      N
02243333         N             Y         FERRLECIT 12.5MG/ML INJECTION                     FERRLECIT 12.5MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.V.       Y      N
02245492         N             Y         FERROUS SULPHATE 35MG TABLET                      SULFATE FERREUX 35MG COMP.              N      N
00909939         N             Y         INFUFER 50MG/ML AMP 5ML                           INFUFER 50MG/ML INJ 5ML                 N      N
02240082         N             Y         SUPPLEMENT DE FER LIQUID                          FER LIQUIDE                             N      N
02243716         N             Y         VENOFER 20MG/ML INJECTION                         VENOFER 20MG/ML SOL.INJ. I.V.           Y      N
02229544         N             Y         CLIVARINE 1750U INJECTION                         CLIVARINE 1750U INJ                     N      N
02303108         N             Y         HEPARIN SODIUM 10000U/ML VIAL                     HEPARINE SODIQUE 10000UI/ML SOL.INJ.    N      N
02303094         N             Y         HEPARIN SODIUM 10000U/ML VIAL PRESERVATIVE FREE   HEPARINE SODIQUE 10000UI/ML SOL.INJ.    N      N
02303086         N             Y         HEPARIN SODIUM 1000U/ML VIAL                      HEPARINE SODIQUE 1000UI/ML SOL.INJ.     N      N
02336367         N             Y         NU-VERAP SR 120MG TABLET                          NU-VERAP SR 120MG COMP.                 N      N
02336375         N             Y         NU-VERAP SR 180MG TABLET                          NU-VERAP SR 180MG COMP.                 N      N
02247521         N             Y         EZETROL 10MG TABLET                               EZETROL 10MG COMP.                      N      N
02241980         N             Y         NEO-SYNEPHRINE 10MG/ML INJECTION                  NEO-SYNEPHRINE 1% SOL.INJ. IM/IV        N      N
11988888         N             Y         CARRIER SCLEROTHERAPY-$15.00                      SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE (ASSUREUR)- 15.00$       N      N
10988888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY - $10                               SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 10$                    N      N
69888888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY - $100                              SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 100$                   N      N
29988888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY - $25.00                            SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 25.00$                 N      N
49888888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY - $40.00                            SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 40.00$                 N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                      Drug Name                     Nom de Medicament   RAMQ   ODB

89888888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY - $8                SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 8$                 N      N
59888888         N             Y         SCLEROTHERAPY -$250.00            SCLÉROTHÉRAPIE - 250.00$            N      N
02309785         N             Y         CODOFEN TABLET                    CODOFEN COMP.                       N      N
02242018         N             Y         IBUCODONE TABLET                  VICOPROFEN COMP.                    N      N
02248974         N             Y         APO-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET         APO-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            Y      Y
02248973         N             Y         APO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET        APO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           Y      Y
02250020         N             Y         CO-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET          CO MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.             Y      Y
02250012         N             Y         CO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET         CO MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.            Y      Y
02248606         N             Y         DOM-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET         DOM-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            N      N
02248605         N             Y         DOM-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET        DOM-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           N      N
02324334         N             Y         MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET             MÉLOXICAM 15MG COMP.                Y      N
02324326         N             Y         MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET            MÉLOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.               Y      N
02242786         N             Y         MOBICOX 15MG TABLET               MOBICOX 15MG COMP.                  Y      Y
02242785         N             Y         MOBICOX 7.5MG TABLET              MOBICOX 7.5MG COMP.                 Y      Y
