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Wholsale Beads by cuttiegyrl


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                    Wholesale Beads To Survice Global Finiancial Crisis At

       By Ryan
       Dated: Oct 23, 2008 embraces this challenge as a chance for improvement. It’s confident to survive and surpass
       the challenge with its special advantages such as its direct-owned manufacturing factories.

       While many jewelry & beads companies are worrying over the global financial crisis, and increased
       competition among the industry, leading Chinese wholesaler and distributor of beads and jewelry, has welcomed the challenges. “This is the kind of market we enjoy most,” says Mark Wu,
       owner of, “Difficulties induce a necessity for further innovation, fresh
       perspectives, and bold market strategies, which means real breakthroughs will be generated. It’s very
       exciting for because we are proud of ourselves not only in creating the best beaded jewelry,
       but also in bringing new information to connect our consumers to the latest fashion trends, and innovative
       ideas to help our clients surpass their rivals.”, a Chinese wholesaler and distributor of wholesale beads, jewelry and jewelry making
       supplies that specializes in gemstone beads, pearl beads, coral, Chinese turquoise and quartz, glass beads, is
       now one of China’s fastest growing jewelry wholesaler and distributor. is located in Guangzhou, the most flourishing metropolis of Guangdong Province
       which is the most developed place in southern China. Due to this geographic advantage,
       benefits a lot from the convenient international-level transportation system and free connection to the
       world. Up to now, the company has built up business relationships with clients from across the world. With
       its own direct-owned manufacturing factories, ensures its clients of constant and timely
       provisions of goods. Under the fine running condition of the factory and accompanied by skillful designers
       and craft workers, the company excels in beaded jewelry of different types. Its products are esteemed
       among the customers and clients for their creativeness, richness in colors and shapes, and diversification in
       materials. Also, since the company has its own beading making factories, it can always bring fine beaded
       jewelry with relatively low prices to its customers and clients. In fact, since its inception, the company has
       won great acclaims for their outstanding but reasonable performance price ratio. “We’ve strived hard to
       make high-quality products at the lowest costs” explains Mark Wu, “It’s by achieving that harmony that we
       can offer our jewelry at such competitive prices”.

        With a team of specialists in sales, marketing, administrative, and multi-media, and combined with its fine
       company structure and management system, 86beads are confident to embrace the market challenges.
       “Many companies of beads supplies are brought down or shrunk by the cruelty in current market, but we
       are not worrying for ourselves.” said Mr. LEE, employee of the company. “Our company takes this
       challenge as a chance to improve ourselves in all dimensions. We have our own designers and craftsmen
       who ensure of the quality of our products, and strong financial and systematical foundation to help us
       survive this challenge.”

        To show its courage to combat the challenges, has currently launched its new series of beads
       jewelry made of gemstone beads, pearl beads, coral, Chinese turquoise and so on. Prices for these series are
       quite reasonable, which have brought large amount of customers and clients, new and old, to claim for
       provision. The company ensures its customers and clients that provisions of the new series will be of rich
       and surprises of considerably good discounts will be given to large clients. “We consider these series as the
       best supplies to our customers for the coming Christmas” said one client. In fact, many clients have
       swarmed to book the products.

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86beads specializes in importing and selling wholesale beads, clasps & toggles,
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