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					International Animation Day: 28th of October

In 2002, ASIFA, the International Animated Film Association, launched a global event to
celebrate the art of animation. October 28th was proclaimed as International Animation Day,
commemorating the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique at the
Grevin Museum in Paris in 1892.

Beyond the several national ASIFA national Chapters (more than 30 different countries)
which celebrate the International Animation Day, ASIFA invites you to join in by screening
animated films, organizing workshops, exhibiting artwork and stills, providing technical
demonstrations, and helping to promote the art of animation.

Such a celebration is an outstanding opportunity of putting the animated film in the limelight,
and making this art more accessible to the public.

This year International Animation Day will be observed in 42 different countries all over the
world. For the first time, countries as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mozambique and Poland will
Some countries considerably develop the celebration and extend it to several cities and several
days, especially in France and Brazil, but also in Canada, Hungary, India, Israel, Portugal,
Sweden and USA
In 2005, a system of program exchanges had been created to help participants put together
culturally diverse animation programs from around the world. This year 26 different free
programs were proposed, coming from Argentina, Brazil, China, Estonia, France, Hungary,
Israel, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and USA. It is truly an incredible
occasion to discover films from all over the world for this great international animation

List of the countries participating, by continents:
Africa : Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal
America : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA
Asia : China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Uzbekistan
Europe : Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia,
Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia,
Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Oceania : Australia


BURKINA FASO (Ouagadougou)
From October 10 to 15th, at the French Cultural Centre, will hold the “Festival des toiles
animées”, with a retrospective of French animated features, Enzo d’Alo’s features, “District”
by Aron Gauder, African animated short films and a conference about animation in Africa
with Nigerian filmmaker Mustapha Alassane and Monica Blanc-Gomez from Veemem Films,
animation producer in Burkina Faso and artistic director of the festival.

KENYA (Nairobi)
October 29th, Lola Kenya Screen will organise a special animation screening, during the 19th
Lola Kenya Screen Film Forum at Goethe-Institut, Nairobi.

From October the 27th to 29th, Meknes French Institut, will receive the filmmaker Frederic
Vitali, with a program of his short or TV films. The program and Frederico Vitali will be
present in El Hajeb, Moulay Driss Zerhoune and Meknes.

The Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre will provide a three weeks workshop to all the
professionals or amateur interested, to discover animation techniques with the French
animator Vivian Altman. The end of the workshop will be the occasion to screen the AFCA-
ASIFA France programs 2006 and 2007 to the students and a large audience.

There will also be celebrations in Senegal by the Festival du film de quartier and Cameroon
by MacDarwin Production


Buenos Aires
The ACAA (ASIFA Argentina) will celebrate International Animation Day November 9th to
commemorate the ninetieth birthday of the screening in Buenos Aires of the first animated
feature film of the world., produced in Argentina in 1917, by Quirino Cristiani.
The ACAA will hold an homage to the filmmaker, organizing meetings and interviews with
professionals and amateurs and screening of shorts and feature animated films, during three
Days: November 9 , 10 and 11, in Buenos Aires, at the DaVinci Multimedia Art School and at
the Rojas Cultural Centre.

There will also be a celebration in Cordoba

One whole week of celebration managed by the ABCA (Brazilian Animated Film
Association) in fifty cities and 15 Brazilian States, with various programs from all over the
world (Poland, United States, Korea, Portugal, Hungary, Russia), conferences, workshops,
debates, seminars and parallel exhibits. Brazil will stop during the 28th of
October to watch the exhibit – which will happen simultaneously in all
these locations.


From October 22 to 28th, the National Film Board of Canada presents Get Animated!
with screenings of recent films, fascinating workshops, and a chance to meet filmmakers and
discover animation in all its forms. The NFB is a unique creative centre whose animations
have received public acclaim as well as international awards - including six Oscars. The NFB
continues to support the talent of its filmmakers, so it's in celebratory spirit that various
activities are taking place in Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

CHILE (Valparaiso)
October the 13th, in the Cineteca of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Valparaiso, were
screened an international short animated films program, with films from Argentina, Hungary,
Switzerland, Cuba, Germany, Bolivia and France and a Chilean program, with also two
conferences by the designer Jaime Canas and the animation professor Juan Marcos Solis


October 29th; ASIFA Atlanta will screen selected programs from all over the world at the
High Museum of Atlanta’s Hill Auditorium.

