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									One Option: a Sunbeam Humidifier
When you are purchasing a humidifier one brand to consider is a Sunbeam humidifier. Sunbeam humidifiers are available in warm mist or cool mist varieties. The units vary in size, dispensing enough water for small to large rooms. Some of the units include filters whereas some do not or have reusable filters within the machine. One type of Sunbeam humidifier to choose from is the Warm Mist Vaporizer Humidifier. This unit is a kind of basic steam humidifier. This means that the base is filled with water and electricity boils the water sending it into the air as steam.Another warm mist Sunbeam humidifier is the Water Steam Humidifier. This unit is also a steam humidifier. The only difference is that it covers a larger area.The Warm Mist Humidifier, a steam humidifier, is also a Sunbeam humidifier. It can run for 16 hours on one tank and releases 3 gallons of water into the air.The Cool Mist Impeller Humidifier is another type of Sunbeam humidifier which could be consider as a alternative. Impeller technology is when rotating disks fling water at a diffuser that breaks the water into fine droplets that float into the air. The water is sent into the air cool, not heated. The impeller disk evenly distributes the water into the air. It also can run for 28 hours on one tank.A more complex cool mist Sunbeam humidifier unit is the Cool Mist Humidifier with Permafilter Technology. This machine is slightly different because it filters the cold water as it leaves the machine. Most cool mist machines do not have a filter, but this filter is reusable so it will save you $60 a year.Sunbeam humidifiers also offer the Ultrasonic Humidifier. Cool water is injected into the air via small vibrations created by the unit. This humidifier fills a medium or large room and can run for 27 hours on one tank. Humidifiers are recommended for winter use. Low temperatures along with heating systems can create dry air. The dry air can lead to illness, nose bleeds, dry skin, cracked lips, and home damage.Humidifiers put a certain percentage of moisture into the air depending on what you set it at. Some units can automatically determine how much the air is lacking. If your unit does not, you can buy a hygrometer that reads the amount of moisture in the air. Set your unit to add the amount needed to total between 30 and 50%.

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