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These days, oil and gas prices are constantly making the headlines. In such a dynamic industry you?ll probably be surprised to find out that the
opportunity for having a brilliant career is greater than ever. Experienced workers land high paying petroleum jobs and contribute to the evolution of
the oil and gas market. If you?re looking for employment in this field, you need to be sure you?ve got what it takes to occupy that position. The
requirements you?ll need to fulfill depend on the job you?re applying for and experience is always an advantage. At you?ll find
the best offshore jobs anywhere.

Before turning your life around by applying for an offshore oil rig job you should carefully evaluate you own strengths and weaknesses. The vast
majority of offshore jobs are extremely physically demanding. Employing companies are definitely in favor of hiring workers in excellent health and with
at least above average physical condition. The hiring process often includes an extensive physical exam so be prepared to go through several trials.
Furthermore, if you?re planning to apply for any of the available petroleum jobs you should be prepared to spend long periods of time away from
home. Most oil rigs are isolated so successful workers need to have an independent nature.

If you have you mind made up on applying for an offshore oil rig job you?ll be pleased to hear about the many advantages such a position has. First of
all, you should know that offshore jobs are very well-paid. For instance, entry level positions typically offer between $50,000 and $80,000 per year.
Technical and professional positions are superiorly paid, going up to $220,000 per year. If you?re worried about not having comfortable
accommodations, you?ll be happy to learn that most oil rigs have similar amenities to a hotel. The rooms are usually in excellent condition and you?ll
have access to cable, gym facilities and free meals. If you?re a smoker, you?ll be able to indulge in the specially designed smoking locations. is the number one place to look for top petroleum jobs.

Most companies in the oil industry lean towards hiring experienced workers that have actually already worked on an oil rig at a certain point. If you
lack oil rig experience, don?t give up ? there are still plenty of entry level petroleum jobs that offer attractive salaries. Among the most sought after
entry level positions you?ll find roustabout, deckhands and catering staff. Entry level positions also enable you to accumulate experience and see if
you really want to pursue a career in the oil industry. Applying for one of the many offshore jobs available today is definitely a step in the right direction
for your career as you?ll have plenty of advancement opportunities.

With the oil and gas industry constantly on the move, offshore jobs promise incredible career opportunities. More and more people are applying for an
oil rig job excited with the prospect of making an excellent career move. Petroleum jobs offer very good salaries and living conditions so you?ll have
plenty of reasons to apply for one. Oil-offshore-marine is a leading recruitment company in the oil and gas industry with hundreds of job offers from top

These days, petroleum jobs represent great career advancement opportunities. If you?re looking for a reliable source of offshore jobs, visit our online
jobs portal.

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