October 28th, The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in Boston, will present a New
England Animation program. This program of animation from New England includes work by
14 filmmakers and the premieres of five new films: "Sensorium" by Karen Aqua, "Line
Dance" by David Ehrlich, "The Windmill" and "Fable" by Dan Sousa, and "Einstein's Riddle"
by Gina Kamenstky. Introduction by artist/animator Steven Subotnick.

ASIFA Central is celebrating International Animation Day 2007 with screenings in three
locations in Michigan. Each program includes a program of international animation shorts,
and also features a locally produced student or animation workshop film. The three programs
are at The Bay Theater in Suttons Bay, Michigan, and at Kalamazoo Valley Community
College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan,
October 28th at Replay Entertainment Exchange, East-Lansing, Mr. Charles Wilson will
organise a screening to celebrate International Animation Day, with a program including
several short films including ReAnimajcia Festival and the AFCA-ASIFA France program.

Conifer, Colorado
On October the 27th ASIFA Colorado will screen animations from ASIFA Korea, House of
Animation in Portugal, ASIFA Hungary, ASIFA Bosnia, ASIFA Bulgaria and ASIFA
Argentina, in the Children's Theatre, and also the three winning entries from the International
Animation Contest.

San Francisco
ASIFA San Francisco will hold two programs presented by Ron Diamond. One will be new
award winning shorts in 35mm, the other, student films he admires.

A celebration will also be held in The Maryland Institute in Baltimore

CHINA (Beijing)
During the month of October, the French Cultural Centre in Beijing will present a
retrospective of French Animated Film, with many features as “Kirikou” and “Azur and
Asmar” by Michel Ocelot, “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud, “Arthur
and the Minimoÿs” by Luc Besson, “The King and the Moonking Bird” by Paul Grimault,
“U” by Serge Elissalde and Grégoire Solotareff, etc. and the AFCA-ASIFA France program.

Events in India this year will expand a full week. October, the 21st, a screening and
presentation of awards of the best Indian animation will take place at the National Centre for
Performing Arts at Mumbay. On the 24th a screening and social get-together will be held in
Pune, an other significant event (screening and social) will take place in Bangalore on the 26 th
and then, on the 28th screening of domestic and international animated films are scheduled for
Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta, NID campus and Cochin/Trivandrum

Asifa Israel's IAD events will open October 25 at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, with a
meeting with Canadian independent animator Sharon Katz. And open screening of selected
films from ReAnimacja festival, Lodz, Poland, AFCA-ASIFA France program, and New
Chinese Films program.
Around 20 other screenings will take place all over the country, including Cinematheques,
Art Centers and schools in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, Negev and Herzliya.

From Oct. 17th and lasting almost four weeks long, ASIFA Japan in collaboration with
Hiroshima International Animation Festival, will organize celebrations in three different
cities: Okinawa the 24th, nine places in Hiroshima, between October 17th and November 10th,
including, Hiroshima Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Library (on Oct. 28th & Nov. 3rd),
as well as eight Community Halls of each Districts in Hiroshima City and in Osaka
(November 2nd end 3rd, at Osaka Designer's College.

JORDAN (Amman)
Abu Mahjoob Cie and the royal film commission will propose at the Jordan television a
presentation of the international animation day and the animation industry in Jordan, and the
whole world. Jordan television will also present short animated spots throughout the day.

KOREA (Seoul)
From October 26th to 28th. ASIFA Korea will organize the screening of programs from 12
different countries in Seoul Animation Centre. During this period they will hold workshops
and provide to audiences the opportunity to communicate with the Directors directly.

There will also be a celebration in Uzbekistan, by Ouzbekfilms, Iran, by ASIFA Iran and
Indonesia, by ASIFA Indonesia.

AUSTRIA (Vienna)
October 31st, ASIFA Austria will present "One Day Animation Festival", in Filmcasino.
Three different programs will be screen "Man, Woman, Animated Film", "New Animated
Films from Austria" and Bruno Bozzetto’s feature “Allegro Non Troppo”.


