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					Indoor tan lotion application guidelines
Indoor tanning lotions initially received a lot of criticism and for many years were shunned. Part of the difficulty was that it was seen as unsafe to use
when in actual fact many of the problems experienced by users of indoor lotions were due to their lack of knowledge on how to apply the lotion

In recent years the perceptions of indoor tanning lotions have changed and are on the whole a lot more positive. This is due predominantly to the fact
that people are now more educated in how to use them properly and the lotions themselves have developed.

The key ingredient behind the vast majority of indoor tanning lotions is Dihydroxyacetone - or DHA. DHA utilizes the natural amino acids in your skin to
produce melanoids, which are the substance responsible for turning your skin brown. Sunless tans are comparatively short lived lasting in most cases
less than a week.

One of the main side effects of using indoor tanning lotions the wrong way is the occurrence of orange hands. This can be a rather embarrassing if
harmless side effect. The cause of this is that the hands are overexposed to the cream due to the fact that poeple use their hands to apply it to their
whole body.

Avoiding orange hands from indoor lotions is easy. Probably the simplest solution is to make use of disposable plastic gloves when applying to your
body to prevent overexposure. However, don't forget to take off your gloves once done and to apply a little to the hands as well.

Indoor tanning streaks are a very common and unsightly side effect of incorrect tanning lotion application. They look like darker lines of skin runing
down the legs or across the arms. Avoid streaks by putting on your lotions in circular applications and be sure to do the whole body quickly.

This ensures that the lotion is more evenly applied to all areas of the skin so that they end up with the same amount of DHA exposure resulting in a
uniformly even tan.

Generally, its recommended to start applying the lotion from the top of your legs downwards, then from your hands upwards to your shoulders and
then finally to cover the trunk of your body front and back.

Before applying the lotion you should give your skin a thorough scrub in the shower. This takes off as many dead skin cells as possible, which means
when the lotion is applied you are likely to see the effects for a few days longer.

We are always shedding dead skin cells and growing new ones. DHA only works inside the live skin cells so that once they are dead the tan is gone.
By scrubbing before you tan you know that you have new cells that will be alive for a few days longer than the ones on the surface of your skin before

Dont jump in at the deep end. There are many lotions available of varying degrees of power. If this is your first time using one start with something mild
to see how it looks on you first. Depending on your natural skin tone and hair color a really deep tan may or may not look that good on you.

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