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"Watermelon -- it's a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face."
Enrico Caruso

Nutrition Facts
     Good source of Antioxidants like Lycopene
     Good source of Vitamin C
     Good source of Beta Carotene (pro vitamin A)
     Low in calories
     Fat free

Nutrition Value
Fruit Name : Watermelon (tarbooz)
     Nutrient                          Units            Value per - 100 gm   1.00 X 1 wedge (approx 1/16 of melon) (286g)

     Water                              g                      91.45                               261.55
     Energy                             kcal                       30                                  86
     Energy                             kj                       127                                  363
     Protein                            g                        0.61                                1.74
     Total lipid (fat)                  g                        0.15                                0.43
     Carbohydrate, by difference        g                        7.55                               21.59
     Fibre, total dietary               g                         0.4                                  1.1
     Sugars, total                      g                        6.20                               17.73
     Sucrose                            g                        1.21                                3.46
     Glucose (dextrose)                 g                        1.58                                4.52
     Fructose                           g                        3.36                                9.61
     Starch                             g                        0.00                                0.00
     Calcium, Ca                        mg                          7                                  20
     Iron, Fe                           mg                       0.24                                0.69
     Magnesium, Mg                      mg                         10                                  29
     Phosphorus, P                      mg                         11                                  31
     Potassium, K                       mg                       112                                  320
     Sodium, Na                         mg                          1                                    3
     Zinc, Zn                           mg                       0.10                                0.29
     Copper, Cu                         mg                     0.042                                0.120
     Manganese, Mn                      mg                     0.038                                0.109
     Selenium, Se                       mcg                       0.4                                  1.1


     Nutrient                             Unit      Value per - 100 gm   1.00 X 1 wedge (approx 1/16 of melon) (286g)

     Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid       mg               8.1                                  23.2
     Thiamin                              mg             0.033                                 0.094
     Riboflavin                           mg             0.021                                 0.060
     Niacin                               mg             0.178                                 0.509
     Pantothenic acid                     mg             0.221                                 0.632
     Vitamin B-6                          mg             0.045                                 0.129
     Folate, total                        mcg                3                                     9
     Folic acid                           mcg                0                                     0
     Folate, food                         mcg                3                                     9
     Folate, DFE                          mcg_DFE            3                                     9
     Vitamin B-12                         mcg             0.00                                  0.00
     Vitamin A, IU                        IU               569                                 1627
     Vitamin A, RAE                       mcg_RAE           28                                    80
     Retinol                              mcg                0                                     0
     Vitamin E (alphatocopherol)          mg              0.05                                  0.14
     Tocopherol, beta                     mg              0.00                                  0.00
     Tocopherol, gamma                    mg              0.00                                  0.00
     Tocopherol, delta                    mg              0.00                                  0.00
     Vitamin K (phylloquinone)            mcg              0.1                                   0.3
     Fatty acids, total saturated         g              0.016                                 0.046
     Fatty acids, total monounsaturated   g              0.037                                 0.106
     Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated   g              0.050                                 0.143
     Cholesterol                          mg                 0                                     0
     Phytosterols                         mg                 2                                     6
     Carotene, beta                       mcg              303                                  867
     Carotene, alpha                      mcg                0                                     0
     Cryptoxanthin, beta                  mcg               78                                  223
     Lycopene                             mcg             4532                                12962
     Lutein + zeaxanthin                  mcg                8                                    23


Health Benefits
     Watermelon contains approximately 90% water, therefore is one of the best re-hydrators and thirst quenchers.

     It contains high levels of Lycopene, an antioxidant that may help the body fight cancer and prevent diseases.

     Watermelon is fat free, low in calories, gives the body a nutritional boost and is considered an ideal diet food.

Fruit Facts
     It has been in cultivation for a long time in India, which is often considered as the secondary centre of its origin.

     It is a common summer crop and is grown in the lower Himalayan regions to South India.

     Colour : Watermelon has a smooth, thick, green and yellow rind and deep red- pink flesh, the flesh of watermelons
              can be orange, yellow, or white as well.

     Flavour : Its flavour is sweet and juicy and has an extremely high water content which is what gives the flesh a
               crunchy texture

Fruit Tips
     How to Ripen

     Keep slightly acidic or unripe Watermelons at room temperature for a day or two wrapped in paper.

     What to Look For

     To select a good watermelon, slap the side and see if it resounds with a hollow thump. This is a good indicator
     that the melon is ripe.

     Lift the watermelon, heavy melon promises more juice.

     The rind should be dull and not shiny. It should just barely yield to pressure.

     Avoid melons with soft spots, gashes or other blemishes on the rind.

     The watermelon should have brightly coloured flesh.

     Avoid buying cut watermelon pieces as far as possible.

     How to Store

     Store the watermelon in the refrigerator and use within a day or so.

     Always wrap and then refrigerate a cut watermelon.