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By Constance Reed


   Barbara Hewitt
How to get maximum benefits from
your exercise program.
1.   Set aside a special time each day to do your aerobic activity and
     exercises. Stick to it. Your routine will become easier with each   Postnatal Fitness
     day’s practice.
2.   Breathe deeply. Breathing feeds the body with oxygen and offsets    During your pregnancy, necessary and vital changes occurred in your
     tension and exhaustion.                                             body to help you prepare for childbirth and nursing. As these changes
                                                                         are very variable, so is the rate at which your body will return to its
3.   Remember your posture: hold your spine straight, lift your head     pre-pregnancy form. The exercises in this pamphlet are designed to
     and chest.                                                          help restore muscle tone to the waist, hips, pelvic floor, and stomach.
                                                                         These exercises should be done with a regular aerobic-type activity
4.   Never stand with your spine arched. Tuck your buttocks in and
                                                                         program, such as walking, cycling or swimming. A regular aerobic
                                                                         program will expend calories, improve body tone and promote
5.   Whenever you think of it, do your Kegel exercise.                   cardiovascular fitness.

Fitness and good health go hand in hand. Practice daily and you will
find the results well worth the effort.                                  Specific Goals

                                                                         After pregnancy, you may notice your muscles lack tone, even if your
                                                                         weight has returned to normal. The exercises in this booklet, if done
                                                                         daily, will build strength in your abdomen, hips, pelvic floor, and back
                                                                         muscles. Discuss this program with your doctor and be sure to proceed
                                                                         at your own pace.

                                  12                                                                        1
Lower Back                                         Bicycle
                                                   (thighs, stomach, waist)
The following exercise                                                                       1
strengthens the lower back so it                   Lie on your back, on the floor,
can better withstand carrying the                  palms under hips to protect the
baby, picking up toys, etc. Both                   back. At a moderate speed rotate
exercises are extremely important                  the legs as if you were riding a
for new mothers.                                   bicycle. Breathe deeply and
1.   Lie on the stomach, hands at
sides, relax completely into the                   Do not work for speed and do
floor. Inhale deeply.                              not tire yourself.
                                               1   Do this exercise in a relaxed
2.  Make fists of both hands                       manner. Remember to bring the
and press hard against the floor.                  knees all the way in towards the
                                                   chest and stretch the legs out as
3.   Rest chin on floor. Slowly                    long and straight as possible.
raise right leg, toes pointed, knee            3   Keep toes pointed. This insures a         2
straight (about six inches from                    complete stretch.
floor). Make sure left hipbone is
pressed against floor.                             The entire body is now warmed
                                                   up and ready to begin the Special
4.  Hold three slow counts,                2       Exercises for the parts of the
slowly lower.                                      body that have undergone partic-
                                                   ular stress during pregnancy.
5.   Repeat with left leg.                         Namely, the stomach, waist,
                                                   thighs, lower back, breasts, pelvic
6.  Repeat lifting both legs
                                                   and vaginal area.

7.  Relax. Breathe deeply, eight
counts in, eight counts out.                                                                 3

                                      10                                                 3
Waist                                                                       Outer Thigh
1.   In a standing position, feet         3.  Hold side position six        1.  In a standing position, flex
12 inches apart, raise arms above         counts. Then inhale.              both knees very slightly, place
head, close to the ears, palms                                              hands on buttocks.
facing. Stretch arms to fingertips.       4.   Return slowly to vertical
Take a deep full breath.                  position, taking eight counts.    2.  With one sudden sharp
                                                                            movement, contract the buttocks
2.   Bend and stretch upper               As you continue to practice you
                                                                            hard. (As if trying to squeeze
torso (from the waist) as far as          will be able to stretch further
                                                                            buttocks together.)
possible to the right side slowly         and further to the side. You
and smoothly. Take eight counts,          should feel a strong pull from    3.  Hold four slow counts.
exhaling slowly.                          the hipbone to the armpit.        Continue to tighten and grip
                                          Repeat twice on each side.        harder.

                                                                            4.   Relax, straighten knees.
                                                                            5.   Repeat four times.

                                                                            Watch yourself in the mirror,
                                                                            notice the fatty curve at the top
                                                                            of the outer thigh smooth,
                                                                            stretch and lengthen.

                                                                            This exercise is extremely easy,
                                                                            effective and can be done while
                                                                            waiting for a bus, elevator,
                                                                            shopping, etc. Once you get
                                                                            the feel of the sharp hard
                                                                            contraction, you need not place
                                                                            the hands on the buttocks.


