R_J Study TEST STUDY GUIDE ACT I by wpr1947


									R&J Study TEST STUDY GUIDE
            ACT I
 1. The setting of Romeo and Juliet
 is _________________.
 a. Stratford-on-Avon, England
 b. Venice, Italy
 c. Verona, Italy
 d. London, England
2. The first street disturbance in the play
  was started by _________________.
a. Benvolio
b. the servants
c. Mercutio
d. Tybalt
3. After the brawl in the streets, the Prince
  tells Montague and Capulet that if they or
  other members of their households disturb
  the peace again, they will ____________.
a. forfeit their lives
b. be fined
c. be imprisoned
d. have to leave Verona
4. When Romeo first appears in the play, he
  is unhappy because ________________.
a. of the quarrel between his family and the
b. he has fought with Benvolio
c. he is not in love
d. he is in love
5. Benvolio learns that his cousin Romeo is
  infatuated with a girl named
a. Diana
b. Valentina
c. Juliet
d. Rosaline
6. Paris asks Lord Capulet ___________.
a. to invite him to the ball
b. for Juliet's hand in marriage
c. to keep peace in the city
d. why he hates the Montagues
7. Juliet was ________ years old.
a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15
8. Tybalt and Lord Capulet argue over
a. Juliet
b. Romeo
c. Paris
d. Queen Mab
9. Romeo and Juliet discover shortly after
  they have met that ______________.
a. they must talk their parents out of feuding
b. they each love their enemy
c. Tybalt is planning to kill Romeo
d. Lord Capulet has promised Juliet to Paris
                   ACT II
10. After the Capulets' feast, Romeo
a. challenges Tybalt to a duel
b. goes home
c. hides in the Capulets' orchard
d. tries to find his former sweetheart to tell
  her that it is over between them
11. When Juliet is on the balcony, she
  declares that _________________.
a. she will probably marry Paris
b. her father would never allow her to marry
c. Romeo's name is her enemy, rather than
  Romeo himself
d. she will have to forget Romeo
12. Friar Lawrence agrees after talking to
  Romeo _______________.
a. to talk to Lord Capulet
b. to talk to Lord Montague
c. to marry Romeo and Juliet
d. to find a love counselor for Romeo
13. How does Friar Lawrence feel about
  Romeo and Juliet's love?
a. He does not want to be involved in such a
  ridiculous scheme.
b. Their marriage may stop the quarrel
  between the two families.
c. They should break it off.
d. It will never work.
                 ACT III
14. After Romeo kills Tybalt, the Prince
a. banishes him
b. fines him
c. imprisons Benvolio
d. imprisons him
15. When Juliet hears of Tybalt's death, she
a. is relieved that Mercutio was not injured
b. blames her parents for feuding
c. knows Romeo must have had a reason
d. refuses to see Romeo ever again
16. When Romeo hears of his punishment,
  he is ________.
a. relieved
b. frightened
c. sure it is worse than death
d. determined to win the Prince's pardon
17. Mercutio is killed when __________.
a. the Prince shoots him in anger
b. Benvolio tries to break up the fight
c. Romeo tries to break up the fight
d. he refuses to fight
18. Lord Capulet tells Juliet she must marry
  Paris or ___________.
a. he will disown her
b. she will be sent to a nunnery
c. she will be banished
d. she will never be allowed to marry
19. Juliet seeks help from __________.
a. Romeo
b. her mother
c. Benvolio
d. Friar Lawrence
                 ACT IV
20. Friar Lawrence's plan to help the young
  lovers required that Juliet __________.
a. take a potion and meet Romeo in the
  tomb when she awakens
b. immediately leave Verona with Paris
c. honor her father's wishes, marry Paris,
  and then run away with Romeo
d. immediately leave Verona with Romeo
  and live forever in Mantua
21. How does Juliet receive Friar
  Lawrence's plan?
a. She tells Friar Lawrence that she will give
  him an answer later.
b. She tells Friar Lawrence that she is going
  home to kill herself.
c. She asks the Friar for some other
d. She immediately agrees.
22. Juliet spends her last evening alive
a. with her nurse
b. with Romeo
c. alone
d. with Friar Lawrence
23. Friar Lawrence has given Juliet a potion
  that will put her in a death-like state for
a. 12 hours
b. 24 hours
c. 36 hours
d. 42 hours
                 ACT V
24. _________ tells Romeo that Juliet is
a. Balthasar
b. Friar Lawrence
c. Benvolio
d. Lord Montague
25. Romeo goes to an apothecary to buy
  some __________.
a. medicine
b. spices
c. poison
d. flowers
26. Romeo does not receive Friar
  Lawrence's _______________.
a. ring
b. letter
c. knife
d. medicinal herbs
27. At the entrance to the tomb, Romeo kills
a. the nurse
b. Paris
c. Balthasar
d. a guard
28. Romeo kills himself with
a. poison
b. his knife
c. Paris's sword
d. Peter's sword
29. Juliet kills herself with _________.
a. Romeo's knife
b. poison
c. Friar Lawrence's sword
d. Paris's sword

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