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					  A Newsletter of the National Association of Unemployment Insurance Appellate Boards                        Summer 2004

  Charting a Course in UI Appeals                                                                  

                  Welcome to Boise!                        by Cheri Ruch

       BOISE, Idaho - For the past twelve months, we have been acquainting you with all of the reasons why you should
       not miss NAUIAB's 24th annual conference in Boise beginning Sunday, June 20 and running through Thursday,
       June 24. We have told you about the many recreational activities and cultural events offered. We have highlighted
       the Grove Hotel, this year's conference venue, and the wonderful attractions and eateries, all within walking
       distance. If these previews have not been enough to entice you to send in your registration, the planners of the
       2004 annual conference have another reason - the extraordinary educational opportunities!

       Whether you work in the area of hearings or appeals, this year's agenda committee has put together a captivating
       series of lectures and workshops to appeal to every unemployment professional. The agenda will offer a balance
       of education and networking options that we in the unemployment appeals field cannot find anywhere else.

       You've heard about the wonderful offerings at the National Judicial College. This year, NAUIAB is pleased to offer
       you a one-of-a-kind class on Logic in Decision Writing, one of the college's most popular courses. We are thrilled
       to announce that Professor Douglas Lind, a member of the NJC faculty, as well as our own school of law at the
                                                                                    University of Idaho, will be one of the
                                                                                    headliners on Tuesday, June 22. And,
                                                                                    he will be following up his plenary
                                                                                    session with a workshop. For those
                                                                                    who are unable to attend his class
                                                                                    through the National Judicial College,
                                                                                    this will be an invaluable opportunity
                                                                                    to sharpen the logic component of your
                                                                                    writing skills. And, back by popular
                                                                                    demand, Jane Bozarth will be
                                                                                    appearing on Thursday, June 24 to
                                                                                    provide us with some useful advice
                                                                                    tempered with her own brand of
                                                                                    Southern humor.

                                                                                       We have a terrific line-up of workshops
                                                                                       covering some old favorite topics, like
                                                                                       hearsay rules and dealing with
                                                                                       employer representative firms. The US
        The Welcome to Boise team of (left-right) Commissioner James Kile, Cheri Ruch,
                                                                                       DOL will be providing us with an
              Wanda Brown, Mindy Montgomery, Tom Valasek and Joe Karpach               update on current issues on Capitol
                                                                                       Hill. On the national scene, we will
                                                                                       have sessions on the future of
       unemployment insurance and appeals issues stemming from the Workforce Investment Act. NAUIAB President Angela
       Bullard and Connecticut acting Board of Review member Lynne Knox have a new game for the ethics session that
       promises to be even more fun than last year. And, for those on a quest for tips on formatting decisions for federal
       review, we have a workshop just for you.
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NAUIAB Navigator                                                                                                    Summer 2004

  President’s Column
                                                                                                       Angela S. Bullard (CA)
                                                                                                       Fax: 805-981-8350

                                                                                  Board of Governors

                                                                                                       Thomas J. Daniels (RI)

        A                                                                                              401-222-3533
                                                                                                       Fax: 401-222-3514

    Career of                                                                                          Past President
                                                                                                       Juan J. Arcellana (CA)

  Proud Public                                                                                         Fax: 916-263-6764

     Service                                                                                           First Vice President
                                                                                                       Robert Lorenzo (NY)
                                                                                                       Fax: 212 -352-6813
         by Angela Bullard (CA)                                                              