02255995         N             Y         MYLAN-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET       GEN-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            Y      Y
02255987         N             Y         MYLAN-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET      GEN-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           Y      Y
02242505         N             Y         NAPRELAN 375MG SRT TABLET         NAPRELAN 375MG COMP. L.A.           N      N
02242506         N             Y         NAPRELAN 500MG SRT TABLET         NAPRELAN 500MG COMP. L.A.           N      N
02258323         N             Y         NOVO-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET        NOVO-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.           Y      Y
02258315         N             Y         NOVO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET       NOVO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.          Y      Y
02248608         N             Y         PHL-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET         PHL-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            Y      N
02248607         N             Y         PHL-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET        PHL-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           Y      N
02248268         N             Y         PMS-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET         PMS-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            Y      Y
02248267         N             Y         PMS-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET        PMS-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           Y      Y
02248031         N             Y         RATIO-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET       RATIO-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.          Y      Y
02247889         N             Y         RATIO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET      RATIO-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.         Y      Y
92246621         N             Y         REIM:BEXTRA 10MG TABLET           REMB:BEXTRA 10MG COMP.              N      N
92246622         N             Y         REIM:BEXTRA 20MG TABLET           REMB:BEXTRA 20MG COMP.              N      N
92246623         N             Y         REIM:BEXTRA 40MG TABLET           REMB:BEXTRA 40MG COMP.              N      N
02329018         N             Y         ZYM-MELOXICAM 15MG TABLET         ZYM-MELOXICAM 15MG COMP.            N      N
02328992         N             Y         ZYM-MELOXICAM 7.5MG TABLET        ZYM-MELOXICAM 7.5MG COMP.           N      N
02284294         N             Y         APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 150MG TABLET    APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 150MG COMP.       N      N
02284308         N             Y         APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 300MG TABLET    APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 300MG COMP.       N      N
02284316         N             Y         APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 600MG TABLET    APO-OXCARBAZEPINE 600MG COMP.       N      N
02312026         N             Y         NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 150MG TABLET   NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 150MG COMP.      N      N
02312034         N             Y         NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 300MG TABLET   NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 300MG COMP.      N      N
02312042         N             Y         NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 600MG TABLET   NOVO-OXCARBAZEPINE 600MG COMP.      N      N
02242067         N             Y         TRILEPTAL 150MG TABLET            TRILEPTAL 150MG COMP.               N      N
02242068         N             Y         TRILEPTAL 300MG TABLET            TRILEPTAL 300MG COMP.               N      N
02242069         N             Y         TRILEPTAL 600MG TABLET            TRILEPTAL 600MG COMP.               N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                         Nom de Medicament   RAMQ   ODB

02244673         N             Y         TRILEPTAL 60MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION       TRILEPTAL 60MG/ML SUSP.ORALE         N      N
02103710         N             Y         EFFEXOR 100 MG TABLET                 EFFEXOR 100 MG COMP.                 N      N
02103664         N             Y         EFFEXOR 12.5 MG TABLET                EFFEXOR 12.5 MG COMP.                N      N
02103672         N             Y         EFFEXOR 25 MG TABLET                  EFFEXOR 25 MG COMP.                  N      N
02248809         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 10MG CAPSULE              ADDERALL XR 10MG CAPSULE L.A.        N      N
02248810         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 15MG CAPSULE              ADDERALL XR 15MG CAPSULE L.A.        N      N
