The Traps of Learning Disabilities by truth4reviews


									The Traps of Learning Disabilities

               Understanding learning disabilities can help you avoid the traps of diagnosis,
      special education and so forth. When a child lacks the ability to learn it might be more of
      an inability than a disability.

               When a child has an inability to learn it might be due to lack of information to
      guide him or her along the right path. If a child has, an inability to learn a certain subject
      it might be wise to help him or her find resources that can teach them effectively. For
      example, some of the math books are designed to illustrate steps to accomplishing math,
      but the books are often on a single level. This means that everyone is expected to learn on
      the same level as the book instructs.

                Some books have pictorial illustrations, while other books have graphics, charts
      and so forth. Some of us learn by observing pictures, while others may learn math by
      reviewing charts, statistics and graphics. Some of the problem we are facing is poor
      educational structure, since foreign countries has proven this fact.

               In some foreign countries where education is the prime focus, the children are
      advanced and learn accordingly. In America control, power and money comes before
      education and this structure poses an ongoing problem.

               Unfortunately, when a child appears to have a learning problem they are often
      sent to mental health experts or else to special education classes.

               This only hinders the child, simply because he or she falls into the web of labels.
      The fact is that the statistics scream out learning disabilities scaring parents into seeking
      out answers to the problems their child is facing.

               More than half of the children in special education problems and mental health
      are not necessarily disabled; rather they are incapable to complete certain tasks. In other
      words, we are looking a fraudulent, conspired and profiting idea. For example, the
      statistics gimmick includes, getting more children in the public schools.
          The laws work with the schools to make sure that any child quits school before
a certain age. This alone poses a potential hazard, since children from all over the word
are forced to learn on a code of ethnic basis.

         The schools are aware that any child that attends special education programs is
paid children. This means that the parents are forced to seek out funds from the
government to support the special education personnel.

         This also means that the teachers are paid more for doing less. In other words, if
a child is in regular school and disrupting the class the school personnel can label him a
learning disability and send him off to special education classes to avoid their
responsibilities in teaching the child.

         The problem then is that before we label a child as a learning disability we need
to re-examine the child searching for inconsistencies in learning. There is not one
individual in the world that learns on the same level as another person learns.

         Therefore, if a child is having difficulty in learning math, it might be the source
that is instructing the child to learn with the problem. Some of the smartest people in the
world was said to have learning disabilities. Some of the so-called learning disabilities
are standing on top of success looking down at the next victim of mental health experts,
educational leaders, and government rulers.

         According to statistics findings has claimed that as many as 1/3 of the special
educational children belong in ordinary schools. As a mother of a child diagnosed with
ADHD, I see this pattern of fraudulent, scandalous, and greed continuing in the system
         Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is said to be a hereditary
ailment of the mind. I beg to differ, since my son diagnosed with ADHD showed no signs
of ADHD symptoms up until the age of 13.

         When my son began hanging out with bad association, sneaking drugs and
alcohol, and going through problems with his older brother…only then did I see the
symptoms developed that diagnosed him with ADHD.

         When my son was giving Adderall XR to treat his symptoms of ADHD, only
then was he prescribed Risperdal to treat Schizophrenia and Psychosis. It has been found
that Adderall has claimed the life of more than 20 individuals, and that this drug has
proven to create psychotic breaks and schizophrenia tendencies.

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