                                                                                                       Second Vice President
                                                                                                       Pamela Waite (ME)
                                                                                                       Fax: 207-846-5216
    Oxnard, CA - My steno pad was half-full of columns written and rejected,
    reflecting a wide range of topics and myriad moods. The earliest                                   Marcella Townsend (WV)
    attempts were humorous accounts of jobs I’ve loved (like being NAUIAB                              304-558-2636
    President) and jobs I’ve loved...not so much. The more recent                                      Fax: 304-5581363
    endeavored to express the despair I struggled with upon learning of the
    tragic incident on April 2, 2004 at the Hendersonville, NC Employment                              Treasurer
                                                                                                       Donna P Watts-Lamont (MD)
    Security Commission office.                                                                        410-767-2777
                                                                                                       Fax 410-767-2787
    But truth be told, this column is being penned prone on a sun-warmed                     
    sliver of sand, inhaling aqua breeze just steps off the Pacific surf. Such                         COMMITTEES
    an idyllic setting offers a sense of solace and sweeps away everything                             Conference Agenda
    except the most essential, overwhelming gratitude for life. My own,                                Marilyn White (AZ)
    Letch Beatty’s and each of yours.
                                                                                                       Long Range Planning
                                                                                                       Alice Mitchell (GA)
    We live in a world where it is easy to lose sight of our own value. We                             404-656-3057
    chose public service in an era during which that is a most unpopular                               Fax 404-656-7361
    profession. We all know the jokes about “government work.” We’re                         
    painfully aware that most citizens view interaction with public employees                          Newsletter
    as a necessary evil at best. The very government that employs us                                   Thomas E. Gorman (MA)
    reinforces the popular perception that we are expendable by consistently                           617-626-6400
                                                                                                       Fax 617-727-5874
    contemplating our jobs among the first cuts in any budget crisis.                        
    Perhaps, like me, you’ve even had a former administrator derisively
                                                                                                       Special Projects
    intone, “It doesn’t take a genius to be an appeals referee (insert your                            Margaret Meads (AR)
    own title here).”                                                                                  501-683-4310
    Those of us who work in unemployment insurance appeals, in particular,                             Website and Technology
    struggle within a system that naturally precludes us from pleasing more                            George H. Baker (IN)
    than approximately 50% of our customers. After all, a win for one                                  317-232-7720
                                                                                                       Fax 317-233-3348
    party is a loss for another. And let’s face it, even the “winners” often                 
    don’t have a lot to be happy about by the time the process concludes.
    It’s no wonder the public we serve can seem so hostile. It’s a miracle
                                                                                     NAVIGATOR STAFF: Thomas E. Gorman, MA, Chair;
    that violent occurrences are not more common.                                    George H. Baker, IN; Maureen Bucek, TX;
                                                                                     Angela S. Bullard, NC; Vance Daniels, DE;
    What is more amazing is that so many of us choose to stay in this field          Kaherine Flores, WY; Alan O. Forst, FL; Conny Franken,
                                                                                     IN;      H.W.        Funderburk,         Jr.,       SC;
    in spite of obvious disincentives. And make no mistake, it is a choice;          Betty Graham, CO; James Kile, ID; Ainka Kweli, KS;
    the fine people I know in this business could easily obtain other, arguably      Alan M. Kyle, CT; Raymond Maccarone, Jr., RI; Vincent C.
    better, jobs. Minimal financial rewards, stressful work conditions, lack         Martorano, NJ; Tim McArdle, CA; Georgina Rizk, CA;
                                                                                     Romi Robinson, SC; Cheri J. Ruch, ID; David B. Salley,
    of superior support and public appreciation could cause many of us to            SC; Carol Vega, ; Truman Sayre, Jr., WV.
    question our career path on any given day. So what are we doing here?            NAUIAB NAVIGATOR is published three times annually.
                                                                                     Comments and letters are welcome and should be sent
                                                                                     to Tom Gorman, Editor, MA Dept. of Employment & Train-
    It’s called service. It’s about facing each new work day knowing that            ing Board of Review, CF Hurley Bldg, 19 Staniford Street,
    there are people out there who need our help, whether they realize it            Boston MA 02114. Back issues of the Navigator may be
                                                                                     found at the NAUIAB website:
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NAUIAB Navigator                                                  2                                                      Summer 2004
TURNING 25: honoring the past - celebrating the future
by Tom Gorman (MA)
BOSTON - A silver anniversary is on the horizon and it’s prime          contribution of one’s time, knowledge and insight will be a valuable
time for some distinguished men and women, many of whom                 learning experience and it’s the lifeblood of NAUIAB. Every year
spent their entire careers in the field of administration of            when I was on the Board, we tried to balance the slate of future
unemployment appeals, to finally take a bow.                            officers between upper and lower authority nominees.”

