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Romantic Saying


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									Impress your Valentine with Romantic Sayings in 2009
The new year is coming, and perhaps you are wondering what to say to your other half on Valentine's day, 2009. There are literally thousands and
thousands of romantic sayings that you can communicate to your partner. They come in many different styles. Your challenge, is to choose something
that suits your personality. Here are some common romantic saying styles.

Poetic style.

This is the most commonly seen, and perhaps the most popular style. You will find all sorts of romantic sayings written by past and present poets.
Rhymes and verses just make romantic sayings sound more beautiful. That's just what comes out of using words in a poetic manner. You can
consider adopting this style if you have an interest in poems. Make sure you know something about the poet just in case your lover asks you where
you got your inspiration from!

Popular media style.

This is also another hugely popular style. Popular media style means your romantic saying will be similar to what you usually come across in movies,
TV shows, magazines, or even fiction story books. The characteristics of popular media style is that the writing is simple, straight forward, and at times
a little bit airy. Airy in the sense that it doesn't really sound practical. But that's okay for romantic sayings. They are meant to be music to the ears, so
they don't have to be a hundred percent realistic.

Teenage style.

This style is clearly not for every one. But it can certainly bring back happy memories. For example, if you have known your lover since your were
teenagers, perhaps this style may work. The key to writing romantic sayings in this style is to keep the theme around loyalty.

Ancient style.

There are so many examples of ancient romantic sayings on the Internet. For instance, you can find romantic greek sayings, romantic roman sayings,
and so on. These are mostly written by poets, philosophers, artists, and politicians. Some of the sayings are really beautiful. You will be missing out if
you don't look them up.

Philosophical style.

Be a little careful with this style. Not everyone can appreciate philosophical romantic sayings. Usually, such sayings imply something about the
meaning of life or about the meaning of relationships. They are profound, so not everyone welcome them. So if your lover doesn't know how to
appreciate philosophy, keep the sayings to yourself.

As you can see, there are many types of romantic sayings to choose from. Ask yourself if you know your lover well enough to be able to choose a style
that you know will work. Of course, you should never choose something that is not congruent with who you are. For example, if you have never been
interested in poems, don't frighten your lover by spouting poetic romantic sayings all of the sudden. They may come out more like romantic ramblings
instead. And that will cost you to lose some points.

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