Banja Luka
French Cultural Centre and Fenix Art association will organise, on the 28th October, the
AFCA-ASIFA France program Showcase and a retrospective of the Serbian film director
Vere Vlajic, will be screened. The 29th , several Bosnian animation films from 1961 to 2007
and the program of the festival NAAF, 2066-2007 will be screened, then the 30th, a
retrospective of the Serbian filmmaker Ratsko Ciric and the program of the « Animateka »
Festival 2006 and finally, the 31th, 2007 Annecy Festival’s program.

There will also be celebrations in Sarajevo, organised by ASIFA Bosnia & Herzegovina

October the 28th, at the Odeon Cinema, ASIFA Bulgaria will present « It’s Raining Cats and
Dogs » by Jacques-Rémy Girerd, two programs of Polish animation, presented by Jerzy
Armata and ASIFA Japan program., the 30th, in the Cinema and Theatre Arts National School,
the ASIFA Korea program and the 31st, the AFCA-ASIFA France program

CROATIA (Zagreb)
November 3th, ASIFA Croatia, will present “The Day of Croatian Animation” and will be
held in the movie theatre in the Centre of Zagreb. The programs will be : works by children
and young adults 2006/2007, student films, professional Croatian Animation 2006/2007,
special Award for the Contribution to Croatian Animation - screening of films by the laureate
and award-giving ceremony and party.
The Jury, composed of three members (film director, animator, film critic) will decide about
the prizes. Grand Prix, First and Second Prize include the cash awards.
 Beside this event dedicated to the Croatian animation the ASIFA Croatia will organise the
screenings in Zagreb Film Club, presenting ASIFA Japan and ASIFA Korea programs.

From the 10th to the 30th October, the National Film Archive in Prague will present three
programs in the archival cinema Ponrepo and the next program in Bratislava like as in last
years. The first screening on the 10th will be dedicated Jiri Trnka and Jiri Brdecka
anniversary. The second one “New Slovak Aimated Films“ on the 23rd was composed in co-
operation with the Biennial of Animation Bratislava. And the third one, on the 29th celebrated
Jiri Brdecka anniversary as an important creator of Czech animated film. The last screening
“Czech Fairy-tailes in Czech Animated Film“ on the 30th in Bratislava is prepared by the
Biennial of Animation Bratislava in co-operation with NFA. Two of these programs (one in
Prague and the other in Bratislava), celebrate the International Animation Day and the Month
of Czech and Slovak solidarity because October 28th is the Day of constitution of
independent Czechoslovakia, for Czech and for Slovak people.

ESTONIA (Tallinn)
October 28th, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival's animation sub-festival "Animated Dreams"
is going to celebrate International Animation Day by organising special screenings of House
of Animation of Portugal and ASIFA Korea program of October in cinema Sõprus.

FINLAND (Helsinki)
Between October 24th and 28th, Animatrick Festival, in collaboration with ASIFA Finland,
will celebrate International animation day. The Finnish Film Archive will have a special
screening on the 28th with the feature "Cute little Maruko" by Tsutomu Shibayama and at
least ten short films by the Quay brothers. Furthermore there will be many smaller workshops
but one of our most exciting projects will be on Saturday the 27th. We are getting animators
together in the centre of Helsinki in the morning. An animation (pixilation) will be shot with
as many people we can get together, the film will be edited and the soundtrack added in the
afternoon so we can screen it in the evening at the Animatricksfestival club. The festival will
also present a best of the Nordic and Baltic animation and of New Finish animation and hold a
Dutch animation retrospective and a tribute to Reino Niiniranta, father of Finish silhouette

From October 17 to 30th, France will celebrate animation all over the country, including
Martinique and Reunion islands. Jean-François Laguionie will be the guest of honour,
travelling in 14 different cities to present his films. Other guests will be Serge Elissalde,
Florence Miailhe, Michel Ocelot, Raoul Servais, Priit Pärn, Sébastien Laudenbach, Jean-
Jacques Prunès, etc. in different regions of France and 15 different Deutsch animators and
producers for a big retrospective in Centre Georges Pompidou (Beaubourg) in Paris. 28th of
October will be celebrate in Beaubourg, with a screening dedicated to Jean-François
Laguionie. Michel Ocelot, Mathilde Philipon-Aginski, Hoël Caouissin, Izu Troin and
Florence Miailhe will be invited to chose one film of their choice to offer to the famous
The celebration will also be the occasion to have screenings, conferences, exhibitions,
workshops, retrospective, including a Shanghai Animation Studios retrospective in Paris
(more than 30 films).

