RAP by wpr1947


Reading as a Pastime

  Simon Kenton HS
Freshman Academy
      What is it?
RAP is a reading
incentive program
for Freshman
Academy Students
at Simon Kenton
High School.
      How does it work?
  Freshman students will write
  “fan” letters to local,
  national or worldwide
*musicians        *authors
*actors           *athletes
*businesses       *bands
*famous people you admire
  How does it work??
In your fan letter, you
explain our reading
program and discuss
which books you have
that you enjoy.
Celebrities will be
encouraged to donate
mementos which will
then be put in our RAP
At the end of the year we
will showcase selected
items donated and have
an auction where
students can bid on the
items they would like to
How do I participate in the auction?
  Students earn RAP tickets
  for reading in their spare
  time or for doing good.
  You will collect your RAP
  tickets and use these to
  bid on items you are
  interested in at the RAP
          RAP Tickets
• Tickets are given out by
  academy teachers to
  students who EARN them,
  not to students who beg
  for them.
  So, about this reading…
The program is based
on reading. If you are
caught reading
during downtime, like
after a test or a time
when reading is not
Other ways to earn tickets…
Doing well on test, quizzes
  and projects
• Writing more than the
  required number of letters
• Modeling positive SK
• Good attendance/no
• Teachers will often post
  other opportunities to earn
What if my celebrity sends an item?
  GREAT!!! But anyone can
  bid on the item at the
  auction. You have a
  chance like everyone else
  to bid on that item. With
  over 400 students writing
  letters, there is no definite
  way to know who wrote
  which celebrity.
       Letter Specifications
• Each student must write
  and mail two letters
• Additional letters will earn
  RAP tickets
• The letter must be written
  according to the format
• Each letter must be
  handwritten on lined loose-
  leaf paper in blue or black
  ink in your neatest writing.
       Letter Specifications
• Letters must be submitted
  to English Teacher before
  they are mailed to be
  counted as a grade.
• Each letter must include
  an official letter from our
  school before they are
  sealed and mailed.
• A list of collected items will
  be posted in freshman
  classes regularly.
• RAP tickets will be given at
  teacher’s discretion.
• At the end of the year, you
  will receive a tally sheet
  with the total number of
  tickets you have earned
  this year.
• Students must provide their
  own envelope and stamp
  and know the address of
  their celebrity.
• Letters must be read and
  approved by English
• Writing a letter does not
  guarantee that you will win
  the item.
     Additional Information
• All letters are to be mailed
  from school and all items
  should be mailed to
• The success of this program
  is based on students effort.
  To have a great auction,
  we need you to write great
        Where do I Begin?
• Choose a celebrity and find
  their address. You will find
  sheets with websites and
  addresses from your English
• Write a draft of a letter and
  turn it in to your English
• Once your letter is approved
  and ready for mailing,
  prepare the envelope.
        Where do I Begin?
• Enclose a school letter with
  your letter, fold and put in
• Seal the envelope, put a
  stamp on it and give it to
  your teacher

     Does this REALLY work?
  Last year we received over
  80 items for the auction.
  Items included:
• Michael Jordan autograph
  and clothing
• Gift Certificates to
  restuarants and businesses.
• Autograph books, cd’s
  and DVD’s
     Does this REALLY work?
Last year we also received a
  lot of autographs from
  celebrities including:
*Tyra Banks
*Jen Aniston
*Angelina Jolie
*Jim Carrey
*Bam Margera
*Dane Cook
*Robin Williams
         RAP Program
On the bottom of your
paper, summarize the RAP
program in your own
words. This will be used as
the second paragraph of
your letter.

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