On the morning of June 24, 2004, in Boise, Idaho, Angela Bullard        Today the mission statement and membership of NAUIAB is clear:
will relinquish her role as president of the National Association of    to promote opportunities for people who care about the
Unemployment Insurance Appellate Boards and pass the duties             unemployment insurance process to meet and share ideas, learn
to Tom Daniels. In doing so, a momentous occasion will be               about legal issues affecting unemployment insurance, and discover
recorded as Daniels will become the 25th president of NAUIAB.           better operating procedures and techniques in the administration
                                                                        of UI appeals. The members of NAUIAB are committed to
“I’m thrilled to be a member of this great organization which is        continuous improvement of the UI appellate process by providing
celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary,” said Daniels, the Chairman   continuous education, sharing best practices and assuring due
of the Rhode Island Board of Review since 1995. “I know there           process in all aspects of appellate review.
have been some major contributors to NAUIAB, and not just former
presidents, over the past 25 years who are all deserving of our         President Angela Bullard has presided over a year of remarkable
thanks. Right now, although all are efforts are focused on hosting      peace and prosperity and knows that her reign is only as good as
a successful conference in Boise, we have an impressive marketing       the people she has working around her on the Board and the
plan ready to be unveiled this summer to celebrate our 25th             hard work they do throughout the year. “Serving as NAUIAB
anniversary, which is scheduled for Newport (Rhode Island) in           President this year has been an almost guilty pleasure. I owe a
June 2005.”                                                             debt of gratitude to the Board of Governors, their committees
                                                                        and other active members whose effort has been expended to the
                  How It All Began                                      betterment of the association. Thank you to them and thank you
                                                                        to the 23 presidents before me. We’ve come a long way. Long live
The idea for an educational, networking organization of higher          NAUIAB!”
authority Appeals Board members developed in 1979 at a
Department of Labor conference in California. Several Board
members from various states recognized the educational benefits
of meeting with other Board members to discuss specific
experiences and perspectives on unemployment insurance issues,
operations, policies and case law. In January 1981, letters of
invitation were sent to 53 UI jurisdictions inviting participation to
form a national organization of appeals officials. In May of 1981
twenty-seven people representing fourteen states attended the initial
meeting in Asilomar, California, which is near Monterey.

Pioneering NAUIAB past presidents such as Marilyn Grace (CA)
                                                                                (left-right) President-elect Tom Daniels (2005), Marilyn White,
who served two terms (1981, ’82), Sandra Dragon (VT) (1983)
                                                                               second vice-president Pam Waite (2007) and first vice-president
and Bob Pendleton (ME) (1984) soon realized that the organization                                      Bob Lorenzo (2006)
should include both higher and lower authority representatives in
order to gain better recognition from DOL and Washington, DC                Presidents                                    Conference Sites
lawmakers. Through excellent annual conferences, better                     Marilyn Grace        (CA)      (1981-1982)    1981 -   Asilomar, CA
educational opportunities, an ever-improving newsletter and sound           Sandra Dragon        (VT)      (1983)         1982 -   Anaheim, CA
judgments by its Board of Governors, NAUIAB has grown into a                Robert Pendleton    (ME)      (1984)          1983 -   Portland, ME
                                                                            David Pearson         (WI)     (1985)         1984 -   Jackson Hole, WY
respected voice for appeals.                                                Jules Pagano          (NY)     (1986)         1985 -   Kerrville, TX
                                                                            William Purcell     (CT)     (1987)           1986 -   Seattle, WA
Now-retired New Jersey Board of Review Chairman Vince                       Mary McGowan         (AR)     (1988)          1987 -   Reno, NV
                                                                            Robert Harvey        (CA)      (1989-1990)    1988 -   Oakland, CA
Martorano served as NAUIAB’s 19th president in 1998 and has                                                               1989 -   New Orleans, LA
                                                                            Robert Sparks        (AR)      (1990)
been a member for 18 years. He feels the organizations greatest             Allan Toubman        (ME)     (1991)          1990 -   Madison, WI
assets are its members, particularly those who volunteer to share           James Pflasterer     (WI)       (1992-1993)   1992 -   Kalispell, MT
                                                                            Gordon Doig          (TX)      (1994)         1993 -   Denver, CO
their knowledge and talents by leading various workshops and                                                              1994 -   Detroit, MI
by participating on panel discussions at the annual conference.             Betty Graham         (CO)     (1995)
                                                                            Thelma Hill          (NC)     (1996)          1995 -   Albuquerque, NM
                                                                            David Kubli          (OH)       (1997)        1996 -   Burlington, VT
“In order for the organization to grow we need to recruit more UI           Vincent Martorano   (NJ)      (1998)          1997 -   Grand Lake, OK
                                                                                                                          1998 -   Baltimore, MD
professionals who are ready, able and willing to sign up for                Teresa Morris        (WA)      (1999)
                                                                                                                          1999 -   Scottsdale, AZ
committees and attend our annual conferences,” explained                    Brooke Pearson       (VT)      (2000)
                                                                                                                          2000 -   San Francisco, CA
                                                                            Maureen Bucek        (TX)     (2001)          2001 -   Asheville, NC
Martorano, who recently received an honorary lifetime designation           Jay Arcellana        (CA)     (2002)          2002 -   Portland, ME
from the BOG’s for his many years of service. “The personal                 Angela Bullard       (CA)     (2003)          2003 -   Charleston, WV
                                                                            Thomas Daniels       (RI)     (2004)          2004 -   Boise, ID