GREECE (Athens)
To celebrate 2007 International Animation Day, Syllipsis publications inaugurate a flipbook
series by the title "Pocket Cinema", starting with the release of the 1st flipbook ever made in
Greece that combines cartoon and pixillation technique. The flipbook created by cartoonist
and author Aristarchos Papadaniel is entitled "Syllipsi" and features a cartoon character
named Telis.
On October 27th Ianos Bookshop in Athens will held a screening of the first Greek animation
movie entitled “Dutse Recalls” (1945) directed by famous caricaturist Stamatis Polenekis -
original score (2006) by composer Dimitris Maramis.
On October 28th on “902 Aristera sta FM” radiostation Aristarchos Papadaniel is invited by
singer Thanasis Chouliaras and songwriter Fanis Margaronis (members of “Ftino Evelikto
Mousiko Dinamiko (FEMD)” band to their broadcast entitled “Aorati Klosti” (“Invisible
Thread”) to make a 2 hour tribute to songs and music in animation movies and TV series
(starting from late ’20s since nowadays).

Asifa Hungary will organize celebration in 9 places, 4 cinemas, in art schools, in the capital of
Hungary, in the city of Debrecen and in three other cities of Transilvania, altogether 73
screenings. There will be screenings of ASIFA-Korea, ASIFA-Japan, New Chinese films,
AFCA-ASIFA-France programs and films of La Poudriere School, Black and Night film
festival in Estonia, ReAnimajcia Festival in Poland, ASIFA Hungary and ASIFA Iran. There
will also be screenings of the films of the Hungarian masters (Gyula Macskássy, György
Kovásznai and Csaba Varga.) and selections of Hungarian animation schools and studios. The
great Italian master: Bruno Bozzetto will be honoured, screening “Allego Non Tropo”, “West
and Soda”, shorts, flash animations. Other programs will be: comic exhibitions, workshop for
children and young adults, music concerts...

October 27th; at the Cinema Grand Café. Screening of Paja Film workshop, KAFF 2007
festival palmares, AFCA-ASIFA France program and Hayao Miyazaki’s “Howl’s Moving
October 28th, Anima Bruxelles’ 2006 palmares, Anifest (Hungary) palmares and Miyazaki’s
“Spirited Away”


Cetraro (Cosenza)
October the 26th and 27th, The association Prize Simona Gesmundo will hold a special
international animation screening, during the festival “Il Fiore di ogni dove”. An international
jury will give two prices for the occasion.

October 28th, Cartoon Club Festival will organize the screening of the long feature film "Meet
the Robinsons" and of a series of short animated movies, especially dedicated to children and
selected from the last three editions of Cartoon Club itself. There will be movies from Italy
and other European countries, and the participation to IAD 2007 has been advertised through
local radio networks, magazines and newspapers.
The whole screenings are free entry, and will be programmed twice: at 14.30 and at 17.00.
The screenings will take place at the Cinema Teatro Tiberio.

From 4 to 22 October, The French Cultural Centre of Saint-Louis de France, will organize a
animation celebration at the Cultural Centre, Teatro India and Romics –Nueva Fiera di Roma,
with features films as “Corto Maltese” by Xavier Morelli, “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” by
Jacques-Rémy Girerd, “Children of the Rain” by Philippe Leclerc, various short films
programs, including one from Quebec, shows, meetings, etc.

From October 26 to 28th, at Riga Cinema, French Cultural Centre, screening of French
animation, with feature films : “The King, the General and the Birds” by Francis Nielsen,
“Black Mor’s Island by Jean-François Laguionie, “The King and the Mockingbird” by Paul
Grimault and “Fantastic Planet” by René Laloux and also a short films program. From
October 26th to November 16th there will be a poster exhibition from the future Animation
Museum of Riga.

October, 28th, KinoForma Foundation and Charlie Cinema in Lodz, will present a program of
Polish edition of International Animation Day 2007 contains of, among others, a retrospective
of the best of International Animated Film Festival ReAnimacja 2006-2007, animated shorts
program of Brazilian Animated Film Association, ASIFA-Atlanta, ASIFA Korea, AFCA-
ASIFA France, ASIFA Israel, New Chinese Films, House of Animation, Portugal and ASIFA
Hungary programs.