02248811         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 20MG CAPSULE              ADDERALL XR 20MG CAPSULE L.A.        N      N
02248812         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 25MG CAPSULE              ADDERALL XR 25MG CAPSULE L.A.        N      N
02248813         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 30MG CAPSULE              ADDERALL XR 30MG CAPSULE L.A.        N      N
02248808         N             Y         ADDERALL XR 5MG CAPSULE               ADDERALL XR 5MG CAPSULE L.A.         N      N
02247793         N             Y         ATTENADE 10MG TABLET                  ATTENADE 10MG COMP.                  N      N
02247791         N             Y         ATTENADE 2.5MG TABLET                 ATTENADE 2.5MG COMP.                 N      N
02247792         N             Y         ATTENADE 5MG TABLET                   ATTENADE 5MG COMP.                   N      N
02247732         N             Y         CONCERTA 18MG ER TABLET               CONCERTA 18MG COMP. L.A.12H          N      N
02250241         N             Y         CONCERTA 27MG ER TABLET               CONCERTA 27MG COMP. L.A.12H          N      N
02247733         N             Y         CONCERTA 36MG ER TABLET               CONCERTA 36MG COMP. L.A.12H          N      N
02247734         N             Y         CONCERTA 54MG ER TABLET               CONCERTA 54MG COMP. L.A.12H          N      N
02242220         N             Y         STARNOC 10MG CAPSULE                  STARNOC 10MG CAPSULE                 N      N
02297132         N             Y         STARNOC 10MG CAPSULE                  STARNOC 10MG CAPS                    N      N
02242219         N             Y         STARNOC 5MG CAPSULE                   STARNOC 5MG CAPSULE                  N      N
02297124         N             Y         STARNOC 5MG CAPSULE                   STARNOC 5MG CAPS                     N      N
02243763         N             Y         COMTAN 200MG TABLET                   COMTAN 200MG COMP.                   Y      N
02316609         N             Y         NOVO-CETIRIZINE 20MG TABLET           NOVO-CETIRIZINE 20MG COMP.           N      N
02315963         N             Y         PMS-CETIRIZINE 20MG TABLET            PMS-CETIRIZINE 20MG COMP.            N      N
01900978         N             Y         REACTINE 20MG TABLET                  REACTINE 20MG COMP.                  N      N
02318903         N             Y         RHINARIS RELIEF 20MG TABLET           RHINARIS SOULAGEMENT20MG COMP.       N      N
02244079         N             Y         DIMETANE EXPECTORANT C LIQUID         DIMETANE EXPECTORANT C SIROP         N      N
02244080         N             Y         DIMETANE EXPECTORANT DC LIQUID        DIMETANE EXPECTORANT DC SIROP        N      N
02244078         N             Y         DIMETAPP C COUGH AND COLD LIQUID      DIMETAPP-C SIROP                     N      N
02236776         N             Y         BACTROBAN 2% NASAL OINTMENT           BACTROBAN 2 % POM                    N      N
02023849         N             Y         DIOPTROL OPH OINTMENT                 DIOPTROL 3.5MG ONGUENT OPHT.         N      N
02243862         N             Y         FUCITHALMIC VISCOUS EYE DROPS         FUCITHALMIC 1% SOL.OPHT.             Y      N
02247189         N             Y         OFLOXACIN 0.3% OPH SOLUTION           OFLOXACIN 0.3% OPH GTTE              N      N
02252260         N             Y         VIGAMOX 0.5% OPH SOLUTION             VIGAMOX 0.5% GTTE OPHT.              N      N
02245858         N             Y         SAB-PREDNASE 1% SOLUTION              SAB-PREDNASE 1% SOL.OPHT.            N      N
02248347         N             Y         COMBIGAN OPH SOLUTION                 COMBIGAN 0.2%-0.5% SOL.OPHT.         Y      N
09857298         N             Y         COMBIGAN OPH SOLUTION 10ML PK         COMBIGAN SOL OPHT. 10 ML PK (ODB)    N      N
02242324         N             Y         ZADITOR 0.25MG/ML OPH SOLUTION        ZADITOR 0.25MG/ML SOL.OPHT.          N      N
02279223         N             Y         ZADITOR 0.25MG/ML PRES FREE OPT SOL   ZADITOR 0.25MG/ML AMP.SOL.OPHT.      N      N
92245566         N             Y         REIM: ZELNORM 6MG TABLET              REMB : ZELNORM 6MG COMPRIMÉ          N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                           Nom de Medicament                RAMQ   ODB

02300524         N             Y         NEXIUM 10MG DR GRANULE FOR SUSPENSION   NEXIUM 10MG SACHET                                N      N
02244521         N             Y         NEXIUM 20MG TABLET                      NEXIUM 20MG COMP. L.A.                            Y      N
02244522         N             Y         NEXIUM 40MG TABLET                      NEXIUM 40MG COMP. L.A.                            Y      N
02243595         N             Y         AZMAX 200MCG TWISTHALER                 AZMAX 200MCG INH                                  N      N
02243596         N             Y         AZMAX 400MCG TWISTHALER                 AZMAX 400MCG INH                                  N      N