NAUIAB Navigator                                                        3                                                          Summer 2004
          Talk of the Trade
                                 Involuntary Farewell
                                                           by Tom Gorman, MA

 BOSTON - After five                                                                                             As chairman of the
 sometimes tumultuous years                                                                                      Education and Training
 on the NAUIAB Board of                                                                                          Committee that year, I took
 Governors, one as chairman                                                                                      on the project of starting a
 of the Education and Training                                                                                   NAUIAB         web      site,
 Committee, and the last four                                                                                    exclusively       for    our
 as editor of this newsletter, I am                                                                              members. The first few
 stepping down in June. It is                                                                                    months were aggravating
 time to turn my full attention                                                                                  but we worked out several
 back to taking care of business                                                                                 wrinkles with the DOL, who
 as a member of the Board of                                                                                     hosted the site for a short
 Review at the newly named                                                                                       time in the fall of 1999. In
 Division of Unemployment                                                                                        early 2000 with a new
 Assistance in Massachusetts. In                Massachusetts Board of Review member Tom Gorman                  direction, purpose and
 March, almost 400 appeals                is stepping down from the NAUIAB BOGs after serving five years         some financial backing for
 were handled by our office and                                                                        , I can
 "business is booming" as they                                                                                   now proudly say that
 would say in the private sector, for which I'm destined in the       starting the web site is my greatest contribution to the organization.
 near future.                                                         The NAUIAB web site has evolved into the most important
                                                                      communication tool we have, offering tons of information at our
 My association with NAUIAB began in June 1996 at the                 fingertips, covering every area of unemployment and beyond.
 annual conference held in Burlington, Vermont and, as I
 recall, Dave Kubli was President and he put on an inspiring           In June 2000, when Brooke Person took control as the twenty-first
 and impressive presentation: leading the morning assembly,           president in an epochal speech in San Francisco, I took over the
 participating in workshops, asking questions and making              unenviable assignment as chairman of the publication of our
 friends with all the first-time conference attendees. Now, nine      newsletter. This BOG position has traditionally been one that no
 years later, I must say my experience has certainly been             one wanted and it is one that demanded the most volunteer hours,
 interesting, rewarding and educational. Let's admit, the work        although in 2002 we reduced the number of newsletters published
 we do is not too exciting or glamorous, so where else can            annually from four to three. When times got tough and deadlines
 you go and talk shop for four consecutive days? At the eight         approached, I kept reminding the president that we are in the
 conferences I've been privileged to attend, I absolutely,            unemployment business, not the publications business. Now four
 thoroughly enjoyed meeting with other Board members (and             years later, having authored 18 Talk of the Trade columns and
 ALJ's) and discussing how their respective states conduct the        numerous UI-related articles, it is time to pass this glorious
 business of unemployment appeals. Talking and reminiscing            assignment to Arkansas Board of Review Chair Margaret Meads. I
 about unusual cases can be fun and educational. On most              would like to thank Teresa, Brooke and three more past presidents
 occasions I learned something useful to implement into my            that I've worked with: Maureen Bucek, Jay Arcellana and Angela
 daily work schedule, which is one of the primary goals of            Bullard.
                                                                      I have many great memories of my time served with this organization
 Five and Gone                                                        and wish incoming president Tom Daniels and his new Board the
                                                                      very best in the year ahead. In closing, I urge future NAUIAB
 Back in the spring of 1999, my name surfaced as a potential          presidents to include more higher authority personnel in your
 candidate to serve on the Board of Governors (BOG). I                workshops and presentations at the annual conference and to seek
 remember getting a call (there was no e-mail in those days)          out veteran appeal members to serve on the conference agenda
 from then incoming president Teresa Morris, and she stated           committee. In my opinion, the organization needs some fine-tuning.
 the criteria for consideration. First, they needed a male to         We can do a better job of recruiting newly appointed appeal
 complement the dozen politically correct BOG's ratio of fifty        members from all 50 states to join our ranks and make them feel
 percent men and women. Second, that person had to work               welcome to the world's only association for appeal members. The
 in higher authority appeals. Third, they needed someone              BOG should create a Membership Chairperson position to handle
 whose state would allow them to travel to the fall and spring        membership and to recruit, track and enlist new personnel. There
 BOG planning meetings. And, the clincher according to                is no need to have a president-elect, 1st vice-president and 2nd
 Teresa, Brooke Pearson spoke highly of my qualifications             vice-president category without defined job duties. Unless more
 saying, "He's no empty suit." (Although many might disagree.)        appeal members get involved NAUIAB will slowly become an

