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					Pedestrian/Bicycle and General Safety-Related Story Books
   Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
       “Road Safety” by Sue Barraclough
       “Street Safety Hints” (board book) by Giovanni Caviezel
       “Signs in Our World” by DK Publishing
       “Watch Out! On the Road” by Claire Llewellyn
       “Traffic Safety: Safety Sense Series” by Nancy Loewen

   Bicycles and Bicycle Safety
       “Stay Safe! Bicycle Safety” by Sue Barraclough
       “Look Out! A Story about Safety on Bicycles” by Cindy Leancy
       “Bicycle Safety; Safety Sense Series” by Nancy Loewen
       “Safety on Your Bicycle (Safety First series)” by Joann Mattern
       “Jigsaw Jones #14: The Case of the Bicycle Bandit” by James Preller
       “How is a Bicycle Made?” by Angela Royston
       “Ride Right: Bicycle Safety” by Jill Urban Donahue

   General Safety
       “Officer Buckle and Gloria” by Peggy Rathmann

   Character Books
      “Franklin’s Bicycle Helmet”
      “Danger Rangers – “Free Wheelin’ “
      “The Bike Lesson” (Berenstain Bears)
      “Dora Rides to Bike Park”