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					                                                                                                                                                                               CO N S U M E R I N F O R M AT I O N :
                                                                                                                                                   LAST NAME: _____________________________________________ FIRST NAME: ______________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                   ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                           E                       ___________________________________________________________________ APT #____________________________________
                                                                                                         R E B AT
                                                                                               M A IL-IN
                                                                                                                                                   CITY: __________________________________________________________ PROV: ________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                   POSTAL CODE: ______________________ PHONE # ( _______ ) ______________________

                                                                                                     *                                             EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                   YES, I AM CONSENTING TO RECEIVE PROMOTIONAL UPDATES AND THE LATEST NEWS FROM FRIGIDAIRE CANADA.                              YES             NO
        RECEIVE                                                                                      Mail-In Rebate

        UP TO A                                                                                                                                      TO RECEIVE YOUR MAIL IN REBATE PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING:
                                                                                                                                                      Step 1 COMPLETE CLAIM FORM AND SUBMIT WITH OWNER WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD.
        Receive 6 FREE bottles of Tide HE                                                                                                                              (Be sure to write both serial & model number in appropriate space. This information is essential as your rebate
        with the purchase of any qualifying                                                                                                                             cannot be processed without it.)
        AffinityTM Frigidaire® Laundry Pair.                                                                                                          Step 2 ATTACH LEGIBLE PHOTOCOPY OF STORE RECEIPT SHOWING MODEL #
                                                                                                                                                                       (To be eligible, model numbers must be an exact match to rebate form.)
                      Mail-in offer valid
              September 1 to October 31, 2008.                                                                                                        Step 3 MAIL TO: Frigidaire® – Fresh Start Mail-in Rebate O er
          Ask a sales representative for full details.                                                                                                                                   5855 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga, Ontario L5V 3E4 Canada
                                                                                                                                                                                         Claim form MUST be postmarked no later than December 15, 2008
* Based on the purchase of select A nityTM Laundry Pairs appliances. Please keep your original sales receipt and a copy of this claim form for your records. Selected Frigidaire® Laundry Pairs listed on this form must be purchased between September 1 – October 31, 2008 from a participating authorized Canadian retailer. Only
models identi ed on this claim form are eligible. Receive Tide coupons with the purchase of any qualifying Frigidaire® A nityTM Laundry Pair. No substitute models qualify. THIS PROMOTIONAL OFFER MAY NOT BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH OTHER FRIGIDAIRE® OFFERS. Claims must include a copy of your original appliance
purchase sales receipt, showing date of purchase, brand name, type of appliance, model number(s) and store name. Individuals with incomplete submissions will receive a noti cation via email or by post. The sender may resubmit via return email with completed documentation. Claim MUST be postmarked no later than
December 15, 2008. This time period includes those who purchased appliance(s) as part of a new home construction or remodeling project. No responsibility will be taken for lost, misdirected, illegible or delayed claims, and no responsibility will be taken for lost or misdirected cheques. Claims must be made using this o cial
claim form which is to be fully completed. Missing information will delay o er ful llment. Allow up to eight weeks for your cheque to arrive. Inquiries about the status of a claim can be emailed to rebatescanada@electrolux.com or can be made in writing and mailed to Frigidaire® – Fresh Start Mail-In Rebate O er, 5855 Terry Fox
Way, Mississauga, Ontario L5V 3E4 Canada. O er is open to Canadian residents only. One claim per household. This promotion is applicable to individual sales only. Multiple sales to apartments, condominiums, subdivisions, wholesale sales, etc., do not qualify. Rebate paid on ONE model per product category. This claim form is
non transferable. Photocopies will be accepted. Owner warranty registration cards must be mailed with this rebate form clearly indicating valid serial numbers of your appliance(s) and they will be submitted to the service company on your behalf. Those submissions that do not indicate valid serial numbers will be
considered null and void. GST, PST, and HST are included in the rebate values.
                                     R EB AT
                        M AI L- IN
                                                                                Q UA L I F Y I N G M O D E L S
                                       Please check eligible models purchased and provide your serial numbers in the space below. Limit of one (1) appliance per category.
                                         (Be sure to write serial number in appropriate space. This information is essential as your rebate cannot be processed without it.)

FRIGIDAIRE® WASHER                                 FRIGIDAIRE® DRYER                                                      AFFINITY WASHER
                                                                                                                                                                               AFFINITY DRYER

3.1 FRONT LOAD WASHER                 5.7 CU FT DRYER                                                                    3.5 FRONT LOAD WASHERS                   5.8 CU FT DRYERS         5.8 CU FT GAS MODELS
    GLTF1570FS                            GLEQ442CES                                                                         ATF6000FS                                AEQ6000CES               AGQ6000CES
3.5 FRONT LOAD WASHERS                5.7 CU FT DRYERS                                                                        ATF6700FS                               AEQ6700CFS              AGQ6000ES
  FTF2140FS                                    FEQ1442CES       5.7 CU FT GAS MODELS                                          ATF8000FE                               AEQ8000CFE              AGQ8000CFE/FE
  GLTF2940FS                                   GCEQ2152ES            GCGQ2152ES                                               ATF8000FG                               AEQ8000CFG              AGQ8000CFG/FG
  LTF2940FE                                    LCEQ2152FE            GLGQ2152ES                                               ATF8000FS                               AEQ8000CFS              AGQ8000CFS/FS

          $75 Mail-In Rebate with Laundry Pair                                                                            $100 Mail-In Rebate with Laundry Pair
                                                                                                                                         6 Free bottles of Tide HE