NAUIAB Navigator                                                     4                                                     Summer 2004
organization run by ALJ's for ALJ's, which is contrary to our name and our purpose.
Setting some short-term goals while also taking an in-depth look at some long range                             LighterSide
planning is needed.                                                                                                  by Conny Franken, IN

Finally, on a lighter note, one more passing thought: Where do I file an unemployment
claim against NAUIAB? I plan to use my Massachusetts-based wages and file an                           Law and Disorder
interstate claim against this California company. My position is that I was "constructively            A man who had been caught embezzling
discharged" from the BOG's while they claim that I voluntarily quit. Someone is not                    millions from his employer went to a lawyer
being truthful and a credibility assessment is required. Is there an ALJ out there willing             seeking defense. He didn't want to go to jail. But
to hold a knock-down-drag-them-out hearing on this issue? Is this an involuntary                       his lawyer told him, "Don't worry. You'll never
                                                                                                       have to go to jail with all that money." And the
                                                                                                       lawyer was right. When the man was sent to
                                                                                                       prison, he didn't have a dime.
Just let me know my appeal rights!!!
                                                                                                       JOHN: I'm beginning to think that my lawyer is
HEARD IN THE HALLS                                                                                     too interested in making money.
                                                                                                       FRANK: Why do you say that?
Congratulations and Best Wishes to Lionel Carriere, Canada's Director of Employment                    JOHN: Listen to this from the bill: "...for waking
Insurance Appeals, upon his retirement in April. Lionel was a long-time contributor at                 up at night and thinking about your case - $45."
our annual conferences and will be replaced by May Morpow, who promises to be in
Boise on June 20...Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri has named former DOL                          Bizarre case names...United States vs Estate of
administrator Adelita Orefice as Director of the Department of Labor and Training,                     Grace.
replacing Marvin Perry on April 30...Welcome to NAUIAB to three new Iowa Board
of Review members: Chairman Earl Seymour, Elizabeth Seiser and Mary Ann
                                                                                                       Don't Quote Me
Spicer and good luck in retirement to ALJ Richard Martyn, who was last seen traveling                  "No man is above the law and no man is below
the country in his luxury travel trailer...Florida UI Appeals Chairman Alan Forst reports              it; nor do we ask any man's permission when
that over 14,000 cases were received and disposed in 2003 and that Robert Whaley,                      we ask him to obey it." - THEODORE
has been appointed Deputy General Counsel while Dorothy Johnson is the new                             ROOSEVELT
Process Manager...Greetings to new Montana Board Chairman Jerome Loendorf,
who joins veteran members Carol Vega and James Thares, ably assisted by legal                          "A positive attitude may not solve all your
counsel Marieke Beck...New Board members in Tennessee include Lisa Jones and                           problems, but it will annoy enough people to
                                                                                                       make it worth the effort." -
May Lavander and according to Hearing Officer Chuck Bonet, Nashville would like
                                                                                                       HERM ALBRIGHT
to host a conference someday...Maine chief ALJ and past NAUIAB president Allan
Toubman has secured dates from the National Judicial College for another important                     "I love to go to Washington, if only to be nearer