02248218         N             Y         SYMBICORT FORTE TURBUHALER              SYMBICORT FORTE PD INH                            N      N
02213443         N             Y         VENTOLIN 0.5MG/ML INJECTION             VENTOLIN 0.5MG/ML INJECTABLE                      N      N
00909769         N             Y         ARANESP 100MCG/0.5ML (ON)               ARANESP 100MCG/0.5ML (ON)                         N      N
99004909         N             Y         ARANESP 100MCG/0.5ML SER (PQ)           ARANESP 100MCG/0.5ML SERINGUE                     N      N
02246357         N             Y         ARANESP 100MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS          ARANESP 30MCG/0.3ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246349         N             Y         ARANESP 100MCG/ML PFS                   ARANESP 100MCG/ML SER                             N      N
99100364         N             Y         ARANESP 130MCG/0.65ML SER (PQ)          ARANESP 130MCG/0.65ML SERINGUE                    N      N
00990276         N             Y         ARANESP 130MCG/ML PFS                   ARANESP 130MCG/ML SER                             N      N
02246353         N             Y         ARANESP 15MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS           ARANESP 15MCG/ML SER                              N      N
02246344         N             Y         ARANESP 15MCG/ML PFS                    ARANESP 15MCG/ML SER                              N      N
00990188         N             Y         ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML HSA FREE PFS       ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML SER                          N      N
09857185         N             Y         ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML HSA FREE PFS       ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML SANS ASH SER. PRÉ-REMPLIE    N      N
99100209         N             Y         ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML SER (PQ)           ARANESP 200MCG/0.4ML SERINGUE                     N      N
02246358         N             Y         ARANESP 200MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS          ARANESP 60MCG/0.3ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246350         N             Y         ARANESP 200MCG/ML PFS                   ARANESP 200MCG/ML SER                             N      N
02246354         N             Y         ARANESP 25MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS           ARANESP 10MCG/0.4ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246345         N             Y         ARANESP 25MCG/ML PFS                    ARANESP 25MCG/ML SER                              N      N
09857186         N             Y         ARANESP 300MCG/0.4ML HSA FREE PFS       ARANESP 300MCG/0.4ML SANS ASH SER. PRÉ-REMPLIE    N      N
00990189         N             Y         ARANESP 300MCG/0.6ML HSA FREE PFS       ARANESP 300MCG/0.6ML SER                          N      N
99100210         N             Y         ARANESP 300MCG/0.6ML SER (PQ)           ARANESP 300MCG/0.6ML SERINGUE                     N      N
02246351         N             Y         ARANESP 325MCG/ML PFS                   ARANESP 325MCG/ML SER                             N      N
02246359         N             Y         ARANESP 325MG/ML HSA FREE PFS           ARANSEP 325MG/ML SER                              N      N
00909688         N             Y         ARANESP 40MCG/0.4ML (ON)                ARANESP 40MCG/0.4ML (ON) SER                      N      N
99004917         N             Y         ARANESP 40MCG/0.4ML SER (PQ)            ARANESP 40MCG/0.4ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246355         N             Y         ARANESP 40MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS           ARANESP 20MCG/0.5ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246347         N             Y         ARANESP 40MCG/ML PFS                    ARANESP 40MCG/ML SER                              N      N
09857187         N             Y         ARANESP 500MCG/1.0ML HSA FREE PFS       ARANESP 500MCG/1.0ML SANS ASH SER. PRÉ-REMPLIE    N      N
99100211         N             Y         ARANESP 500MCG/1.0ML SER (PQ)           ARANESP 500MCG/ML SERINGUE                        N      N
02246360         N             Y         ARANESP 500MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS          ARANESP 150MCG/0.3ML SERINGUE                     N      N
00990190         N             Y         ARANESP 500MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS          ARANESP 150MCG/0.3ML SER                          N      N
02246352         N             Y         ARANESP 500MCG/ML PFS                   ARANESP 500MCG/ML SER                             N      N
00909661         N             Y         ARANESP 50MCG/0.5ML (ON)                ARANESP 50MCG/0.5ML (ON) SER                      N      N
99004925         N             Y         ARANESP 50MCG/0.5ML SER (PQ)            ARANESP 50MCG/0.5ML SERINGUE                      N      N
02246356         N             Y         ARANESP 60MCG/ML HSA FREE PFS           ARANESP 60MCG/ML SER                              N      N
