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					List of wines for all occasion

Did you know that that there are as many varieties of wine as there are
grapes? When you see a wine brand, take time to study the wine’s name if
only to have more information on the specific area where the grapes from
which the wine was made, were cultivated.

The wine industry has become of global proportion that only a wine
connoisseur would be able to have knowledge of the exact location where
some wine brands are made.

While the type of grapes from which the wine was made is responsible for
the difference in the taste of wines, the length of time that the skin of
the grapes were left in the juice after pressing or mashing determines
the color of the wine. Red wines have such color because the grapes’
skin was left for a long time after pressing. On the other hand, white
wine has a lighter color because the skin was left on for only a short

Many people think that good wine comes with a hefty price tag. On the
contrary, not all expensive wines are considered good wines and not all
affordable wines are second-class wines.

As a general rule, white wine is ideal when eating chicken or fish and
red wine is ideal when eating red meat like beef and lamb. However, you
can drink red or white wine with anything or on any occasion.

California produces some of the best wines. Among these are white wines
like Sauvignon Blanc which is a very popular picnic wine and chardonnay,
also known as the king of white wines. Among the best red wines from
California are pinot noir, ideal when eating pasta which has a red sauce
and cabernet sauvignon, also known as the king of red wine due to its
rich taste.

The French take their wines seriously, requiring labels that will inform
the buyer about the wine’s quality and vineyard. Take note that French
wine manufacturers are mandated to state the company or bottler name, the
volume of the bottle and the alcohol content.
France is also a good source of wine. For romantic occasions, try Rose’
des Ricevs, a dry intense wine from Champagne. Eating with friends? Try
Coteaux de Pierrevert, a dry white and rose wine from Provence. For all
occasions, serve Cotes de Blaye et Premieres Cotes de Blaye, a white
wine from Bordeaux.
Wine is a global industry and is sourced from all over the world. To
make an extensive list of the existing wines would be an exercise in
futility. People can benefit from a list of some of the best wines in the
world, some of them coming from the United States particularly in
California, and from France.

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