class for folks new to the UI appeals process for ALJ's and especially Board personnel                 my money." - BOB HOPE
in Reno, Nevada from October 18-21, 2004...New California Board members include
Virginia Strom-Martin and Don Novey who replaced Elihu Harris and Ruben                                "The human race has one really effective
Ayala...Artee Williams has been named Director of the Arkansas Employment Security                     weapon, and that is laughter."
Department and brings to the job 34 years of experience in state government including                  MARK TWAIN
20 with the Department of Administration and Finance. And Sandra Winston is the
new executive director of the Arkansas Workforce Investment Board...Finally, for those                 "Success is to be measured not by the position
                                                                                                       that one has reached in life as by the obstacles
who like to make travel plans in advance, the dates for the 25th annual NAUIAB
                                                                                                       which he has overcome while trying to succeed."
conference in Newport, Rhode Island, are June 12-16, 2005. Ray Maccarone and
                                                                                                       BOOKER T. WASHINGTON
Denise Cannata and the entire Rhode Island UI staff promise to provide more
details after Boise. And for those really long distance planners, it appears certain that              Senior Sense of Humor
San Diego will host the 2006 conference. Stay Well & Keep Smiling!!!
                                                                                                       How old would you be if you didn't know how
(Mr. Gorman can be reached at (617)-626-6400 or e-mail at:                          old you are?

                                                                                                       Aging: Eventually you will reach a point when
                                                                                                       you stop lying about your age and start
                                                                                                       bragging about it.

                                      Visit us at the NAUIAB annual meeting, June 20 in Boise          Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is

                                                                                                       You know you're old when you start getting into
                                                                                  1015 Wade Avenue     arguments about pension plans.
  CRS has been producing verbatim transcripts of legal                             Raleigh, NC 27605
                                                                                                       You know you're getting old when your secrets
  proceedings since 1969. With our transcription division, we                          919-832-4114    are safe with your friends, because they can't
  utilize the latest technology and offer recordings on CD, digi-                      800-289-1017    remember them either.
  tal, video or tape. CRS has been a vendor to the
                                                                                  fax: 919-832-4181    Two perks about being over 50: kidnappers are
  NC Employment Security Commission since 1998 and the
  Family Courts in Sussex and Kent Counties, Delaware since         not very interested in you and in a hostage
                                                                                                       situation you are likely to be released first.
  August 2003.                                                         

NAUIAB Navigator                                                             5                                                     Summer 2004
      Welcome to Boise! continued from page 1
      In addition to the old favorites, we will be covering some topics that have not received much attention during the last
      few annual conferences, such as home computer security, planning for retirement, and training staff to answer questions
      from parties without running afoul of "practicing law without a license." There will also be a workshop on the
      challenges faced by agency counsel when called on to represent the agency in appeals.