02246348         N             Y         ARANESP 60MCG/ML PFS                    ARANESP 60MCG/ML SER                              N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                       Nom de Medicament          RAMQ   ODB

00909696         N             Y         ARANESP 80MCG/0.4ML (ON)             ARANESP 80MCG/0.4ML (ON) SER               N      N
99004933         N             Y         ARANESP 80MCG/0.4ML SER (PQ)         ARANESP 80MCG/0.4ML SERINGUE               N      N
02242902         N             Y         RECORMON 200000U CARTRIDGE           RECORMON 200000U CARTOUCHE                 N      N
02245345         N             Y         ANDROGEL 1% GEL-2.5G PK              ANDROGEL SACHET(2.5G) 1% GEL TOPIQUE       Y      N
02245346         N             Y         ANDROGEL 1% GEL-5G PK                ANDROGEL SACHET(5G) 1% GEL TOPIQUE         Y      N
02253186         N             Y         NUVARING VAGINAL RING                NUVARING 2.6MG-11.4MG ANNEAU VAGINAL       Y      N
02309009         N             Y         ACTIVELLE LD TABLET                  ACTIVELLE LD 0.1MG-0.5MG COMP. (28)        N      N
02249405         N             Y         ACTIVELLE TABLET                     ACTIVELLE 0.5MG-1MG COMP. (28)             N      N
02250616         N             Y         CLIMARA PRO 4.4/1.39MG TRANSDERMAL   CLIMARA PRO 15MCG-45MCG/24H TIMBRE CUT.    N      N
02247906         N             Y         PREFESTA TABLET                      PREFESTA COMP.                             N      N
02303442         N             Y         ACCEL-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET       SPEF-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.               N      N
02303469         N             Y         ACCEL-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET       SPEF-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.               N      N
02303450         N             Y         ACCEL-PIOGLITZAONE 30MG TABLET       SPEF-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.               N      N
02242572         N             Y         ACTOS 15MG TABLET                    ACTOS 15MG COMP.                           N      N
02242573         N             Y         ACTOS 30MG TABLET                    ACTOS 30MG COMP.                           N      N
02242574         N             Y         ACTOS 45MG TABLET                    ACTOS 45MG COMP.                           N      N
02302942         N             Y         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.                N      N
02302950         N             Y         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.                N      N
02302977         N             Y         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET         APO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.                N      N
02248440         N             Y         AVANDAMET 1000/2MG TABLET            AVANDAMET 1000MG-2MG COMP.                 N      N
02248441         N             Y         AVANDAMET 1000/4MG TABLET            AVANDAMET 1000MG-4MG COMP.                 N      N
02247085         N             Y         AVANDAMET 500/1MG TABLET             AVANDAMET 500MG-1MG COMP.                  N      N
02247086         N             Y         AVANDAMET 500/2MG TABLET             AVANDAMET 500MG-2MG COMP.                  N      N
02247087         N             Y         AVANDAMET 500/4MG TABLET             AVANDAMET 500MG-4MG COMP.                  N      N
02241112         N             Y         AVANDIA 2MG TABLET                   AVANDIA 2MG COMP.                          N      N
02241113         N             Y         AVANDIA 4MG TABLET                   AVANDIA 4MG COMP.                          N      N
02241114         N             Y         AVANDIA 8MG TABLET                   AVANDIA 8MG COMP.                          N      N
02302861         N             Y         CO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET          CO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.                 N      N
02302888         N             Y         CO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET          CO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.                 N      N
02302896         N             Y         CO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET          CO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.                 N      N
02307634         N             Y         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.                N      N
02307642         N             Y         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.                N      N
02307650         N             Y         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET         DOM-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.                N      N
02268507         N             Y         GLUMETZA (SB) 1000MG ER TABLET       GLUMETZA 1000MG COMP. L.A                  N      N
