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					                                   Magazine                                                       Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - Page 9


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 André Who?
■ Thousands of Melbourne fans
gathered on Saturday at Eastland
Shopping Centre, Ringwood, to
greet Dutch violinist and showman
                                                                                                                                  Who is André Rieu?
André Rieu.                                                                                                                      ■ Retailers of DVDs will explain who André Rieu is ... last month he
    Fans had started to arrive at                                                                                                commanded a record six of the ARIA Top 10 positions in the charts.
Eastland as early as 5.30am, to                                                                                                     All nine of his DVDs stormed their way into the ARIA Top 40 DVD
catch a glimpse of the entertainer,                                                                                              charts, and stayed there for three consecutive weeks from July 30.
who will stage a spectacular show at                                                                                                André Rieu is an acclaimed violinist, who tours the world with his
Telstra Dome in November next year.                                                                                              Johann Stauss Orchestra. His crew comprises at least 120 people.
    3AW weekend overnight host Alan                                                                                                 Married to Marjorie, and with two sons Marc and Pierre, André’s
Pearsall was master of ceremonies                                                                                                home is Maastricht in the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch, English,
for the stage appearance in which                                                                                                French, German, Italian, Spanish and Limburgish.
André Rieu played My Way and                                                                                                        One writer Maximillien de Lafayette is overwhelmed by his talent:
Waltzing Matilda.                                                                                                                "Maestro Andre Rieu is unquestionably the world's greatest living musical
    It was a whirlwind tour of Mel-                                                                                              legend."
bourne, with André giving interviews            ● André Rieu: thousands of fans at Eastland on Saturday
to Ernie Sigley, Ian Maurice and
Keith McGowan on Friday.                       In a deeply personal radio inter-                                                                                      in terms of sales. The pure artistry
McGowan’s interview will be replayed       view that he shared with McGowan,                                                                                          and popular appeal of André is what
on the Overnighters program                André Rieu reveals that he was given                                                                                       makes each DVD such a compelling
(12.05am-5.30am) each morning              a violin at the age of five ... but as he                                                                                  experience.”
this week.                                 took lessons the teenager was more                                                                                             Now André Rieu has a stagger-
    On Thursday, André appeared on         interested in his female instructor!                                                                                       ing 19 albums in his catalogue, and
television with Kerri-Anne Kenner-             André’s father was a conductor,                                                                                        has sold 23 million copies worldwide.
                                           and there was an abiding interest in                                                                                           His latest release is New York
ley, on her morning show on Chan-                                                                                                                                     Memories, recorded in October last
nel 9.                                     music amongst his six siblings.
                                               Rieu studied violin at the                                                                                             year. The show was last week seen
    Journalist Paul Nicholson says                                                                                                                                    on the Ovation pay-TV channel.
the performance was brief, but André       Conservatoire Royal in Liege, and                                                                                              Rieu told Keith McGowan that
Rieu spent an hour signing auto-           in the Conservatorium Maastricht,                                                                                          the performance schedule so far for
graphs - at the rate of about 16 per       from 1968-1973.                                                                                                            2007 was 120 shows, with exten-
minute!                                        He was exposed to nothing but                                                                                          sive touring across the United
    The appearance was a bonanza for       classical orchestral music until uni-                                                                                      States and Europe.
JB Hi-FI who had some of Rieu’s            versity where he performed the Gold                                                                                            New Australian releases are:
DVDs and CDs on special.                   and Silver waltz by Franz Lehar.                                                                                           ■ André Rieu On His Way To New
    His DVDs are consistently in the           He says he was impressed by the                                                                                        York (DVD, Sept. 1)
Top 10 sellers around Australia,           audience reaction to the waltz mu-                                                                                         ■ Romance (DVD, Sept. 8)
through Universal. His work has            sic, and decided to pursue its form.                                                                                       ■ Love Around The World (DVD,
been chiefly promoted in Australia             Rieu went on to form the Maas-                         ● Plenty of fun in Andre Rieu’s concerts                        Sept. 15)
by Keith McGowan on 3AW, and the           trict Salon Orchestra, and he per-             There was a significant revival in      “André’s success in Australia is    ■ La Vie est belle (Life Is Beauti-
Ovation channel on Foxtel.                 formed as a violinist with the Limburg      waltz music, mostly in the Nether-       unmatched in chart history.           ful, CD and DVD, Oct. 6)
    Sydney radio personality Alan          Symphony Orchestra.                         lands, ignited by the recording of the     “The comination of the Australian   ■ Wonderful World (CD and DVD,
Jones has also just ‘discovered’               Some 20 years ago, in 1987, he          Second Waltz from Shos-                  DVD chart is absolute phenomenon      Nov 24).
André Rieu.                                created the Johann Strauss Or-              takovich’s Jazz Suites.
    Rieu, who celebrates his 58th          chestra, and his own production                This success saw Rieu dubbed as
birthday on Monday (Oct.1), was in         company.                                    ‘The King of Waltz’.
Australia for a brief visit, before fly-       He added drama and fun, even a             Rieu and his orchestra have
ing to Japan for three shows in To-        rock-star personality, to reinvogarate      perfomred throught Europe, in North
kyo, starting tomorrow (Thurs.).           performances.                               America and Japan. Next year’s
    It is no wonder that with his de-          The orchestra started with just 12      Australian tour will see shows in
manding airline schedule he is known       members, but is now often seen with         Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane,
as ‘The Flying Dutchman’.                  up to 50 musicians.                         Adelaide and Perth.
                                                                                          André Rieu has developed his
 PHOTO: PAUL NICHOLSON                                                                 own recording studios, and records
                                                                                       every June. The range of music has
                                                                                       expanded from classical, to add
                                                                                       popular and folk music.
                                                                                          Even famous movie sound tracks
                                                                                       are included in the lists of tracks on
                                                                                       the DVDs and CDs.
                                                                                          Rieu told Keith McGowan that he

                                                                                       was originally rejected by a number
                                                                                       of recording companies, but was fi-
                                                                                       nally accepted by Universal.
                                                                                          He said the company expected to
                                                                                       be happy with 25,000 CDs sold, but
                                                                                       achieved a sales record of 850,000
                                                                                       albums on his first release.
                                                                                             His recording success is con-
                                                                                       firmed by George Ash, Managing
  ● Part of the Eastland crowd on Saturday, estimated at 3000                          Director of Universal Music:               ● The Vienna Debutantes are part of the André Rieu concerts

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