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									UseTony Horton's "muscle confusion" Concept to Stay in Shape
There are more than enough infomercials out on the television that try and advertise their home fitness program. Those programs may be completely
different from the P90 X home fitness program. All it takes is 90 days for your body to go through a complete transformation. It involves 12 DVD's that
will have you challenge your body like never before. Muscle confusion is the model that P90 X stands on with its videos.

There might've been times when you were on a particular workout plan and had great results, at first that is, and then just never improved anymore
than you did from the first few weeks in working out. The body started becoming familiar with the exercises. The same exercises you started out doing
weren't challenging your body any more.

You aren't doing the same thing over and over when you use P90 X which is what they explain as "muscle confusion". You can start off doing one type
of exercise with DVD number one and then do the complete opposite thing on the second DVD. P90 X's goal is to make your body less familiar with
the exercises so it can keep increasing in good results and not leave a plateau effect.

This home fitness workout program is also more affordable than its competitors in some perspectives. The reason is because you have less
equipment needed to buy with it. The other fitness programs can have you spending loads of money on different types of equipment just for you even
to get results.

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