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                                      Kazuma ATV Reviews

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                                     Created On: 07 Nov 2008 09:40 PM

An in-depth Kazuma ATV review article written by an experienced supplier of Chinese ATVs and
specifically Kazuma ATVs and Kazuma Parts.

   What is a Kazuma ATV and where did they come from? Kazuma is a large auto, truck parts
factory located in the Far East. (Stannic Manufacturing?) A huge world supplier of car replacement
parts distributed globally. Kazuma began production of Kids ATVs and distributed them mainly in
Australia where they became very popular. So popular that one model of the Kazuma ATVs was
voted ATV of the year in Australia. Kazuma expanded their ATV line-up and was first introduced by
Redcat Motors here in the USA. Darin was at the controls of Redcat Motors and started advertising
them on Ebay. Sales exploded and Redcat Motors created a highly successful Redcat Dealer Net
Work throughout the USA. Kazuma ATV's were being re-branded with the Redcat name. This was
one of the most successful "branding" sales campaigns ever developed and implemented. ALL
early Redcat ATVs are actually Kazuma ATVs. The stickers on the Kazuma ATV's said Redcat, the
cardbox container the Kazuma ATV's arrived in had Redcat all over them. ONE EXCEPTION--THE
ENGINES SAID KAZUMA ON THEM! Redcat Dealers loved them little Redcat ATV's (kazuma)
because the CONSUMER loved the Redcat ATVs.

  One point to make here is a very important fact. Kazuma had experience in distributing PARTS
because the factory is in the CAR and TRUCK PARTS business. Kazuma would send containers of
replacement and warranty parts along with the container shipments of ATVs. Redcat did a fairly
good job of providing parts support to their dealers.

   Fast forward----Kazuma Factory decided they wanted to try their hand in USA marketing 101 and
started popping warehouses across the USA. Redcat lost sleep and much more and dropped the
Kazuma ATVs and flew across the ocean to find another ATV Factory to put the Redcat Brand on.
The Chinese have not figured out what dealer protected territories actually means, or Kazuma
thought they could make more money for the factory by having their own people over here doing the
marketing???? Did Redcat find a "quality" ATV factory able to build enough ATVs and SHIP enough
ATVs to satisfy the huge USA demand.???? Did Kazuma's new warehouses and staff successfully
market the ATVs as well as Redcat??? I know the answer quite well to both questions.

   Bottom line -- Buy a Kazuma because they have the parts here in the USA to back up their ATVs.
 AND there is more Redcats - Kazuma ATVs in this country right now than 10 other Chinese ATV
Factories combined. The numbers of previous Redcat and Kazuma ATVs sold in the USA are WAY
OFF THE CHARTS.......mainly due to Darin's Redcat Branding. The Redcat Dealers already knew
the quality of Kazuma and already knew how the consumers gobbled them up. It was easy for them
to put Kazuma ATVs next to the Redcats already on their showroom floors because THEY WERE
THE SAME ATVs. (NOTE: later model redcats are not kazuma---see above)

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  USED Kids ATVs such as the Kazuma Meerkat 50 or Redcat KMX50 are currently HOLDING
higher resale values than what they sold for 10 years ago. The Kazuma Falcon or Redcat SFX110
is still a very popular raptor styled ATV. Plenty of parts everywhere for these models.

 Jump Forward-----The current Chinese ATVs being sold by other Chinese ATV Factories have
improved tremendously in last couple of years. Some of the other brands are worth owning also.
Just remember they do not have the PARTS SUPPLIER EXPERIENCE that Kazuma has.

 DUMBEST CHINESE ENGINEERING DESIGN----My vote for stupidest goes to putting a shaft drive
on a KIDS ATV. WHY?,,,why would you take a perfect Honda Copy E22 Chinese Engine and trash
it with a shaft drive?? No dealer can afford to stock replacement Chinese shaft drives on their
shelves, thereby giving the Chinese ATV Factory the false reading that there is no demand for
replacement Chinese ATV shaft drives----then the factory doesn't send them over here and guess
what? I get TONS of emails and phone calls looking for Chinese ATV shaft drive parts. JUST
GIVE ME A CHAIN DRIVE because ALL DEALERS already have chains and sprockets on their
dealer parts shelves. Parts-Unlimited and Tucker Rocky and ??? all have tens of thousands of
chains and sprockets IN STOCK ready to ship to a dealer for customer ATV needs.

 You will not find any CHINESE ATV SHAFT DRIVES on a Kazuma ATV. Maybe their ATV design
experience paid off here.

More to follow on the Kazuma ATV Reviews subject---stay tuned!

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