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Norman Rockwell Norman

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					Norman Rockwell

    By: Jessie
 Norman Rockwell’s Style of Art
• Norman Rockwell was an oil
  painter and a children’s books
  illustrator. He mostly worked
  on pictures including people. I
  did “Man on the Moon” as the
  piece of artwork for Norman
  Rockwell. On this painting he
  used oil paints when I used
  colored pencils. I will be
  describing a different more
  famous picture, “Freedom form
  Want”. It was part of the four
  freedoms, want, speech,
  worship, and fear. “Freedom
  from Want” is showing a family
  getting ready for a
  Thanksgiving feast in pastel
    A Biography of Norman Rockwell
•   Born in 1894
•   Lived in New York City
•   Dropped out of high school
•   Suffered depression
•   Begins sketching in 1899
•   1910 enrolls in National Academy of Design
•   1916 First Saturday evening post cover at age 22; marries Irene O’Conner
•   WW1 starts, he enrolls 1917
•   Norman Rockwell is discharged in 1918
•   Divorces Irene
•   Marries Mary Rhodes Barstew in 1930
•   His first son is born, Jarvis in 1932
•   Second son is born, Tom in 1933
•   Third son is born, Peter in 1936
•   1937 begins using photography in addition to live models
        Continued Biography
• 1939 moves to Arlington, Vermont
• 1943 Four freedoms painted in the post
• 1943 studio burns to the ground
• 1952 paints president Dwight D. Eisenhower
• 1953 moves to Stockbridge, Mass.
• 1959 his wife dies
• 1961 Receives Inter Faith Award form the National
  conference of Christians and Jews
• Marries Mary L. Punderson in 1961
• Dies in Stocking bridge on November eighth 1978
              My Opinion
• I think that Norman Rockwell become
  famous for two reasons. One reason is
  that he painted over 300 Saturday Evening
  post covers, the most popular post of the
  time. The other reason is that he did many
  magazine covers and children’s books.
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