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Off-Site Solutions
For more than 25 years, Donnelly Cabins have supplied tempo-
rary accommodation throughout Ireland and the UK to all sec-
tors, providing quality products and services.
Our off-site solutions can deliver buildings with reduced lead
times than that of traditional builds whilst still fulfilling function
and form. All buildings are manufactured at our facility in Toome
and transported to site in modular form where each modular
section is re-assembled providing a quick, weather-tight, fin-
ished building.
Benefits include improved speed, cost control, quality and
safety. Sustainability is now a major factor in any building type
and modular buildings can achieve this in many ways:
  Off-site construction uses less energy than traditional builds
  Less transport required
  Control of recycled materials is better
  Inherently uses more materials from renewable sources, es-
  pecially the timber frame option
  A more airtight structure is formed reducing heat loss and
  carbon emissions
  Modular buildings can be relocated and re-used at a later
  date rather than demolition and recycling the materials
Modular Range & Options

Two main types of modular building are manufactured by
Donnelly Cabins. The most popular single storey type is the
                                                                  External Options include:
timber frame system and for up to three stories is the steel      ♦     Mono-pitched roof
frame modular system. All buildings are designed and built to
comply with the current building regulations and are backed up    ♦     Pitched roof with profiled finish
with the necessary certification and calculations.                ♦     Pitched roof with tile finish
                                                                  ♦     Standard plastic coated steel finish in a
Timber Frame Modular System:                                            range of colours
Commonly used for single storey buildings with clear spans up
                                                                  ♦     Timber cladding (Usually cedar)
to 12m can be achieved allowing a flexible interior layout. All
modules come in 3m wide sections and are bolted together on       ♦     Render
site. Internal ceiling heights of up to 3m are possible.
                                                                  ♦     Stoneflex (GRP) cladding
                                                                  ♦     u-PVC or Powder Coated aluminum double
                                                                        glazed windows

                                                                  Internal Options include:
                                                                  ♦     Selection of vinyl faced plasterboard wall
                                                                        finishes or painted plasterboard finish
                                                                  ♦     Suspended ceilings
                                                                  ♦     Carpets
                                                                  ♦     PVC floor coverings
Steel Frame Volumetric Modular System:
This system uses three modular lengths, 6.1m, 9.15m and           ♦     Variety of interior door types
12.2m and comes in standard modular widths of 3m. All mod-
                                                                  ♦     Glazed partitions
ules may be joined side by side, end to end and stacked up to
three high incorporating stair wells and lifts.
                                                                  Mechanical & Electrical:
                                                                  All M&E can be provided whether it is to a client
                                                                  or architects specification or we can undertake
                                                                  the design in-house.

                                                                  Site Works:
                                                                  Usually undertaken by the client, although we can
                                                                  supply all details as necessary.

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