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We have recently converted our garage into a home office but as the weather gets colder, it’s becoming
almost impossible to work in there for any long periods of time! I don’t fancy the upheavel of installing a
radiator, not to mention the cost. I need a quick fix to solve the problem - is there anything you would
recommend that I could use to heat the room up? I’d ideally like something that is fairly mobile and efficient.

A common problem with any garage conversion is that it often ends
up being the coldest room in the house and re-structuring your
central heating system to keep it warm can be costly and
cumbersome. My recommendation would be to invest in a gas
portable heater, which would be a much simpler and affordable
alternative to an additional radiator in the room.

A gas portable heater will heat a room almost immediately – and
the fact that it is portable means that it can be moved around to
warm anywhere in your home. Best of all, it means no hunting
around for a socket or tripping over unsightly cables lying across
your room. The gas cylinder is concealed neatly inside the body of
the heater and you will be able to find a really attractive design that
won’t look out of place in the home.

Calor would be the best place to start as it stocks a wide range of portable heaters. The De’Longhi Quattro
Plus (pictured, £74.95 SRP) sounds perfect for your needs – it’s a retro and stylish design and has a powerful
heat input (4.2kW). As it’s a very attractive design, you don’t have to confine it just to your garage – it will
blend in well in any other room too, whether you want to top up your central heating elsewhere or have any
cold spots in your house. Don’t forget your gas too – Calor also stocks butane gas in either 7kg or 15kg
cylinders, which will run for up to 137 hours, depending on your heat setting.


To have a look at some of Calor’s portable heaters and to order your butane gas, visit

Safety Information:
      For safety reasons portable heaters must not be used in the bathroom, bedroom or garage where petrol
      vapour is present
      Heaters must be used in a well ventilated room and positioned at least one metre from flammable
      A portable heater with a maximum heat input of 4.2kW should only be used in a room lager than 35.78m²
      (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m)
     A portable heater with a maximum heat input of 2.4kW should only be used in a room larger than 20.44m²
      (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m).


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