      Freedom of expression in the workplace has always been a challenging issue. With the increasing popularity of
      tattoos and body piercing, this topic is taking on a new meaning. To find out what this is all about and how it will arise
      in U.I. appeals, check out the workshop on “Body Art”. For more information, you can peruse the agenda and all of
      the other details on the conference website at:

      There will be no shortage of networking opportunities. They will begin with the reception on Sunday evening. If you
      need something more organized, we will be holding caucuses on Monday afternoon devoted to Higher Authority,
      Lower Authority and Agency Counsel/Administrators. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with your peers to
      discuss issues unique to your function within the unemployment insurance appellate system. The hospitality suite will
      be open every evening where you can continue catching up with old and new colleagues. So, if you still need a reason
      to attend the 2004 NAUIAB annual conference in Boise, Idaho, come for the unique and outstanding educational
      opportunities. Come for the chance to meet with old friends and cultivate new ones while you share your triumphs and
      frustrations of being a part of the unemployment appeals system. Come to get involved in NAUIAB, the only professional
      organization in the world designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in the adjudication of the unemployment
      insurance program.

      The clock is ticking!! The deadline for the $99.00 per night conference rate at the Grove Hotel is May 15, 2004. So,
      hurry and make your reservations. If you have misplaced your registration materials, you can find everything you
      need on the conference website. Or, call Wanda Brown at 208-332-3570, extension 3211, and she will be happy to
      provide you with a new set. Send in your registration and plan to join us in Boise for the NAUIAB annual conference
      June 20-24, 2004. You'll be glad you did!

        Idaho executive greeting team of Commissioner James Kile,                            Boise Skyline
                  Commission Chairman R.D. Maynard,
             Department of Labor Director Roger Madsen and
                      Commissioner Tomas Limbaugh

  A Career of Proud Public Service continued from page 2
    or not. People who are counting on us to do the right thing. People to whom we may represent the last defense
    against utter despair. People to whom we can make a positive difference, with our competence and kindness. That
    kind of service is worth more than all the claim checks and reserve accounts combined. It is priceless.

    The Hendersonville office staff embodied that kind of service. I witnessed it every day I conducted hearings there.
    Intrinsically, each member knew the great worth of their work, their customers, each other, and themselves. Letch
    Beatty, the manager, devoted his long career to that exemplary service. Ultimately, he lost his life in it. And nothing,
    my friends, is worth more than that.

    So my last column intends to honor, in some small way, those who dedicate their brilliant minds, and more importantly,
    their beautiful hearts, to public service. People like Letch, and like you. I hope you know how special you are.

    Editor's Note: In Hendersonville, North Carolina, on April 2, 2004, NC Employment Security Commission manager Letch
    Beatty was killed after a confrontation with a disturbed claimant. Staff member Ron Piercy was also seriously injured in this
    horrifying tragedy. When employed with the NC ESC in 2002, Angela Bullard held hearings in Hendersonville two days a
    week and knows the employees involved in and impacted by this incident well. Our warmest regards are extended to both
    families and to the entire Hendersonville staff.