02300451         N             Y         GLUMETZA 1000MG ER TABLET            GLUMETZA 1000MG COMP. L.A.                 N      N
02268493         N             Y         GLUMETZA 500MG SR TABLET             GLUMETZA 500MG COMP. L.A.                  N      N
02326477         N             Y         MINT-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET        MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.              N      N
02326485         N             Y         MINT-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET        MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.              N      N
02326493         N             Y         MINT-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET        MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.              N      N
02298279         N             Y         MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET       GEN-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.                N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                          Nom de Medicament   RAMQ   ODB

02298287         N             Y         MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET         GEN-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.          N      N
02298295         N             Y         MYLAN-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET         GEN-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.          N      N
02274914         N             Y         NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET          NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.         N      N
02274922         N             Y         NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET          NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.         N      N
02274930         N             Y         NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET          NOVO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.         N      N
02307669         N             Y         PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET           PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.          N      N
02307677         N             Y         PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET           PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.          N      N
02307723         N             Y         PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET           PHL-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.          N      N
02334674         N             Y         PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET               PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.              N      N
02334682         N             Y         PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET               PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.              N      N
02334690         N             Y         PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET               PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.              N      N
02303124         N             Y         PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET           PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.          N      N
02303132         N             Y         PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET           PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.          N      N
02303140         N             Y         PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET           PMS-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.          N      N
02312050         N             Y         PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET           PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.          N      N
02312069         N             Y         PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET           PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.          N      N
02312077         N             Y         PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET           PRO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.          N      N
02301423         N             Y         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.        N      N
02301431         N             Y         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.        N      N
02301458         N             Y         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET         RATIO-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.        N      N
02297906         N             Y         SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET        SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.       N      N
02297914         N             Y         SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET        SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.       N      N
02297922         N             Y         SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET        SANDOZ PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.       N      N