From October 22 to 28th, The House of Animation (Casa da animaçao) will hold screenings
all over the country, in 15 cities including Porto, Espinho, Vila do Conde, Coimbra etc. They
will propose various programs from all over the world as AFCA-ASIFA France program,
New Chinese animation, Reanimajca 2007 program, ASIFA Korea program, a national
program, Black and Night Festival Estonian program, Cartoon d’or 2007 program; etc. and
also workshops, live concert, etc.

October the 28th, at the Bookshop Ler Devagar, there will be some book presentations and a
conference about animation in the future, with specialists from YDreams Company. Oct. 29th
will have experimental animation films and improvised live music and animated films all the
afternoon for everybody.

During Anim’est festival of Bucharest, the filmmaker Mihai Badica will present his films to
the audience.
October 28th, the students of the Bucharest Theatre and Film Academy, will receive, on the
occasion of the international day of animation, the visit of Mr. Jean-Claude Palluau from
France who will talk about Emile Cohl, the first animation filmmaker.
October 30 and 31, in Ucin, will be organized some screenings including two new short
Roumanian films, the ASIFA Iran program and a British program.
In Oradea, several other actions will take place, prepared by the students and different
animation clubs.

RUSSIA (St-Petersburg)
Multivision Film Festival will organize some special screenings in "Rodina" Cinema House
which is known as St.Petersburg Cinema Museum. They’ll present AFCA-ASIFA France
2006 and 2007 program, New Chinese films program, ReAnimajcia 2007 Festival Program,
ASIFA Bulgaria program and Asifa Hungary program.

SLOVAKIA (Bratislava)
October, the 30th, Biennal of Animation Bratislava will present, in cooperation with Czech
National Film Archives “New slovak animated films“ composed by new Slovak animated films and
student films and „Czech fairy-tales in Czech animated Films“. Two of these programs (one in
Prague and the other in Bratislava), celebrate the International Animation Day and the Month
of Czech and Slovak solidarity because October 28th is the Day of constitution of
independent Czechoslovakia, for Czech and for Slovak people.

From October 26 to 28th the Slovenian animated film festival Izolanima, at the Centre for
culture, sport and entertainments Izola art cinema Odeon will be held. The festival will
celebrate International Animation Day with an animation workshop with Zlin Film school
(Czech Republic), a selection of European cartoon “A cartoon from every child” and the 28 th,
a celebration with various films from different countries.


October 29th, in the Capitol cinema, the biggest cinema in the Centre of Madrid, Animadrid
Festival will screen a special program to celebrate the day, including films from Ian
McKinnon, Andreas Hykade, Marc Riba and Anna Solanas, Gil Alkabetz, Dominique
Monfery and Jiri Barta.

October 28th, at the Bisbal d’Empordà, the association Cinetic will celebrate International
Animation Day organizing screenings of “Azur and Asmar” by Michel Ocelot, “Capelito” by
Rodolpho Pastor, a program of Chilean animator Vivian Barry and a program of Iranian
animated films.

October, the 28th, the newborn association Swedish Animators have put together a varied
program of sixteen new animated films. The program includes both professionals- and
studentfims made during the last years. This program will be screen in 9 cities in the country:
Stockholm, Eksjö, Malmö, Fellingsbro, Lund, Eskilstuna, Göteborg, Sundsvall and


Barbican Centre, London
To Celebrate International Animation Day, the Barbican Cinema will screen one of the
following British animations each film on the day:
Rabbit by Run Wrake, Who I Am & What I Want by David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd,
Astronauts by Matthew Walker, Bus Stop by Matthew Abbis, Cheese by Adam Bailey

During al October, « Moves07 », a Manchester and North-West-based international festival
dedicated to animation shorts, music videos, presents Animation dance films : The 80 min-
touring program includes five animation shorts will be screened throughout the month of
October in various countries.

There will also be celebrations Serbia, organise by ASIFA Serbia.

AUSTRALIA (Brisbane)
October 28th, Queensland Animators Group will screen at the QPIX Screening Room,
Woolloongabba, AFCA-ASIFA France program, a new Chinese film program and a selection
of animated films that we couldn’t screen at this year’s Brisbane International Animation
Festival in the “Best of BIAF des Refusés” program.