NAUIAB Navigator                                                    6                                                   Summer 2004
      Hilly and Ruch Seek                                                      Mr. Hilly's accomplishments include financial management,
                                                                               collective bargaining agreement negotiation experience, and
       Election to BOG                                                         strategic planning and computer information system skills. He
                                                                               received his BS in political science and Master's degree in Public
                        by Tom Gorman (MA)                                     Administration from Northeastern University in Boston.
 At the NAUIAB Board of Governors spring meeting held in New
                                                                               CHERI J. RUCH
 Orleans March 1-3, 2004, several candidates were considered for
                                                                               Cheri Ruch became a referee for the Idaho Industrial Commission
 two vacant Board positions. After much discussion the BOG endorses            in 1997 where she reviews appeals and prepares decisions in
 and proposes the following slate of new officers for 2004-2005.               Unemployment Insurance cases for Idaho's higher authority. Ms.
 Incoming president Tom Daniels will preside at the June 24, 2004,             Ruch attended her first NAUIAB annual conference in 1998 and
 business meeting in Boise, Idaho, and the new slate of officers will          became an active member shortly thereafter. She has been a
 be voted on at that time. Maine's James Hilly and Idaho's Cheri               contributor to the conference agenda committee for various annual
 Ruch are seeking positions on the Board resulting from the departure          conferences and she takes great pride in her role in the development
 of Tom Gorman and Jay Arcellana. The candidates’ biographies                  of the NAUIAB Model Code of Judicial Conduct along with the
 are included below as is information on Proxy voting.                         other distinguished members of the Special Projects Committee.
                                                                               Ms. Ruch joined the faculty of the University of Phoenix Online
             President-Elect:     Robert Lorenzo                               Campus in 2001, where she teaches courses in employment law,
             1st Vice-Pres:       Pam Waite                                    history of the U.S. Constitution and critical thinking skills to
             2nd Vice-Pres:       Marilyn White                                undergraduate business students, as well as a graduate course in
             Secretary:           Marcella Townsend                            conflict resolution skills for the workplace. Ms. Ruch started her
             Treasurer:           Donna Watts-Lamont                           legal career as a Staff Attorney with the Bankruptcy Administrator's
                                                                               Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. During her tenure
                                                                               with the Bankruptcy Administrator's office, Ms. Ruch was a frequent
              Committee Chairs:
                                                                               speaker at the District-wide Bankruptcy Conference in North
              Newsletter:          Margaret Meads                              Carolina on topics related to Chapter 11 reorganization.
              Agenda:              Cheri Ruch
              Website &                                                        In addition to her law degree from Vermont Law School in South
              Technology:          James Hilly                                                                   .A.
                                                                               Royalton, Ms. Ruch holds an M.P from Boise State University.
              Special Projects: George Baker                                   Ms. Ruch is a graduate of the Federal Judicial Center's program on
              Conference Host: Alice Mitchell                                  Leadership and Management Skills for Federal Court Managers
                                                                               and is an alum of the National Judicial College.
 James A. Hilly has served as a Commissioner on the Maine                      PROXY FORM
 Unemployment Insurance Commission representing Maine's                        The Notice of Annual Membership Meeting and Proxy Statement now is
 employers since 1995. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Hilly was                 available on the NAUIAB website at: The notice includes
 Executive Director of the Regional Transportation Program Inc., of            a description of some minor amendments to the bylaws being proposed
 Portland, Maine. He has been a teacher with the Portland Public               by the Board of Governors. If you will not be attending the meeting this
 Schools as well as the Boston Public Schools., and has also served
                                                                               year in Boise, Idaho, from June 20-24, 2004, you may cast a vote on
 as Project Director and Hearing Officer for the Boston Rent Control
                                                                               election of members to the Board of Governors and on the proposed
 Administration. Mr. Hilly also is a volunteer arbitrator for the Better
 Business Bureau; a member of the Board of Directors of the                    amendments by proxy. In order to be eligible to vote, a member must be
 Sportsman's Alliance of Maine and a member of the Board of                    active and current in payment of dues as of June 23, 2004, at 5 pm EDT.
 Trustees of the Trust for the Preservation of Maine Industrial History
 and Technology. He is a member of the Portland Rotary Club and                If you are unable to access the NAUIAB website or download the proxy
 has been a frequent contributor at several NAUIAB annual                      form, please contact NAUIAB Secretary Marcella Townsend at:
 conferences.                                                                  (305)558-2636 or e-mail:

    in memoriam
                                       Alan M. Kyle, a member of the Connecticut Board of Review since 1996, passed away
                                       unexpectedly on February 12, 2004. Alan was an active member of NAUIAB having served
                                       for four years on the Newsletter Committee and he participated in several higher authority
                                       workshops at our annual conference over the past six years. He graduated from University of
                                       Louisville in 1959 and became a Navy pilot and worked for many years as a pilot for Pan
                                       American Airlines. Alan also served as a Connecticut state representative in the early 1990's.
                                       Alan was a larger than life personality and a wonderful husband to his wife, Flora. He will be
                                       missed by his wife, two children and grandchildren, as well as his NAUIAB colleagues.

                                       Becky Thomas, Chair of the Utah Workforce Appeals Board, died suddenly March 4, 2004 at
                                       the age of 47. Becky was an active NAUIAB member and had served as Chair of the Utah
                                       Workforce Appeals Board since her appointment by Governor Leavitt in 1997. She leaves
                                       behind her husband, David, and three teenage daughters. Becky Thomas will be greatly missed
                                       by her colleagues both in Utah and within NAUIAB.

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