02245439         N             Y         STARLIX 120MG TABLET                   STARLIX 120MG COMP.                  N      N
02245440         N             Y         STARLIX 180MG TABLET                   STARLIX 180MG COMP.                  N      N
02245438         N             Y         STARLIX 60MG TABLET                    STARLIX 60MG COMP.                   N      N
02320754         N             Y         ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG TABLET           ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 15MG COMP.          N      N
02320762         N             Y         ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG TABLET           ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 30MG COMP.          N      N
02320770         N             Y         ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG TABLET           ZYM-PIOGLITAZONE 45MG COMP.          N      N
02239757         N             Y         BACTROBAN 2% CREAM                     BACTROBAN 2% CRÈME TOP.              Y      Y
01916947         N             Y         BACTROBAN 2% OINTMENT                  BACTROBAN 2% POM. TOPIQUE            Y      Y
02279983         N             Y         TARO-MUPIROCIN 2% OINTMENT             TARO-MUPIROCIN 2% POM. TOPIQUE       Y      Y
02243933         N             Y         LEVULAN KERASTICK 20% SOL              LEVULAN KERASTICK 20% SOL            N      N
02247238         N             Y         ELIDEL 1% CREAM                        ELIDEL 1% CRÈME TOP.                 N      N
02244149         N             Y         PROTOPIC 0.03% OINTMENT                PROTOPIC 0.03% ONGUENT               N      N
02244148         N             Y         PROTOPIC 0.1% OINTMENT                 PROTOPIC 0.1% ONGUENT                N      N
02177730         N             Y         LEDERLE LEUCOVORIN TAB 15MG            LEDERLE LEUCOVORIN COMP. 15MG        N      N
99990000         N             Y         REIM:B12 INJECTION PIN                 REMB: B12 INJ                        N      N
02245214         N             Y         ASCORBIC ACID 500MG/ML INJECTION USP   ACIDE ASCORBIQUE 500MG/ML INJ USP    N      N
02245625         N             Y         BETAC 500MG/ML INJECTION               BETAC 500MG/ML INJ                   N      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                     Nom de Medicament          RAMQ   ODB

02253178         N             Y         EURO D 10000U CAPSULE             EURO D 10000 UI CAPSULE                     Y      N
02243790         N             Y         HECTOROL 2.5MCG CAPSULE           HECTOROL 2.5MCG CAPSULE                     N      N
02246067         N             Y         PREGVIT                           PREGVIT COMP.                               N      N
02246590         N             Y         FERRATE 60MG/ML SUSPENSION        FERRATE 60MG/ML SUSP.ORALE                  N      N
00200700         N             Y         IRON & YEAST TABLET               FER ET LEVURE SOUS FORME DE COMPRIMÉ        N      N
02242863         N             Y         PEDIAFER SOLUTION 30MG/5ML        PEDIAFER 150MG/5ML SIROP                    Y      N
02243768         N             Y         K-CITRA 1080MG TABLET             K-CITRA 10 1080MG COMP. L.A.                Y      N
02243769         N             Y         K-CITRA 540MG TABLET              K-CITRA 540MG COMP. L.A.                    N      N
02247700         N             Y         METADOL 10MG TABLET               METADOL 10MG COMP.                          Y      N
02247698         N             Y         METADOL 1MG TABLET                METADOL 1MG COMP.                           Y      N
02247694         N             Y         METADOL 1MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION      METADOL 1MG/ML SOL.ORALE                    Y      N
02247701         N             Y         METADOL 25MG TABLET               METADOL 25MG COMP.                          Y      N
02247699         N             Y         METADOL 5MG TABLET                METADOL 5MG COMP.                           Y      N
02247696         N             Y         METADOL-D 10MG TABLET             METADOL-D 10MG COMP.                        N      N
02247693         N             Y         METADOL-D 1MG TABLET              METADOL-D 1MG COMP.                         N      N
02247697         N             Y         METADOL-D 25MG TABLET             METADOL-D 25MG COMP.                        N      N
02247695         N             Y         METADOL-D 5MG TABLET              METADOL-D 5MG COMP.                         N      N
00990058         N             Y         METHADONE FEE (SK)                MÉTHADONE HONORAIRE (SK)                    N      N
00999734         N             Y         METHADONE SOLUTION (NS)           MÉTHADONE SOLUTION (N.-É.)                  N      N
02247111         N             Y         RAPAMUNE 1MG TABLET               RAPAMUNE 1MG COMP.                          Y      N
