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									Choosing the Perfect Wine Glass

Planning to acquire new wine glasses? Want ideas on what to pick and what
to avoid buying? Getting the right wine glass is crucial for the total
experience of drinking good wine. It isn't only for aesthetic reasons but
it actually has scientitifc underpinnings on why wine glasses should be
used. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing wine glasses and
how to keep them in good condition:

Crystal is a must

Crystal glasses are the best kind of glasses that can be used for
drinking wine. It is important to keep away from using stained or colored
glasses when drinking wine because this doesn't give you the opportunity
to observe and appreciate the wine itself. Avoid buying wine glasses that
have patterns or line designs since this causes light to reflect on the
wine which in turn affects the wine's color.

Glasses for red or white wine

Tradition dictates that red wine be poured into large glasses while white
wine into smaller ones. You don't have to strictly follow this rule since
both white and red wine need the same space to open up. Each have nuances
that must be carefully regarded to fully realize their potentials.

Stem preferences

Another tradition for wine lovers is the use of long stem glasses to
prevent the wine from heating up quickly. Because of technological and
design advances in wine glass production, there are now stemless glasses
that reduce the rate of the wine heating up.

Washing your wine glasses

Don't use a dishwasher to clean your wine glasses since they use
detergents that have ingredients which can cause the glass's quality to
become lower. This can also prevent you from tasting or smelling the wine
if some of the detergent used sticks to the glass. Use a smooth and clean
piece of cloth as well as soap or even a detergent to wash the glasses.

Keep extra glasses at home

It isn't unusual for wine glasses to break their stems easily if not
handled with care. You can never tell when your friend, spouse, parents,
or kids will break a glass or two. Thus, it is a good idea to have some
extra glasses stored somewhere safe.

Keep in mind that higher quality glasses highlight the flavor as well as
the aroma of your wine. Crystal glasses are of the highest quality but
also the most expensive, ranging from $50 to $100 dollars! This may sound
like a steep a price, but if you defenitely want to maximize your
drinking experience they may be well be worth the money.

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