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                Featured Comparison Of Samsung i8510 Innov8 With Samsung U900 Soul

       By Perry Williams
       Dated: Apr 29, 2009

       The Samsung INNOV8 and Samsung U900 Soul models have been designed in such a manner that the users
       of these handsets would surely flaunt off their style and status.

       Latest Mobile Phones undoubtedly have changed the entire scenario of wireless communication. With the
       support of these miniature gadgets, the whole concept of remote has been wiped off. As a matter of fact, we
       can now readily contact with people residing in the remote areas any time and talk to them for long hours
       without any disturbance in the networks. Moreover, when communication is concerned we never feel like
       compromising on this aspect. In fact, we tend to experiment every type of alternatives to enhance this factor
       at any cost. Moreover, with the support of these widgets you can even access the high end connectivity
       options so that you never feel bore even while on the move. Samsung is one of the leading names in the
       mobile phone industry. This brand has helped people to enhance their level of status and communication.
       Moreover, the Samsung models are very stylish and come enriched with high end specifications.

        Samsung U900 Soul @

        In fact, almost all the models from this brand managed to substantiate a new trend. Thus, it can be said that
       the models of this brand are truly the trend setters. Of late, the two models from this brand i.e., Samsung
       i8510 INNOV8 and Samsung U900 Soul are doing the rounds very effectively. These models have
       innovative designs to ensure that the users of these handsets can enhance both their level of communication
       and entertainment. In terms of design both these handsets are slightly different but in terms of specifications
       these gadgets are simply just unbeatable. These models are also class apart as they assure remarkable
       performance without any hassles. In terms of the camera options both these handsets comes highly powered
       with high resolution camera options. The stylish Samsung i8510 INNOV8 handset comes enriched with 8
       mega pixels of camera. This high end camera options of this handset would permit you to freeze the
       fleeting moments of your life at ease.

        You can even seek the support of extra options such as auto focus, flash and image stabiliser in order, to
       make sure that the images captured are sharp and clear. With this camera phone one can comfortably record
       video clips at a speed of 120 frames per second at QVGA resolutions and 30 frames per second at the VGA
       resolutions. However, in this regard the Samsung U900 Soul is lacking in the resolution part. This handset
       comes powered with 5 mega pixels camera which further gets the assistance of image stabiliser, auto focus
       and flash. However, this camera phone can easily record video clips at QVGA resolutions. These handsets
       would definitely permit you to brush up your photography skills so that you enhance this passion without
       any hassles. However, in terms of looks both these handsets score ten on ten as they are simply brilliant.
       The INNOV8 model is slightly broad and comes enriched with beautiful glossy design whereas the U900
       Soul comes in sleek designs. Thus, you can select any one to enhance your style statement and factor of

        Samsung i8510 @

        Both these Samsung INNOV8 and Samsung U900 Soul models come loaded with numerous connectivity
       options to make sure that the users never feel bore or exhausted. The entertainment options of these
       handsets would also permit you to enjoy your preferred music tracks and perform your official tasks even
       while on the move. The impeccable and the storage battery support system of these handsets would simply
       amaze you. The long talk time and the stand by time offered by these mobile phones would surely shed out

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