02243237         N             Y         RAPAMUNE 1MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION     RAPAMUNE 1MG/ML SOL.ORALE                   Y      N
02270617         N             Y         RAPAMUNE 2MG TABLET               RAPAMUNE 2MG COMP.                          N      N
02270684         N             Y         RAPAMUNE 5MG TABLET               RAPAMUNE 5MG COMP.                          N      N
99004372         N             Y         RAPAMUNE SOLUTION 1ML (PQ)        RAPAMUNE 1MG/ML(1ML) SOL.ORALE              N      N
99004380         N             Y         RAPAMUNE SOLUTION 2ML (PQ)        RAPAMUNE 1MG/ML(2ML) SOL.ORALE              N      N
99004399         N             Y         RAPAMUNE SOLUTION 5ML (PQ)        RAPAMUNE 1MG/ML(5ML) SOL.ORALE              N      N
02242903         N             Y         ENBREL 25MG INJECTION             ENBREL 25MG PD INJ. S.C.                    N      N
02274728         N             Y         ENBREL 50MG INJECTION             ENBREL 50MG/ML SERINGUE                     N      N
97799756         N             Y         HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML PFS             HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML SPR                       N      N
99100385         N             Y         HUMIRA (STYLO) 40MG INJ(PQ)       HUMIRA (STYLO) 40MG/0.8ML SERINGUE          N      N
97799757         N             Y         HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML PEN             HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML PEN                       N      N
02258595         N             Y         HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML PFS INJ         HUMIRA 40MG/0.8ML SERINGUE                  N      N
02245913         N             Y         KINERET 100MG/0.67ML PF SYRINGE   KINERET SIMPLEJECT 100MG/0.67ML SERINGUE    N      N
00950899         N             Y         REMICADE INJ CROHNS (SK)          REMICADE INJ CROHNS (SK)                    N      N
02244016         N             Y         REMICADE INJECTION                REMICADE 100MG PD PERF.IV                   N      N
02315866         N             Y         APO-ALFUZOSIN 10MG ER TABLET      APO-ALFUZOSIN 10MG COMP. L.A.               Y      N
02247813         N             Y         AVODART 0.5MG CAPSULE             AVODART 0.5MG CAPSULE                       Y      N
02314282         N             Y         NOVO-ALFUZOSIN PR 10MG TABLET     NOVO-ALFUZOSIN PR 10MG COMP. L.A.           N      N
02304678         N             Y         SANDOZ-ALFUZOSIN 10MG TABLET      SANDOZ ALFUZOSIN 10MG COMP. L.A.            Y      N
02245565         N             Y         XATRAL 10MG SR TABLET             XATRAL 10MG COMP. L.A.                      Y      N
           Formulary A    Formulary B
   DIN     Formulaire A   Formulaire B                       Drug Name                              Nom de Medicament             RAMQ   ODB

02250136         N             Y         BONVIVA 2.5MG TABLET                       BONVIVA 2.5MG COMP.                            N      N
02254689         N             Y         FORTEO 250MCG/ML INJ                       FORTEO 250MCG/ML SERINGUE                      N      N
97799849         N             Y         HEMASTIX TEST STRIP (50)                   HEMASTIX BATON (50)                            N      N
00977403         N             Y         HEMASTIX TEST STRIP (NF)                   HEMASTIX BANDELETTE (NF)                       N      N
02248821         N             Y         CHIROCAINE 0.625MG/ML INJECTION            CHIROCAINE 0.625MG/ML INJ                      N      N
02248822         N             Y         CHIROCAINE 1.25MG/ML INJECTION             CHIROCAINE 1.25MG/ML INJ                       N      N
02245402         N             Y         CHIROCAINE 2.5MG/ML INJECTION              CHIROCAINE 2.5MG/ML INJ                        N      N
02245403         N             Y         CHIROCAINE 5MG/ML INJECTION                CHIROCAINE 5MG/ML INJ                          N      N
02245404         N             Y         CHIROCAINE 7.5MG/ML INJECTION              CHIROCAINE 7.5MG/ML INJ                        N      N
00964093         N             Y         CLOBETASOL POWDER (PQ)                     CLOBETASOL PD                                  N      N
02900084         N             Y         ERYPAK 1.8GM SACH (PQ)                     ERYPAK 1.8G SACHET                             N      N
97000099         N             Y         EXTEMPORANEOUS MIXTURES GWL (REIM)         PRODUITS MAGISTRAUX GWL (REIM)                 N      N
00963925         N             Y         METRONIDAZOLE PD (PQ)                      METRONIDAZOLE PD                               N      N
00999984         N             Y         MIX: DICLOFENAC/NSAID COMPOUNDS            MAGISTRALE: PRÉPARATION DE DICLOFENAC/AINS     N      N
00990111         N             Y         MIX:TOPICAL ESTROGEN(S) MIXTURE            MAGISTRALE: PRÉPARATION DE TRIEST              N      N
00963151         N             Y         SULFACETAMIDE POWDER (PQ)                  SULFACETAMIDE PD                               N      N