                                      8                                                                         5
Outer and Inner Thigh                                                         Inner Thigh and Vagina
1.   Remain lying on your left           3.  Hold four counts. Toes           1.   Seated on a chair, press
side. Rest the cheek in the palm         pointed, legs straight, stretched,   knees and inner thighs together
of the left hand. Right hand             body in a straight line.             hard. Contract the vaginal mus-
pressed against floor.                                                        cles as tightly as possible.
                                         4.   Repeat on right side.
                                                                              2.   Hold six counts. Repeat
2.  Raise both legs at the same
                                                                              three times.
time, to the side.                                                      2
                                 1                                            This exercise will tone the inner
                                                                              thigh and tighten the vaginal

                                                                              Pelvic Floor Area - Kegels
Inner Thigh
1.  Lie on back on floor, legs                                                Incontinence (the ability to
bent.                                                                         control urination) is often a side-
                                                                              effect of childbirth, and Kegel
2.    Raise right leg straight up,                                            exercises help women regain
open it out to the side in a wide                                             control by strengthening the
arc, with the heel squared (oppo-                                             pelvic floor area. If you have
site of pointed) slowly lower till                                            been doing your Kegels
the outer foot touches floor.                                                 throughout pregnancy, you will
                                                                              regain strength faster.
3.   Bring legs together. Repeat
three times with each leg, alter-                                             1. To do a “Kegel” squeeze
nating sides.                                                                 together the muscles of your
                                                                              pelvic floor as if you are holding
                                                                              back urination.
                                                                              2. Hold this for 10 - 30 seconds
                                                                              and do them at least 10 - 20
                                                                              times per day.
                                                                              This exercise is very effective and
                                                                              can be done while sitting, stand-
                                                                              ing or walking.

                                     6                                                                              7
Stomach and Thighs                        inches off the floor. The straight     Lower Back
                                          leg is stretched taut, knees
1.   Lie flat on your back, on the
                                          straight, toes pointed hard. Now
                                                                                 During and after pregnancy,
floor.                                                                           great strain is placed on the
                                          reverse, stretch the right leg, draw
2.   Raise the upper-torso to a                                                  lower back from the carrying of
                                          the left knee to the chest.
half sitting position so that the                                                the additional weight of the
                                          Continue to alternate slowly. Do       baby.
elbows rest on the floor and the          two sets of six, stopping to relax
palms are under the hips.                 and breathe deeply in between          To help eliminate backache,
3.    Slowly bring the right knee         sets. Inhale slowly for eight          swayback and to improve
to the chest, at the same time            counts, exhale slowly eight            posture and appearance, the
lifting the left leg about three          counts.                                following exercises are extremely

                                                                                 1.    Lie on back, knees bent, feet
                                                                                 flat on floor.

                                                                                 2.  Keep left knee up. Slowly
                                                                                 lower right leg to floor, inch by

                                                                                 3.    As you lower the leg press
                                          curved arc with only the buttocks      the lower spine into the floor so
Stomach and Thighs
                                          resting on the floor                   there is no airspace between your
The last stomach-thigh exercise                                                  back and the floor. Check your-
is isometric. Be sure to support          Legs are straight, stretched, toes     self by trying to slip your hand
the back well.                            pointed.                               under your back. If there is
Remain on the floor, on your              Hold three slow counts. Relax, lie     enough space for your hand, you
back, clasp the hands behind the          flat. Repeat once. Initially you       are not doing the exercise cor-
base of the head and lift the torso       may wish to keep your knees            rectly. Make sure your spine is
about 12 inches from the floor.           bent. Do not be alarmed if your        absolutely flat against the floor.
At the same time, lift the legs           stomach muscles tremble. This
about three inches from the               simply means they are weak and         This is a marvelous exercise to
floor. The body is now in a               need strengthening.                    reduce pain and tension at the
                                                                                 end of the day.

                                      4                                                                                9
Body Warm Up                             Feel the stretch at the waist and      Bustline
Purpose – to increase circulation,       on the inner thigh. When the           Whether the bosom is large or
breathing, and create a feeling of       arms reach out to the sides, hold      small, muscle structure under-
“aliveness” throughout the body.         that position and really stretch.      neath can be toned and strength-
                                         Swing stretch, swing stretch.          ened.
Pendulum Swing
(waist, upper hip)                       Repeat two series of eight swings.     Do the following exercises with
                                                                                the body held straight and no
1.   Stand with the legs placed          Breathe out as you bend down.
                                                                                arch in the spine.
wide apart. Bring the arms               Breathe in as you reach to the side.
straight up over the head, close
                                         Remember, breathing is particu-        1.  Grasp both wrists with the
to the ears, palms facing.                                                      opposite hand and push hard
                                         larly important to accelerate the
2.   Drop the arms and torso,            circulation. This in turn causes       towards the elbows.
from the waist, allowing the             an increased supply of oxygen in       2.  Hold three counts. Relax.
upper body to swing in a wide            the blood which helps carry away       Repeat four times.
arc, side to side like a pendulum.       fat from the tissue.

                                                                                1.   Place both palms at temples,
                                                                                fingers pointing upwards.

                                                                                2.  Push palms against head
                                                                                while slowly raising elbows as
                                                                                high as possible. Repeat four
3                                                                         2


                                     2                                                                              11

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